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  1. Lmao. Really? I guess Binance must have had a fuck ton of confidence in em to give em a few million

  2. Yeah. Idk if the bot will let me post a link but it was 150 million actually. They must really believe it lol. It is a lot like Pokemon.

  3. According to this sub, crypto is the answer to everything.

  4. I mean. It is more than people like to admit. I sold a NFT for Eth then used that to buy a stove using Nowpayments.

  5. I love crypto, continue to DCA, and am excited to see how the space matures and we see use cases beyond what we can imagine today.

  6. SEC will go after firms for manipulating crypto but not the entire US Stock market... did they just ignore AMTD

  7. Hope you don't end up with Real Bankruptcy.

  8. Been holding since 2017. No idea why people are selling for a loss. Truly astounds me.

  9. Idk if it's human nature or what. I'm in a similar situation 2016ish. I have had some crazy ass swings but I've just kinda dcad in and been like whatever. I pull profits on alts but BTC is my 2050 cash out. Prior to that I don't see a point.

  10. Flashbacks to when I got banned from r gaming for having a nft pfp.

  11. Are these new? Or are they being sold via opensea? I can't find the collection on opensea.

  12. The Mask is Ancestral Tree. I think it's Cute Cool Creepy collection. And the Centaur is by Earth to Planet comics and is part of the Creatures Without Pants collection.

  13. Can't wait to hear about people wearing the mods but using different guns... lol

  14. It's so odd to me whenever something involves crypto/NFTs people always go to "beanie babies" and write off tons of other things because they don't fit the mold of losing all value. Like Pokemon Cards, YuGiOh, barbies, cars.

  15. I’m sure her replacement will be some intellectual titan in their prime, at the ripe age of 65 or older

  16. Back in my day you'd work part time while in college to pay off your debt!

  17. Idk but i really like my Red Mummy/Minted Monarch combo.

  18. I hope we get a spider one next. I want to combine it with Mummy/Butterfly

  19. And I could easily link you another 50 threads of “good” people arguing against SBMM. It’s a debate as old as time my guy, but unfortunately for you, two things 1. I’m sitting through a hurricane right now and honestly don’t give a shit, and 2. I don’t spend all my time on Reddit. If you disagree with me then by all means I really don’t care, but majority of the playerbase is against you, and the fact that you don’t see that is baffling.

  20. Again. I'm sure this time is different! Because you wanted to pretend it was trials that caused it but that wasn't true. So now its some good players were against it too? I don't know what your trying to spin it as.

  21. It absolutely astonishes me how bad your reading comprehension skills are. Trials IS pvp, I was just using it as an example to further strengthen my point. Do some research, there’s numerous articles regarding the backlash to bungies implementation of SBMM being spearheaded by streamers, and if you want a thread that’s more recent and not 2 years old like everything you’ve shown me, here’s on from of people saying the exact same thing as I am right now.

  22. Well yeah. The downside to this sub is everybody wants profits. There were probably a crap load of people who bought 4/5 hoping they would be like cones.

  23. losing their franchise QB because they screwed up big time isn’t a consequence?

  24. Considering the Brady tampering and Watson rumors it seems like Ross never wanted Tua

  25. So it's about scamming people with micro transactions?

  26. I think it's more like an open market place with game items. I personally would consider a game where your assets where locked to the game and a premium game currency a scam more than this.

  27. The only people that want CDBCs are the bankers.

  28. I think they will be good in a sense of having a stable coin. It will be manipulated of course. But the Feds will make sure 1=1 a lot better than something like Luna/Tether.

  29. The ones that are left. Like if they don't sell out by time the new ones drop just limit them to their mint numbers and make them super rare. Would cause the existing ones prices to definitely go up and get the creators more money instead of waiting for all them to sell.

  30. I have a buddy that uses Cake Wallet. They give you a new address every transaction but it's the same account. You can swap to Monero on it too. Pretty neat stuff.

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