1. The irony is that it's the opposite. Women do have significantly more sex but with a select few men they pass around between each other. The top 5-10% most attractive men get passed around by all women. That's how we end up with all the incels because women's standards have gone up significantly since they realized they quite literally have thousands of men waiting in their DMS. Don't get me wrong if I was a woman I'd also only fuck the hottest 5% if I can get them but this is why we have this incel phenomenon these days.

  2. Man what if I told you that simply isn't true because attractiveness is generally always about social acumen and how you make people feel. The "attractive guys" are the ones who are relaxed and happy and giving and understanding. The vanir is secondary to everything except Tinder and bs.

  3. True, that's why the top 5% most attractive men get 90% of all Tinder matches, because it's all about personality. Internet dating aside it's completely scientifically obvious and proven that attractive people are more successful more happy have more successful and happier partners and objectively have better lives.

  4. There is, in the sense that corporations do everything to privatize their gains, but also to socialize their losses.

  5. “Lots” but not most. The prevailing cause of death in most first world countries are complications from obesity. You’re right in saying that physical “excellence” is not the same as “healthy”. But, generally speaking, and not even having to reach very far, those in physical excellence are extremely healthy. You can live a long time as an obese person , sure. My family included. We’re Hawaiian. Most of us are technically obese. But you’re much more likely to live longer if you are physically fit. So I reject your argument and say that IN GENERAL physical excellence or something close to it DOES equal healthy

  6. Well, yea someone who is physically excellent is healthy. But that's not my point here. My point is you don't have to be that way to be healthy, so that's not as strong a motivator to push beyond limits. You can happily stay within limits and remain healthy.

  7. You’re just justifying being lazy as opposed to addressing the point. It’s not healthy not being able to do certain physical things due to weight/size regardless of a “healthy body”.

  8. If I'm meeting this minimum of what constitutes healthy, then yeah. I don't like being sore all the time and I don't like sweating buckets.

  9. "Lost count of the number of times they have had sex"

  10. Ngl, this was entertaining to read, but it was like someone cracked open a big book of character traits for beginner writers and tossed some shit together.

  11. These dudes always telling on themselves concerning their lack of experience

  12. The shitty part of this is she looked better before her insecurity drove her to edit this

  13. A long ass time ago men were the main people who went to battles, or do strenuous works. Thus they cut their hair short so it doesn't cause inconveniences

  14. So why did Vikings, who were known to go to battle a hell of a lot of the time, and to live dangerous, strenuous explorer lives, keep their hair long?

  15. I've heard this from others and it made sense to me so I didn't question or go look for answers further. I may be wrong, or maybe the Vikings had different traditions 🤷‍♀️

  16. Fair enough - I have my doubts that's a thorough explanation though. To me, it seems more cultural.

  17. Mhmm. That anger is interesting to me, I think it's exactly the hurt I am talking about, here.

  18. I am thankful that my parents told me santa was real. I had many good memories believing in Santa and I was only angry because those good times came to an end. Say you got your kid a dog and they loved the dog lots and had lots of good memories with the dog but then one day the dog dies and they are absolutely heartbroken. The heartbreak could of been avoided if they didn’t get the dog but the good times were worth it. Most people wouldn’t avoid ever getting a pet just because they will die one day. I was just sad that those good times of believing in Santa were over. I am happy that I got to experience believing in Santa. The happy memories outweigh the slight anger I felt when I learnt he wasn’t real.

  19. I put it at the very end to shine a light on an important point that although words can lead to mental health deprecation it does not justify harming another person for that reason as it doesnt solve your problems.

  20. This is the same sanctimonious bullcrap that my elementary school principal gave me before doing absolutely nothing to fix the bullying that was right in front of his face, for years.

  21. Now this is the difference between what I'm saying and what you're saying.

  22. We'll just have to agree to disagree. I've spent too many nights wondering if things would have been different if I had lost it and beaten one of them just as badly. I'll never know.

  23. I used to criticize paparazzi, but now that I'm a bit keyed in to how much posturing there is amoung celebrities on camera and on IG, my opinions have done a 180. We need paparazzi photos to remind us that these are people and they do not look that good.

  24. They do have two different faucets, one for each temperature, in England.

  25. Yeah but the odd length of her torso makes it seem like they slimmed and elongated her , not that she just naturally has a really thin waist

  26. Sorry but what was the original comment? Its deleted now

  27. Typically very easy. All you have to do these days is tell someone to off themself. What was once essentially a friendly greeting on the internet is now a serious offense

  28. I believe they're trying a "gotcha" at people who struggle with explaining how the Holocaust is anything but objectively evil.

  29. Okay, sounds to me like you're contradicting yourself if we say genocide is wrong on a cosmological scale then you believe it's objectively wrong for all people at all times.

  30. I'm not contradicting myself; this is a stupendously large and difficult question to answer that can be viewed through multiple lenses, which is why my answer is long. Read it again, slowly.

  31. These shitty businesses aren't paying enough to live on anyway. People are facing eviction and foreclosure despite employment.

  32. I'm autistic, dickhead. Even if I wasn't, you're protecting abusers. Even if you're joking, you're making jokes that protect abusers. If you made a sarcastic comment about denying The Holocaust, I would respond to that seriously as well. You're helping enforce a belief that hurts real people in real life.

  33. Is this entire website just a haven for the worst people on earth? How are almost all of you just borderline psychopaths?

  34. Most of us handle abuse appropriately in our daily lives, but we have less than an inch of patience for whiney dickheads that harass us online over the meanest statements.

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