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  1. Make the pool deeper again like it was the first few years. Knee height water is just pitiful.

  2. Hey bro I went to camp the October 2021 one and it felt kinda perfectly empty when you say too many people did it feel like all the aisles were full at all times even at night dude it was empty what was it like ? I just got camp tickets for 2023 lol

  3. In 2019 the pools were super deep and HUGE, tons of room. This year the pool was shallow and small. There was also a ferris wheel and tons of space because there wasn’t too many people. Like the before and after parties were comfortable. They also had air conditioned Porto pities that had doors and were way cleaner. I camped this year (2022) and it was MADDD PACKED like the pre party was ridiculous. The bathrooms were gross and didn’t even have seats (walk over to the ones that are built into the speedway). Idk, but here I am camping again 2023 LOLOL

  4. Has to be a lil bit of shroomies and a lil bit of properly dosed tested MDMA. Hippie flipping is the best. 🫶🏽

  5. Maybe they’ll treat us to some toilet seats at camp next year

  6. ODESZA 😊🥳 lol jk hmmm the theme ? Maybeeeeeee kinetic era, kinetic radiance, kinetic family, kinetic heart not sure

  7. I brought a legit box fan to my last camp EDC and it made all the difference

  8. It was TOUGH this last year. I couldn’t cool down enough to sleep during the day so every night I got very tired and had to leave early. It was a vicious cycle. This year, I’m going to try that hack where they line the inside of the tent with a sheet so the ac can cool down a smaller space. I really hope it works but the heat was very rough on me personally.

  9. Keep in mind your macros will change weekly or every other week depending on what your goals are (fat loss, muscle gain, maintenance, recomp) so just be careful with this!!

  10. You have to wait but you can queue up earlier, get on like 10-15 mins before

  11. It does not let you get in earlier. As soon as it hits 10 PST it opens and your code becomes valid

  12. I have been on the end of website openings where at the “opening time” it takes 5 mins to open lol. If I can start that refresh a couple mins before I’m ahead.

  13. Hmm I guess it might depend on internet speed? Yesterday I was able to open up and checkout before 10:03 AM

  14. Yes, they send you a link and your presale code via email registered with front gate

  15. I’m an idiot thanks! I was on the regular site looking around going “tf you put this code in”. Had to click the email link 🤣

  16. Check your state requirements for CNA certification, and whichever program you are looking into make sure it meets the requirements. For example CAlifornia has a 75 hour seminar and 100 hour clinical requirement.

  17. This is micro managing at its finest. I respect my manager so much but I would not utilize these.

  18. The whole water situation is not okay. But honestly when customers barely place their mobile and drive through the drive through to pick it up, it’s frustrating. Especially if we’re a busy store (my store is) and I have to now pull 15 stickers just to find the name of the customer. It’s even more frustrating if it’s a new barista in bar and they see all those stickers and start to get overwhelmed and panicked. BUT it’s not something I’m rude to someone about. It’s internally frustrating, i don’t take it out on a person bc that’s petty.

  19. If you get there at 8:20 and have GA expect to be in the back of the stage though

  20. Was so amazing !!!! If you’re GA (in respect to everyone around you) use the restroom and get your water/drinks EARLY and go claim your spot at like 7:30 PM if you want to be near the front (The boysz come on at 9:15 PM). Way too many people trying to squeeze up to the front at 8:50 when there was literally no space and to me it’s rude because we’re at a concert indoors and there are people who wait at their spot around 2 hours. I literally had to tell someone yesterday that was trying to go right in front of us “I’m sorry there’s no room and we’ve been here for about 2 1/5 hours. They were polite and went back. When the concert starts room starts to form but holy moly it was straight sardines at 8:30-9:15 PM.

  21. Just to let y’all know it’s literally someone’s job at corporate to scan through SM and find things that slander the brand of Starbucks. They will take action if they find you 🫣😭

  22. Just went through this exact thing and debated this question. Went alone in Seattle. It was everything. So excited for you ❤️

  23. Empty and rinse on days I’m not tired from school or martial arts classes

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