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  1. Friendly fire? That person was evidently on your side... read again?

  2. I’m not 100% if it is lime, but there is a new candy store at WEM that has different stands of candies of one specific flavor. Last I was there, I know they have the original skittles separated by the flavours/colours. Just be careful because it can get expensive, I got jelly bellies for my spouse and it cost me $5.75 for maybe 1/4 cup worth of beans.

  3. Yea we walled in there about a month ago, laughed at the prices and left. Big selection though.

  4. This heats sucks. I miss the cooler summers when I was growing up

  5. Yea when I first moved here from Toronto in 2006 the first thing I noted was that the summers were much cooler. Sure, we'd always get a 1-2 week heat wave where we'd be in the mid to upper 30's every day but these past 2 summers have been insane.

  6. Yea, guess we should tell our children and grandkids to suck it up because it's their problem, not ours...

  7. Alright, so like half the immigrants who don't have citizenship just become homeless?

  8. So like pretty much everywhere in Asia. I lived and worked in Thailand for 5 years. My wife is Thai, my daughter is mixed. I am not allowed to buy land or a home in Thailand unless it is in my wife's name.

  9. It’s $60 something for absolute Schwag. Also I don’t have time to go buy an oz every week sell me big boy sizes FFS

  10. Exactly. My online dealer does same day delivery and I pay $60-$80/oz and it's infinitely better than that dry trash they sell at the dispensary. I know a bunch of people who smoke Bake Sale from Value Buds and it's honestly trash.

  11. And they deliver in Edmonton? I've been using bulkcrop for a while and I'm trying to find a better one

  12. Yes, $5 delivery for most of the city (a friend lives off Winterburn Road and it costs him $10 for delivery).

  13. Which part indicates he’s a Nazi? Genuinely want to know what I’m missing

  14. Both under 6. I'm an older mom, so I remember from the 80s that we had a code word my dad gave us. If anyone we didn't know had to pick us up or come in the house, they had to have the code. No code, no cooperation and if they tried anything (like taking me anyway) I was to stick my thumbs in their eyes.

  15. Born in '85. Had a code word as well. My wife and I use the same one with our daughter (6).

  16. I say allow people to own multiple houses but ban investment firms from buying up properties.

  17. This is why I absolutely love that my job pays overtime for any time worked over eight hours in a day.

  18. Yea my job is the same. Anything after 8 hours is OT. Weekends as well. You could be off work Monday-Friday but come to work on Saturday and it'll all be time and a half.

  19. If you enjoy going to the theatre, then it is very worth while. I have the visa and we typically get 2 free tickets and free food when combined with my Cineclub membership. Get that just from normal every day spending.

  20. They are but that doesn't matter because Russia doesn't follow the Geneva Convention. Strapping a baby to its dead mother that your forces shot and then booby trapping said baby with a land mine to try and kill first responders isn't following the Geneva Convention. Russia is a terrorist state and nothing more.

  21. I stayed in hotels for about 300 days of the year for about 4 years. I never once left a tip.

  22. Not really. Unless you're in the middle of bum fuck no where, no dispensary is charging that amount unless it's AAAA and even then you aren't paying $250. I've bought weed in dispensaries in 6 different provinces (BC, AB, Sask, Ontario, Quebec and Newfoundland) and the most I bought an Oz for was $170 in Regina and it was 30% THC.

  23. Oh yeah, forgot I was on a Canadian sub for a minute lol. It's dirt cheap here since legalization. My bad, was thinking US.

  24. Yea, it's crazy how much prices have dropped, especially in the last 12-18 months. With the right connections, you can get a pound for $300-$600 depending on the quality. Just shows how badly we were getting ripped off before legalization. No reason for weed to cost more than $1-$2/g for AA/AAA.

  25. The difference is BLM isn't calling for Trudeau to be lynched, the FreeDumb convoy however is.

  26. Is he leaving any of the immense wealth of the church here or are we footing the bill for the visit before they return to their gilded castles ?

  27. Moving is probably one of the main tortures In hell. After moving a few years ago, I told my wife "the next time I'm moving out of our house, it will be feet first"

  28. Imagine my life then, I work as a mover... It fucking sucks. But I get paid to workout so can't really complain.

  29. So? There are signifcantly more lower cost homes in lower cost of living locations across the rest of the country. The world doesn't revolve around Toronto and the GTA

  30. And yet around 15% of the countries population lives there. So obviously it is going to effect a LOT of people...

  31. It is surprising to me that people still have landline and cable these days.

  32. Same. We have internet, 2 cell phone plans, and disney+/Netflix. Everything else I just pirate.

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