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  1. "You are the Princess Shireen of the House Baratheon, and you are my daughter!"

  2. The sub is a crap-show now.

  3. The entire school hurt you??

  4. I don’t think that’s the controversial reason

  5. What's the controversial reason?

  6. Honestly I'd be less sympathetic to people who don't care about the world cup if it wasn't for the fact that you're repeatedly saturated with the damn thing, every ad on TV or online is about or themed around the world cup, every store is running world cup promos, you have to adjust your sleep schedule around noise generated by fans and events and your commute as well.

  7. This view is only valid if it is also applied during the super bowl and March madness, neither of which is anywhere as big as the World Cup.

  8. Periodt. Can't understand why people go there... Maybe to walk around, take pictures and say "wow the slaves did a good job with this part of the building!"

  9. You actually fucking said "Periodt". Lmfao!

  10. Tommen represents the weak nice guy who tries to avoid conflicts at all cost. In the end he pays with the biggest price, his own life. In many ways he is the opposite of Stannis.

  11. I can't see any option to hide spoilers on my phone, so I'll just give a hint..... Tommen.

  12. Oh wow! Thanks for the clarification man! Yes, you got it...that's what I meant by the Tommen comparison. I actually thought it happened sooner than 1-2 years after Blood and Cheese, I had totally forgotten about the imprisonment and other events.

  13. Can you admit not having sunfyre in season 1 especially episode 9 during the coronation was a mistake joe ?

  14. You do know Sunfyre was actually in this season, right? Even though it for just for like two scenes or so. Check out the Driftmark episode

  15. Having watched the opening match myself....this post is BS.

  16. I've long come to the realization that very many people are morons that just run with anything they see, without attempting to confirm it, especially if it suits their own notions.

  17. A bit unrelated, but I hope they will show Otto bringing 100 cats to the Red Keep

  18. What's the reason he did this in the book?

  19. I know them and what they did. What does that have to do with Otto and cats?

  20. Man I’m so torn on all these later episodes. Like, let’s be fr, this episode is funny and entertaining. Overall an enjoyable casual watch. But man does the writing stink, and the plot armor really weighs down on the stakes of everything

  21. The writing you found funny and entertaining is the same one that stinks? Wtf?? Do you like it or not? That just sounds like gymnastics to not appear to like something D&D did.

  22. Guilty pleasure - everyone in the known world hates this episode for fair reasons but I'm fully in every rewatch

  23. Are you kidding? This is one of my favorite episodes from the season. Who are these everyone that hate it and why the hell do they hate it?

  24. In reality, Antisemitism is a word that has been weaponized to put down ANY criticism of Israel whatsoever.

  25. You have this completely wrong. Are you aware of the term Philistines or more appropriately Filistines? These days it's used as a slur due to social conditioning against arab Palestinians, its used to denote an untrustworthy person. Philistines are what were the predecessor to Palestinians. Philistines have been around much longer than Israelites and prior to them Cannanites. Israel wasn't born out of the dust. The port of Jeddah has foundations over 10000 years old, and they werent Israeli made. You have literally chosen to read a piece of fabricated history and taken it as gospel. It just shows how easy it is to throw misinformation into the mix and gullible fools like yourself eat it up like cake.

  26. Damn man, slapping someone in the face with facts never stops being awesome!

  27. I have one question- if you have accidental sex with an incel do you have to marry him to qualify the sex? All of y’all cole sympathizers are here for rhae/cole.. that said. Did she owe him marriage? Because it only fell apart when she said no to marriage.

  28. "Accidental sex"....Lmao, wtf??

  29. tbh I'm not even one... While I do play old games, I buy newly released stuff at least a few times a year. I just like to read discussions about older games and I find this sub less obnoxious than most gaming related subreddits.

  30. I'm a patient gamer so I like the discussions on this sub. But I rarely post myself....the rule that requires I write long-ass essays everytime I had something to say about a game just makes it not worth it. Most times I skim through most people's essays here and just get the main gist.

  31. Why does it even exist? I've not seen any other sub with that rule

  32. Almost never. My backlog is long as hell. The only game I've ever replayed is The Last of Us, and that was only cos I had initially played it on a PS3 and bought the PS4 one along with my console!

  33. I’ve had my fun debauching, and I never cared what other people think. They all still drink coke, wear jeans, eat McDonalds and listen to rock and roll.

  34. Maan, I'm not even American and this has to be the best response to this ridiculousness I've ever seen.

  35. Yep! Aemon was the elder prince and father of Rhaenys. Baelon was married to his sister Alyssa and they had Viserys and Daemon.

  36. Haha, well we usually have post-episode discussions where I ask what they think will happen next, etc. But most of the book details get shared when they ask (and it won't spoil anything) or it looks like the show has definitively left out something I really wanted to see in the books (like Rhaenyra's daughter's name). I also made my own family tree that has grown episode by episode to reflect births (and deaths), and also shows the dragons and their riders over time hahaha. So the Vhagar/Caraxes relationship really fits in with that.

  37. Wow! That's mad cool! Very nice.

  38. Maaan, I'm fine with most things people complain about from S8, but Jon going back beyond the wall was a travesty and annoying as fuck to me.

  39. There's pretty much no reason to play W3D over Doom unless you just really want to kill Nazis. I feel like at least one new enemy and one new gun would have made Spear of Destiny make more sense to me.

  40. In what ways is Doom better than w3d.. gameplay-wise? Asking to know.

  41. Wish more of the retrogaming subs actually talked about games.

  42. They don't? What then do they talk about? Maybe old consoles and PCs??

  43. To be honest: yes. I really like the way the show portrays him. He was pretty shallow as a character in the original version.

  44. You mean he wasn't a badass in the book?

  45. Not really. he is portrayed as an angry teen most of the time. When Lord Boros stops him from attacking Luke, one of his daughter's get close to Aemond and say:

  46. Oh wow! He fell for the chick riling him up....such a rookie mistake.

  47. Maaan, I cringe a little everytime I see Vyseris! Seriously, english is not your first language but you just typed both of them, which shows you indeed know the difference. But then proceed to Vyseris all over the place. At...least....try.

  48. Vyseris and Viserys sounds and are pronounced the same for me. I genuinely don't write it like that intentionally. With that said, I've been dragged enough about it today so i can assure you the name is stuck in my head

  49. Look, I’m not going to try and drag you or anything, but if you are willing to learn - I assume you are since you mentioned this is your 3rd language- let me tell you that your first mistake is trying to spell words how they sound. There are many english words that sound similar but have completely different spelling and meanings. You spell properly by reading, not by hearing sound...and the only was any of us knows how Viserys is spelled is by reading the subtitles on the show or reading the book. But again, you clearly showed twice the two spellings side by side so unless you type without reading it’s confusing why you keep using the wrong one.

  50. We don't know the details of Mick's contract with Id Software / Bethesda, so it's entirely possible all of this is coming to light because:

  51. I just read Mick’s entire post, and it is clear that your #2 scenario is the answer. He has been trying to get them to correct that statement all this time...smh.

  52. Funny thing is all of you could vote against Bethesda with your wallets and send a very loud message, but who am I kidding? Y’all would line up to buy Starfield and all the rest even if it has Marty’s face on it.

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