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  1. I bought an LHD for the quirky roulette wheel date window and softer cream fake patina on the markers, even though it was a LHD the other pros made my decision for me. It’s a different watch to a lot out there, but I recommend it.

  2. Rest assured that the bee wont be admiring that one as much. Joking, cool for what they are but a proper omega speedy is a sight to behold.

  3. Well it is the moon watch reference, I have the original metal bracelet too, or would you prefer the Apollo 8 ceramic from my collection more?

  4. Ohh, no I wasnt refering to your watch Forza, its a beauty! I was refering to the r_r19 guy with sarcasm regarding the swatch watches, they are nice, but yours is beautiful.. I was trying to imply that the bee that was admiring your watch wouldnt hold the swatch edition in the same high regard😊

  5. All good, I just read your comment wrong. There has been so much trolling by people like him. The Swatch has it’s place in horological history, in a plastic quartz homage series.

  6. Now I wouldn't fold a fluoresent lighting tube or a bunch of flowers, but a French stick?

  7. I have my third SMP on order now in green. That said my LHD Pelagos gets a lot of wrist time. Love the Titanium. They have different usps for me. Different look for different occasions.

  8. Ordered my 265 PHEV n-line in Shadow grey with the 2 tone roof (black) way back in January. Estimated as September now for delivery. At this rate the car will have gone through a facelift by the time it arrives.

  9. Nice to see them in the wild, especially on a bracelet. Looks great.

  10. Not a fan of any wide body options. I like the 16 grille though. Mine has the swan neck wing, 16 grille, and a few minor orange accents

  11. Back in the Late 80's I worked at a smaller Tesco, would probably be a Metro these days as a student job.

  12. A lot of hatred for the bracelet out there even in current guise. Personally having had bracelets since the 90’s I have found the Seamaster to be one of the most comfortable on the market. When you compare it to a Rolex oyster bracelet for example, people love the Rolex because let’s face it Rolex barely change it over the years, yet Omega get a lot of flack for keeping their design similar for a few years. Omegas are always popular and if you hold on to it expect to get your money back over time. Even as a Rolex owner, I never quite understand the hype around the brand. I guess people want what they cannot buy more than something readily available.

  13. Only personal opinion but I disagree. I generally love watches on bracelet and I think it’s the worst I have in my collection. I’m also a mechanical engineer and a perfectionist which does not help. I have to say it is ok but the price point It should be way better.

  14. I guess it can also depend on the wrist size too. I have never found the watch oversized due to the lack of a taper or large clasp. Smaller clasps are available, and yes, slap it on something rubber if it’s not for you and save a chunk of cash in the process when buying it.

  15. Thought that vid was on loop for a minute there. 😳

  16. Needs far more multilingual signs. I can imagine someone whose first language not being English could potentially sue if they didn’t understand the warning regardless of them trying to rob you. This is the UK, and yes I do believe this could happen.

  17. No i don't have enough skill to create such an beautiful livery.

  18. I made a nice retro Scalextrics livery for just this kind of thing. See you on the slots track lol

  19. It’s time to buy a pallet of 2x4 and a chop saw. Not to build anything in particular, but just chop 1 inch little blocks for the fire, all day…….

  20. I guess if you stare at your watch with a loupe it might be a source of frustration.

  21. Had 8 in our pool over the last week. Thankfully all were extracted, they dried their wings and flew away.

  22. If it's out of warranty, its unbelievably simple to strip and clean. Arm yourself with the right size tools, an old toothbrush, air cans or a compressor and follow a simple online YouTube vid.

  23. Yeah I've seen a few posts on it and I posted on the Forza Horizon reddit 18 days ago, but it was a sneaky release by the devs.

  24. why do people post their cars like this lol. Is this like a instagram fad? I can't keep up with kids

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