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  1. So what events actually unfolded in the 3D to resolve the situation? I find the sequence of events fascinating to read.

  2. To make it short and simple, the bank ended up calling my father in law to say they reviewed the situation again, and decided they could do an affordable repayment plan, which would allow her to remain in her home. It has seemed hopeless in the beginning (to everyone but me!) but within just those few days, a complete 180.

  3. This is awesome and simple! I think if there is ONE thing to remember in all of this, is that you are God. Thank you!

  4. Please make sure the tracking numbers are wrapped around the side of the package so they can’t be scanned.

  5. I love this and definitely think you’re right about the phrase! I have had inadvertent success with this phrase. Pre-Neville. Way long ago with money, and instantly! “It would be so cool if I had extra money”- bang, $50 bill in my sketchbook, not my or anyone else’s money. Same thing happened a few days later with the same thought, but $400 I found on the ground. I think I might use this again, I’d forgotten about it until recently. But that was my inner dialogue too!

  6. The bridge of incidents is wild!! If you really stop and think about it, you can trace it back super far!

  7. Not sure how you could rationalize a normal reason why or how that would happen. My brain is also sore now. And right before bed. Thanks. 🤣

  8. Maybe change thoughts from “I attract toxic, narcissistic…girls” to “I attract beautiful, kind….girls.” Whatever positive qualities you want in a girl. Flip the script, know your worth and what you deserve, don’t hold onto self doubts, and watch as things start to play out differently. Just keep in mind that some manifestations take time, so be patient. You might not see any changes outwardly right away, but the gears are turning behind the scenes. ALWAYS. Trust in your power!

  9. I have 3 instances that stick out. Two happened within a few days of each other and were “pre Neville”. I was about 20, sitting in my car at work on a break smoking a cigarette. I always kept a sketchbook on the front seat my car to sketch and rarely had anyone else with me in the vehicle. This particular day I had just looked in my wallet and only had a couple bucks. I thought “it would be so nice to have some extra money” and just didn’t think much of it. Maybe a minute later I grab my sketchbook and open it up. $50 bill laying right in between the pages I flipped to. No earthly explanation, just feeling so thankful. And shocked. A few days later at work again, walking to my car for my break and think again “it’d be so awesome to have some more extra money.” Kept walking and didn’t even put importance on the thought. Almost to my car, something is laying on the ground. Four $100 bills. I about fell over. Surely this was someone’s money. I turned it in to the front office (I worked at a school). The receptionist took it and inquired with staff as did I and even asked students. A week later nobody claimed it so the receptionist said finders keepers! Those two are fresh in my head almost 20 years later and they were instant! Fast forward to this year, about June when I stumbled upon Neville. I was pretty meh about it at first, but still was hopeful. I didn’t intentionally try to manifest this, but it’s clear that’s what I did. I’d been needing a lamp for a dark corner of a room in my house. I’d say “we really need a lamp it’s so dark there” lol. For one reason or another I didn’t run out to buy one and I didn’t feel the need to. I just knew I needed a lamp. A few weeks later at work again (completely different job, but work again hmmm….) and a customer I might see every two months comes in with something in his hand. I go to the counter and he puts a freaking lamp on it and asks if I need a lamp. I couldn’t even speak lol. I obviously said yes, thank you, I’ve been needing a lamp!! It was wild!! I now refer to it as my magic lamp and every time I turn it on and off I say thank you haha. That’s a great example of knowing what you want but not trying to manipulate the 3D to get it, because the bridge of incidents is laying out the right path to your manifestation. I agree I think letting go after you set your intentions is paramount most of the time. These are “small” manifestations, but they aren’t, as one desire is not more important than another. Don’t waste your money on coaches. Don’t believe everything you see on YouTube. Decide what you want and feel it. Don’t let self doubt get the better of you- that’s an issue I’m constantly working to overcome and making progress with noticeable results! Believe in yourself and your desires and see what happens. Go get it!

  10. I feel like similar things have happened to me before. When odd things like this happen, I wonder if “reality” sometimes molds itself around our belief systems, but if we become conscious or aware of it, the spell is broken. You had Schrodinger’s key—it both works and doesn’t work until you become aware and choose its quantum state? 🤷‍♀️

  11. This is my exact logic! We place our belief that something is going to do what we think it should, and it does nonchalantly. But once we notice this should not have worked, and put in the effort to recreate it, it indeed does not work lol. Like when I had to parallel park for my driver’s test years ago. I hadn’t practiced it but I nailed it believing it would be easy and I’d have no problem. I was shocked I did it so well, started to think it shouldn’t have been that easy, and have never been able to parallel park again lol. Crazy how that works.

  12. I wonder if this explains “beginner’s luck.” It’s often been said that the paranormal is normal stuff that science can’t explain yet. Quantum science is starting to explain some of this phenomena. Dean Radin, who was mentioned in this thread, is one of the few researchers who dares to tread in these waters. It’s career suicide for most people who call themselves “scientists.” But let’s face it, science is a belief system. Look up “replication crisis” and you’ll see what I mean.

  13. Simple and beautiful advice! The best part is you can take a smile with you everywhere all the time.

  14. It's difficult for me to think of any specific changes because 2012 was kind of a crazy year. In 2011 I had left the place I was born and raised, Alaska, for the state furthest away, Florida (where I had no family or friends, at just 21 yrs old). It took me awhile to get used to it. I also have adhd so between those things if something like a door changed colors I probably wouldn't have even noticed. SO much was changing in general for me.

  15. Lots of big changes! I can understand why it might be hard to recall any changes among all that were happening. No matter what has happened, I hope you’re happy now and feel whole!

  16. Aw thanks, yeah I feel very happy and whole now. I just wonder sometimes since it was such a strange event.

  17. I think if that happened to me, there would be no way I couldn’t wonder about it for the rest of my life! Glad you’re happy, that’s all that matters.

  18. Close to home, great boss and coworkers ( although I’m a solo clerk in an RMPO) great pay for where I live, benefits for me and my self-employed husband, room to grow, I get to see the cool stamps first lol. Also if I am murdered it could be considered a federal crime which I think is cool.

  19. Thank you so much for this detailed response!! I’m DEFINITELY going to do it. The boyfriend of the girl who does my pedicures sells them lol. I’m going to let you know how it goes when I do it. Did you set a particular intention before your trip?

  20. You’re welcome! I could go on and on lol but that was the big stuff haha. I did not set an intention, but I did say to myself “I’m open to this experience and approaching it with a positive mindset.” Then I just let the experience happen. I have known people who were not in a good frame of mind when using psychedelics and ended up not having the best time. So I’d keep that in mind! I have not personally experienced a bad shroom trip. If/when I do it again, I will set an intention though! Can’t wait to hear about your trip!

  21. You should go on and on lol. I love your story!! I should be getting it in a week so I’ll report back to you!

  22. I see this as a big victory, because your work and belief led to a revised outcome in the 3D just as you wanted! No desire is greater than another! Thanks for sharing.

  23. Love this and really glad I took the time to really read it. Thanks!

  24. I found Neville a couple years ago trying to manifest back an old sp. It didn't work, but in doing so I found my current sp. She's everything I've ever wanted. I want to spend the rest of my life with this sp. Things went great, however my old self concept came creeping back and sure enough I lost this sp. She said some really hurtful things.

  25. As someone who’s been in a similar situation, where my self doubt was my self destruction, I let myself feel the feelings of a breakup. But only acknowledge those feelings, feel them for a bit, and let them go. They do not serve you so don’t give them any power. After feeling whatever comes, go back to you. Work on your self concept always. Keep the doubt in check. If it knocks at the door, open the door and see it’s there but don’t let it inside. You are your only roadblock as I am my own. I’m much better at casting my self doubt aside now, and remember my worth and my power. You deserve your SP, you are an amazing person. You have many qualities that make you great. Just remember that and know that and people will believe that, including your SP, and reflect that back to you. But it all starts with you! And you can get back on track. 😊

  26. Nope I haven’t! But Google here I come.. lol. Thank you for the suggestion!

  27. I don’t know if he’s shared a story like this or not to be honest, but I’m going to look now lol! And yes it’s such a neat sub to read.

  28. Just throwing this out there because I don’t think you should feel guilty at all! So don’t blame yourself. Neville has something to say about disease:

  29. Very cool!! So awesome when this happens! The best part is it happens in ways we never expect, but as it’s supposed to!

  30. This is nice. Breaks it down to simple terms and is a good base for the law. And I completely agree that it’s this easy. It shouldn’t feel like you’re forcing a situation to occur, you just feel your way to it and the unseen forces that be do the hard work. The bridge of incidents is undeniable and mind blowing. I think if we all look back on past things we at one point desired to have, we’d see how that bridge was laid out step by step

  31. Aw!! I hope it give you hope to know that your desires are coming too x

  32. It did! It really resonated so strongly it was almost overwhelming! Weird but wonderful.

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