1. Yes, this makes no sense. It's not like finding you work at a gay friendly bar. There's people literally naked and making out everywhere. There's no way you could work in a swingers club and not realize it.

  2. Let me clear it up, I didn’t know what it was when I got the job! It was new to me, and at that time it was more of a bar that transitioned into a swingers club over time. I never understood it back then as I didn’t know the lifestyle :)

  3. Did hubby Clean the Cum out of your Used 🔥Pussy

  4. He usually does but not this time, he came straight to reclaiming me 🙈

  5. Perfect anniversary if you ask me. We did something similar for our last anniversary too

  6. It couldn’t have been a better night 😍 it was so hot. I would definitely recommend it!

  7. I have been there once before (I went with one of my bulls) but I actually used to work at the club when I was younger (before I even knew about the lifestyle)

  8. Wish my wife was your friend and suck cocks with you😍

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