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  1. Oh havent thought about that way. Usually it is people hinting at Harry Potter:D

  2. Also Nimbus is the underwater creature who is the king of the ocean/water in Rick & Morty, thats what I thought he were refering to😅

  3. I think the small portion of blue near the crown will compliment the red triangle at Twelve o’clock.

  4. Is the blue tube around crown noticeably blue or close to black? Also is the tube that noticeable in general?

  5. In AD lightning, and high lumen spotlights, it is noticable that it is blue, but in general it looks black. I didn’t even notice it until a friend mentioned it.

  6. Yes. Here from -30°C to 40°C. Sometimes theres 25° swings in the same day. Its unbearable. The only people who can tolerate butterflies are those who like their watches loose anyway.

  7. Where the hell do you live? I live in south-Norway, thought I had it bad💀

  8. I think “aren’t positively correlated” makes a touch more sense...

  9. In statitics something can be negatively correlated and still make for a positive outcome.. for example

  10. Haha broke might be an exaggeration. I have savings that I do not touch. "I'm fun money broke". No more fun money for a bit.

  11. Why did this comment get so many downvotes? I’m legit wondering🤔🙈?

  12. I have felt that pain, and I sincerely feel with you. R.I.P

  13. I try to reach the register watch site on breitling, but cant right now for some reason. If you make an account on breitling and register your watch by writing in watch and serial number and it registers, you can just go to any AD that carry breitling and turn it in. If not, then I think you have to take it through jomashop. I have a similar but not as extreme situation as you, mine gains around 10-14 secs a day, called breitling about it and they basically told me i can pop into any breitling AD. I bought mine from chrono, and tried to register my watch on breitling it didnt work, so i contacted those i bought from and they contacted breitling and after two days i could register my watch on, after that I called up.

  14. Absolutely love this combo Never liked the standard bracelet. Was thinking of getting one but in rubber… The diver I currently have is Breitling SOHII 42mm blue with mesh. May switch it out with the green omega 300M in the future… do you think it will fit colorwise with the green one🤔? I actually want the bond one, and that comes with mesh, but I need a date window!!!! Preferably at 6o’clock.

  15. Yes, 100% sure that it will fit perfectly with green dial seamaster.

  16. Thanks mate😄 I know there is a lot of hype around the green color, but I personally like it because it make it look just a little more premium, cant explain what it is. Feel the same way about the green Aqua Terra.

  17. It’s beautiful, a shade of green that will never get boring or “too much”, its perfect, and it matches the brown perfectly.. I usually don’t like Arabic numerals but on that watch its so perfectly done that i prefer it over the baton version, and lastly i want to say its a gorgeous model, want it myself. Never gonna get it probably since there are some other watches on the list, but maybe who knows, got a long life left🙈 😅

  18. LOL don’t cave even if you have to wait a bit more. Heard they are easier to get these days but don’t settle for a dial color you don’t want. Cool hobby.

  19. Yeah it sure is. I only got the SOHII a little over a month ago, and I think it will hold me over for maybe the next 9 months at least, it’s just that nice. Usually when I get watches I start to think about the next one a month after, and truly act like a fiend around 6-9 months after😂

  20. LOL I know the feeling. This year somehow I’m ending up with two watches 7 months apart but usually it’s one watch a year. Can’t wait to get my SOH.

  21. Glad I’m not alone😂 I try to keep it to one watch a year as well😅

  22. That is a pretty watch. This is probably a hot take but I think this is better looking than the sub or any of omegas divers

  23. Everything is subjective, and in the eye of the beholder, especially when we are talking about brands/watches that can be said to be almost in the same tier.

  24. Oh no no, don’t say sorry, you are not the one at fault, It’s 4:12 here, and I only slept 2 hours last night, and had 8 hours of work + a few errands including going to the AD to get this beauty😅 I reread what you wrote and it made perfect sense, so sorry..

  25. The second hand and the flowers😍. But you got it wrong brother, you have to harvest the poppies before they flower, for the opium, and then you can eat it, and the watch will look that much more pleasing.

  26. You just created the BB39(although with square indices) that everyone wants including me😃 No but seriously, you should take it back, my thoughts are with you😓 This sucks.

  27. Sorry to bring this thread alive, but I really need to know if the Oticon more 1+cros PX package allows for the app to function, so you can adjust the sound from place to place? With Phonak Paradise + cros, their app is disabled.

  28. Beautiful, so rare to see the black dial!

  29. Its not the black dial, its the green one, so nice to see a green AT :)!

  30. Wow bro im Young and goin down the same Road shit bro how u managed to be a member of society at the same time u know?

  31. I felt and feel a strong obligation to my mother and my little brother… my mother is a single mother, with two devorces.. she recently got cancer a year a go, and have had fibromyalgia for the last 14 years…

  32. My mother (though not to which extent, and havent had proof to back up her suspicion the last 8 years since i moved out, she is a psychiatrist so she knew from my pin pricked eyes and relaxed demeanor), I hate that she knows..

  33. Haha yes that was me , also yesterday they told me they will stop taking allocations for the 321 caliber so really confused at the moment what to go for next

  34. Sorry for a late reply, that sucks, the 321 is such a beautiful caliber. I say, if it keeps you up at night, maybe it’s your heart telling you something😅

  35. Hi, after having the B&W P5 S2 and PX, both of whom my brother broke two-three years ago (very bad eyesight, which also affect motor function), I have been using Sony XM3 headphones for activities outside the house, I recently sold it and have been using my Sony XM3 earbuds, but they fall out all the time. The PX for all the bulkiness and weak and sensitive ANC were great cans and I love the B&W sound, having 702 S2 in my “cinema room”(second soundproof living room) and 606 in my bed rom.

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