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  1. Need more details. How are you measuring speeds? Are you measuring on your wireless device or on a wired computer?

  2. That's like saying that people in countries with more highways have more automobile deaths.

  3. Actually his argument is more like saying .. more automobiles have more automobile deaths.

  4. I would prefer a Slowpoke Rodriguez movie

  5. Congrats.. and expect assholes to complain about how you aren't showing off Jade or higher and how you shouldn't post this stuff because it annoys them ...

  6. Thanks . Also do you know the best time for gas fees? Is it like 2 am? Gas fees kind of high.. 90 bucks

  7. All the zeroes will be knocked off by the end of the month

  8. Maybe in like 10 years if the world isn’t destroyed by then and we’re still alive & the economy improves lol. I know that to reach shib market cap we would need to hit six 0’s.

  9. Al the zeroes will be knocked off by the end of the month

  10. I didn’t call you stupid. I said the question was. Very different. However you called us ( me ) an asshole.

  11. Finally at the end you understand. Don’t take things so personally. I’ve asked stupid questions before. We all have. It’s like momma jokes. Hike up your lederhosen and face the comments. Bitch please. Lol

  12. The simple point is, I was asking for guesses... People could of said they thought the price might go to 5 tomorrow or next year.. I don't care.. I just like predictions even if they are silly.

  13. OP... You need to leave this sub .. just like the other complainers have before you. We don't need your toxicity. Noone is going to miss you or care..

  14. Nice . Wish I could recruit some cro members.. my idea is trade most of my cro and then come back to cro when I turn a big profit... Jade or above sounds like a good goal

  15. Unless of course rbif comes out with something just like what crypto.com offers... But until then.. I think I have a smart idea.

  16. This has gotten out of hand. Unsubbed.

  17. What are the fees like on bitmart? Is it worth buying on there? Isn’t it similar to Robinhood? Not your own wallets?

  18. After I transferred usdt (costed 25 dollars to transfer from my crypto.com app) ... And after that the fee was 45 cents

  19. I'm curious as well. I'm all but certain that we've gained 300 or so unrecognized holders from the listing. I honestly can't wait for the data to be released.

  20. Ya 21 trades in the last hour alone.. not sure how many of them are new buyers.. but it seems encouraging there to say the least

  21. Use a shop vac and just vacuum it all out and dump it right down a drain. Then wash out the vaccuum with alot of soap..

  22. There’s no reason we both can’t do well and I firmly believe RoboInu will lost at least 3 if not 4 zeroes

  23. 4 zeros would be good for me.. not a millionaire but I would be happy pay all my debt and have good play money for some vacations. 5 zeros then I'm a millionaire..

  24. You’re still super early - grow your bag when you can and no amount is too small! That $175 x10 (four times) isn’t too shabby 😎

  25. Going to be tough to know when to sell it... Like if I see 450k $$$ in there ... Should I wait to see if it reaches the millions.. decisions decisions

  26. I had a dude in front of me lose his hat and I caught it. It was the roller coaster at zdts.

  27. https://www.reddit.com/r/Crypto_Visa?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share

  28. Stop trying dude.. and get some butt paste for whenever you see a post like this again.

  29. What do you mean " whenever " I see a post like this again.. its the same 10 posts on repeat... #1.post title; finally arrived.. #2. Comments ask how long it took . It's just a fckn Debit card.. im not trying to be a butthole, but this is a Cronos sub, not a " my visa card arrived sub "

  30. Harmony one transitioned from erc-20 and bep-2 tokens to their own native coin in 2020 I believe. Anything on etherscan is leftover non-migrated wallets I think. People who don't have an exchange that can trade native one coins probably still use erc-20/bep-2.

  31. Ahh ok.. I thought there would be a reason.. I couldn't believe there was only that many holders.

  32. Exactly 💯 SHIB achieved meteoric success but never had a plan for what to do next. They have now scrambled to create their own ecosystem that many of their own holders don’t even understand, to convince the army to stay with the project. They struggle to find any plan for sustained growth. RBIF team however is always thinking about what comes next. It is not just about eventually listing on Coinbase or Binance and mooning, but rather what comes after that. And after that? These are questions the devs are already thinking about and will allow RBIF to surpass the growth of even SHIB in the long term 🔥🔥

  33. Thanks for the explanation.. it is sound. 289x would make me happy but if it goes market cap of like binance or something...that is even better. I wish I could buy more but me and my wife are struggling as it is.. (parental leave and a baby which was born prematurely and Connecticut paid leave being a pain in the behind.. and other factors... Just sucks.. only on part of one income basically)

  34. I was wondering because I did a comparison with market cap.. if rbif had the market cap that Shib does.. it would be 298x

  35. We already have hit it.. safe to assume .. not sure why we don't burn now. Bitmart has to have more than 35 rbif holders

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