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  1. yes, it does break ribs, almost guaranteed.

  2. do they link a study that studies survivors and deceased? Cause the study you linked only studied the ones who did not survive.

  3. Wenn ist das Nunstück git und Slotermeyer? Ja! Beiherhund das Oder die Flipperwaldt gersput!

  4. your father was circumcized by my rabbi you prick!

  5. If Putin goes, Navalny is the best choice, despite all that bullshit surrounding him, because if not, then there will be chaos, and the person who will likely be on top is likely to be Putins Pretorian guard, or god forbid some idiot that would immediately hit the Nuke button.

  6. What temp is the river? since its supposed to be near zero. in nighttime temps.

  7. I can only guess, these are colored beacons for russian airforces because the civilian GPS is being jammed for night flights coming in/out of Belogrod

  8. Wouldn’t they have been using this the entire time then? Why is it only on Reddit now?

  9. Not really, they've been slowly chewing through their backup systems with every HIMARS strike in Belgorod military airfields. I only say this because I see no other use case other than Russian jets using a visual beacon at night to orient themselves at low altitude and not mistake a Russian town for a Ukrainian target, or veer off from home accidentally. at low altitude you can still see 30-40 miles of ground which is within range of Kharkiv and that beacon can probably be seen from about 100-200mi at 5000ft. I doubt it's a laser as those things are usually are in the Green color spectrum to dazzle satellites and UAV's, if its a destructive laser weapon, there are other spectrums invisible to us that are useful for that kind of thing.

  10. If true, it sounds like a reasonable outcome.

  11. if he survives, Russian Prisons are no joke, abuse, suicide, and murder is very high in russian prisons.

  12. So a faction of MilBloggers means armchair generals right?

  13. Saw a report of a conscript today that was captured and reported he hasn't been paid in 5 months...

  14. That's the definition of a slave, isn't it?

  15. But it seems to be missing a city no? kolkata seems to be the major hub of scammers, and I've heard on some youtube channels that some of the call centers are protected by some higher echelon in the government.

  16. Hold your breath swim and strain,

  17. Its certainly possible, The moment the propagandists asked Oligarchs for money things feel like they are changing against putin. Never get between an Oligarch and his money and way of means for money. Putin has likely been fighting back by killing off a few lesser Oligarchs as an example to the rest of them to fund his war. Everyone knows there are no "Accidents" in Russia and each death has a meaning or message. On the other hand, they no longer have any competent field commanders, none of them know the lay of the land or how to defend it, so it may just be collapse of the russian army itself.

  18. Idk, if this was a new area they retreated to, high chance there are Civvies in the basement. If you noticed the liberation videos in Kherson people still live in buildings. So either its an intentional shot to scare them out, or its just a miss, they dont seem to be firing alot of rounds at it either.

  19. Could be Russia robbing Peter to pay Paul; when there's an emergency in one place, they rush forces there, leaving thinly guarded areas which Ukraine can then exploit.

  20. I have come to the same conclusion, basically i believe they are waiting until they commit their forces to plug holes leaving skeleton crews to be thin walls of resistance.

  21. Not because of him. Bad news at Tesla, Musk has to divert attention.

  22. they missed a few car deliveries from market predictions, but that's what happens when they upgrade factories.

  23. This, I genuinely dont get why people think we should listen to this clown.

  24. where does the slavery from south Africa come from?

  25. Every studio works differently to make games. There is an expectation to meet certain goals within a time frame. Cost of living plays into game development as any operation with any overhead. There are many ways to execute on a game, and some execute it in a logical way with minimal work, or a different way rebuilding from the ground up. This is usually determined by the engineers.

  26. But Spyro games are bigger than Crash games, it would make sense for only 13 months to be the development for Reignited and 18 months for N Sane.

  27. spyro had some advantages like less complexity feature wise, it was a treasure hunt game after all. Crash had a lot of animation and gameplay features, bosses, etc that call up more development resources. again, every studio works differently and executes projects in their own way.

  28. "we have allies... Belarus." -literally Lol'ed

  29. Luka should be worried. He just literally said Belarus is russia.

  30. I think we already know what he desires, and its not his country, Its his rank as Colonel.

  31. yes i saw that too, im unsure who we are actually seeing here

  32. they could be civilian humanitarian volunteers. As the frontline changes, these dudes are trying to evac people from homes.

  33. By the way, I looked it up because I never really understood it: the Russians are trapped on the right bank of the Dnipro River because it's on the right if you were riding a canoe down the river. West is left on a map, but this refers to the flow of the river.

  34. since rivers have a huge tendency to wind in any direction on the compass, Right and left banks are the proper term for describing which side of the river. Its easy to think east west when you are looking at the macro maps

  35. Reminds me of Professor Legasov's speech at the End of HBO's Chornobyl show. I suppose the USSR's systemic flaws live on, after all.

  36. Every lie we tell incurs a debt to the truth. Sooner or later, that debt is paid.

  37. good thing they didn't explode it

  38. Please be cautious. Patraeus holds no office. He speaks only as a talking head. What he says carries no official weight.

  39. not officially, but he likely knows what's going on behind closed doors.

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