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  1. Almost ten years ago, one evening I built a free watch app without monetization that did it exactly right. Clearly stated that it wasn't my design, summarized its history in the app and even linked the SBB store. Got a couple hundred downloads.

  2. So you acknowledged it wasn't your design that you were infringing and giving away for free and still are surprised they had a valid claim against you? My brother, if someone took valuable proprietary code you own or a program you created and posted it on the internet for free I guarantee you'd be going nuts

  3. Great. I've been waiting to do this update and now I read this.

  4. We don't need to do anything. Women are allowed to live their lives however they want. They should also learn to live with the consequences, as is expected of any adult human man.

  5. The vote was yesterday and the initiative was rejected with a clear majority against it.

  6. Swiss pleops also voted against basic income. People would shoot themselves if they could vote for it.

  7. Like three bottles of wine, a bunch of large beers, a couple of gin and tonics. When I say three bottles of wine, I don't mean shared but per person. I was out with a good friend and it happened over about eight hours, and we ate a lot. When I went home around midnight, I was feeling pretty okay.

  8. Isn't it kind of ironic that they choose a Monday morning to protest? Regular people have to work then. Funiciello is one of the most privileged women to walk this country, not one honest day of work for this screamer so far.

  9. I still remember the Beslan School Siege in September 2004. There were some harrowing stories and images, more than 300 people were killed. TV showed the sheer incompetence and brutality of the Russian authorities. It is an impossible situation to begin with, but the army had flamethrowers and light machine guns. Not the kind of weaponry you'd expect in a hostage situation.

  10. I closed my last account with them two years ago and have only traded Credit Suisse put warrants this year. It's been a good ride. Might open a new position soon.

  11. so italy favoring the north of italy again in economical descissions

  12. This kind of high-tech factory has infrastructure and education requirements that the south cannot provide. The failure is not now, the failure has been the past few decades.

  13. Du musst halt wissen, in welchen Bereich du konkret einsteigen möchtest und dich zumindest etwas vorinformieren. Dann macht es für die meisten Bereiche eigentlich keinen Unterschied on BSc oder MSc.

  14. Ist Watson bald Konkurs oder warum versucht sich das ultralinke "Schmierblatt" auf dem Liberalen Parkett anzubiedern. 🤣 Joiz 2

  15. Joiz. Was war das nochmals? Der Name sagt mir etwas aber ich erinnere mich nicht recht.

  16. Raytheon must be rubbing their hands. NASAMS is the same system the US uses to clear the air space around the White House, among other things, but it has never officially seen real combat, so this will be the first time.

  17. You have to ask for the others at the checkout lane. In many Cantons they are municipal, so it is stupid enough that I can't buy mine on the other side of the road. That's why they make you ask for the particular kind.

  18. Programming languages and libraries have solved this problem in software for when it is needed, but for almost all cases, 32 integers and IEEE 754 floats are sufficient and good enough. That is why hardware most only implements that (though many common processors now also have up to 512 bit long data types and vectors).

  19. Oh ja bitte, ich wartte schon seit einer Woche auf den Typen von der Telekom

  20. Loved Izmir, want to visit again. Such a nice Mediterranean city and people.

  21. Glad we are done with this one. The constant war-like men vs women rhetoric was tiring. I fully expect to have to work until my early 70s, vote on this topic like a dozen times again, and in the end not receive anything anymore. That will happen for men and women. Such is the way.

  22. If women are cheaper to hire, why do businesses not exclusively hire them? It would increase profits, wouldn't it?

  23. Clearly electronics, just seperate the house from it first.

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