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  1. Hold until the start of the second or third fut champs. Early enough for the card to still be relevant, but gives enough time for people to accumulate coins. Never fails.

  2. Matches = coins for upgrades. I've already been spamming 85 x10's. I'll keep doing it but the odds of getting Serie A players in the spots I need upgrades isn't the highest. I'm not just going to shell out my entire squad and replace it with whatever I get in an 85 x10 and have shit chem. I have enough pieces in my club to keep running the 85 x10's without losing active players in my sChem. Was just asking for a solution for what I already have. And my squad isn't usable? It's an 89 OVR lmao

  3. Your team doesn’t need upgrades. It needs an overhaul.

  4. I'm only selling Salah if I think his replacement is going to score more points than him.

  5. The problem is that if you’re not captaining Salah, the points that he and (for example) a 5m player get are unlikely to surpass what (for example) Diaz and Mitro or Toney can bring. So even if Salah’s direct replacement doesn’t score as many points, the other upgrades could make up for that deficit. I am going through the dilemma myself, and am only leaning towards keeping Salah because of Darwin’s return.

  6. I like it. He doesn’t babble. Straight to the point.

  7. He’s insane. His touches per goal ratio must be studied.

  8. When you got the medical rfe, how long did you have to submit it? I haven’t done mine yet and I’m worried about there being a time crunch between getting an appointment and the deadline.

  9. Right? Just accept your major victory and go on with your life before you make them change their mind.

  10. Makes Salah less attractive at 13mil when you're not captaining him

  11. I’m a staunch Salah captainer, but he was out of my team as of halftime today. Thankfully he still got a great return today.

  12. They remind me so much of each other. There’s this undeniable inevitability that they will be legends of their respective crafts. We are witnessing history.

  13. As an American, his accent doesn’t sound like anything American to me. His English is excellent though.

  14. I don’t think they’re doing this but I think they’re holding back on new features for 23, to then put in a bunch of new stuff on whatever they’re calling 24 to solidify the new brand

  15. It feels like they’ve been holding back since fifa 17

  16. Unfortunately, there are people (myself included) who will continue to play this game regardless of its quality. For me, it’s an addiction at this point, as I really find the gameplay unrewarding, yet I still log in daily to do SBCs and do league/ nation objectives. All of this to build a team that I won’t even use. It has become a complete time sink and I’m sure there are plenty of things I could otherwise be doing to enjoy life. EA won’t care about changing anything because engagement will remain high. The key is for us to just not buy the game and find something else to fill our time.

  17. Who’s going to take one for the team and open a 85x10? 👀

  18. They must not all be in packs yet. Thank you for your service 🫡

  19. He’s got to get used to these muck savages bottom tier centre backs who are going to make his life miserable every game. Get his revenge by scoring goals.

  20. Can’t do that today with VAR 😂

  21. In postgame Klopp said well put him through some physical training now that he’s suspended, then quickly corrected to say for strength, not punishment!

  22. Shapeshifter Marcelo when he was going for 600k

  23. Everyone has a team like this. You’re not special

  24. yeah i heard north florida is like that, not too common down here i guess it’s cause it’s too urban :/

  25. In Florida, where there is water, there are alligators

  26. I hand Zinchenko and Mitrovic in my original draft

  27. Was adamant on Kulu and Schar for weeks until 1 hour before the deadline. I decided to get closer to the template and I hate myself for it.

  28. Does Saka count for the return? Honest question

  29. Because not the whole team was premier league level. Whats so hard to understand?

  30. Most of them are Relegation favourites signing relegation standard players. Just depends on what your definition of a prem standard player is.

  31. Well we don’t know that because they just got promoted. Don’t act thick

  32. Bought a crv as a family car. The thing is industructable yet simple enough for me to maintain myself. It'll be years before an EV is a cheaper option for me and even then you can bet the crv will still be going strong.

  33. Which year did you get? because I’ve seen some mixed reviews about CRVs. Looking to get one myself

  34. It loses him fifa coins but gains him real world money from the views. I’d do this too

  35. I’m curious to see how expensive this is

  36. You must’ve known he would drop massively though, nobody stays at that high of a price

  37. If he had the coins and wanted to use him in the moment, then it was worth it for him. He got to use what he considers the best midfielder in the game during a time before every other card released was juiced.

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