1. I wouldn't say I've lost hope in the team or anything. But with how we've looked and all the injuries coming up, I've relegated this season in my mind as a development/improvement season.

  2. How did you come into this season expecting it to not be an experimental/development year?

  3. The koolaid river was flowing strong. I drank it too. No shame but now is the time to recalibrate expectations

  4. Yeah, I don’t think there’s a huge issue with being optimistic - I was too. But I came from the angle of “man, there’s so many new pieces that I don’t think they’ll mesh too quickly. I think realistically we’re a 8-9 win team. Maybe, if they surprise us we’ll win 11-12 somehow”

  5. Neither are good, but that's who our "thorough search" narrowed down as finalists, while never interviewing other candidates who were hired this cycle and seem to be doing well.

  6. All the coaches “doing well” are being propped up by good rosters. And more importantly - rosters in which most of their QB/WRs/RB have more than year together. So they only need to figure out one piece to the puzzle, not multiple.

  7. The offensive line is a huge issue right now. Wilson has basically no time to throw and when he does he doesn’t help himself. We are getting to the point where the sample size is big enough to objectively say we are not a good team.

  8. Something has to give and good teams find a way to perform despite their deficiencies. You can’t expect for every position unit to be the cream of the crop.

  9. See, that’s where I differ from most. I don’t think we’re a good offensive team. Outside of Sutton and maybe Javonte, I don’t think we’re good at all. Everyone else is average or below average in my book.

  10. Well we have a top 10 QB, that's a good start.

  11. We do not have a top 10 QB (at the moment). We can stop using the pre-season, on paper, assumptions. Let’s use 4 games of performance and stats.

  12. Lil Phil is on Indy's practice squad, if you wanted to roll the dice on him again. The list isn't great. Alfred Morris, Adrian Peterson...

  13. Oh great, so we get to pick from two guys working at King Soopers the last two years and one that isn’t good enough to make an active roster.

  14. Two things I notice after years of teaching - first, most people don’t know to/know how to lead with their hips. Everything comes from upper body/arms. Naturally this leaves the majority of people pushing/keeping the face open. To build off the last point, it’s much “easier” to come over the top and swing out to in, causing a fade/slice. You’ll find the occasional trap hook from golfers who get their wrists over though.

  15. How so? Slice is ‘way more common’ because more golfers slice because there are more right handed golfers.

  16. A slice is not defined as left to right, it’s non-dominant to dominant. So a slice is for a lefty goes right to left.

  17. It’s Greeley. Cow shit. The wind is just right most mornings.

  18. It’s definitely not cow shit. I’m a native and know what that smells like.

  19. Maybe from the new gas station(it at least look like a gas station) being built on the south east corner ?

  20. I had the thought too, but I also smelled it last fall and throughout the winter. Never smell it in the summer

  21. No, I'm just wondering whether, if interest rates continue to rise, home prices do fall significantly, which could put people underwater, or, whether the housing shortage prevents that. I guess that should have been "if" not "when."

  22. In the instance prices do fall considerably (which I don’t think will happen) - Unless they absolutely need to sell, those people just won’t sell. They’ll just rent it out for a while until the market is back up. No sense in cashing out if you don’t absolutely need to.

  23. I can just imagine it being a pretty weird situation where you potentially have people all over the country owning homes across of the country because they don't want to / can't sell, and renting in other parts across the country, because they don't want to / can't buy.

  24. I actually have 4 personal friends doing this right now. They’re actually making money renting out their places for $2k-ish and renting elsewhere for $1,100-1,300.

  25. KC? Higher sales, property, and income tax than Utah (incorrect, see below). Violent crimes rates are 70.8 compared to SLC of 42.8 and national average of 22.7. Bigger cities always have more crime overall, but a 211.85% higher violent crime rate is ridiculous. Avergae median income is $45,376 per, so while their home values are MUCH lower, jobs suck and you wont be able to pay for much. Unemployment rate is 5.3% vs SLCs 3%. Not too much weight in these, but has a lower areavibe score of 58 vs 64 in SLC. Niche scores are both A-. KC is #72 on the top 100 allergy capitals with SLC at 90 (provo 93).

  26. He’s not playing because it’s a tip off to the defense that it’s a pass. Been talked about a bit

  27. It’s three games… calm down. Flacco and Wentz are also in the top 6 in passers so far too. You want to crown them as elite?

  28. It’s not. Most people in this sub just have a thing for turning small sample sizes into something larger than it is. What if he doesn’t fumble the rest of the season? Are you going to still say he has issues?

  29. I'm exhausted by the Wilson hate. We are 2-1, with a coach that is clearly having growing pains. Against a stout D last night, he still got us a touchdown when needed, and I can't even count how many passes were dropped.

  30. Seriously! I had to stop coming to the game threads because it’s a fuckin shit show.

  31. Can we get Muchack back? With a great O-Line, great Special teams, and top 3 defense we can’t completely suck.

  32. Munchak can’t make your guys more talented, unfortunately.

  33. Here’s the unfortunate reality for us: the only WR we have that MAY be close to elite is out for the season. Sutton and Jeudy are not elite. Sutton has been good, but he’s not elite. Gonna be a struggle if those guys cannot step it up, along with Russ obviously.

  34. They never were elite. Anyone who thinks they were was just drinking the hopium koolaid

  35. I actually first started using skydroid about 10-11 years ago. It’s fine for green distances, but it has one major drawback in my opinion - no hole layout and/or the ability to touch a specific location on the hole and see the distance. I use this a lot off the tee box.

  36. I ordered a hoodie straight from the team store and it also came super crooked lol

  37. Anyone else getting complete silence (except for commercials of course) on SportsNet?

  38. You think Von of all people makes the Bills unbeatable? C’mon man. He’s a good player, but I don’t think they miss a beat without him at this stage in his career.

  39. You seriously want to get rid of a guy 1 and 3/4 of a game into a job he’s never done before?

  40. Horrendous play calling and you’re missing your #2 and #3 receivers. There’s been 2-3 really bad drops that could have went for 30-50 yards too.

  41. I think most people are completely blowing game 1 out of proportion. Almost like the last 5 years have blinded us into thinking people can’t make mistakes.

  42. Agree completely. I had to stop coming to reddit for a while just to avoid the insane number of people suggesting they should fire him.

  43. Exactly. Honestly if one of those fumbles turns into a TD, none of this narrative would even be happening.

  44. Ended up getting it. Same, no guard just stubble. Bastards gonna last me years

  45. Aside from his wine bottle clue, what clues didn’t fit almost any country singer? Not counting the truth or dare questions obviously. I was rooting for Logan but also a little glad LC won because I would have wondered if it was rigged for Logan had he won.

  46. The clue board clue, both the cowboy hats were a very specific type of hat that only he wears (and it’s very well know to country fans), the “nickname” clue was literally the name of a song of his.

  47. Logan's clues could be applied to nearly any other country music star. They weren't anywhere near as specific as the other players' clues.

  48. How so? Two clues were titles to his songs. Not tying back to any other singer. He is literally the palm hat wearing singer there is (even has had multiple interviews about it).

  49. I had the 100k sign on bonus (worth a minimum of $1k)- hit that in 3 months. Got about 20,000 points from normal spend over the first three months ($200). Booked a trip through the portal and got my $300 hotel credit. Then- there was/is a loophole in which charging things to your hotel room counts as the AirBnB credit (which mine qualified for) that gave me another $200 in credit.

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