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  1. I’m 6ft1, and regretted buying the Markus. Used it for about a year, before switching to the cheap Huvudspelare (which is honestly awesome for the price, with some modifications). The Styrspel is what I’ve been waiting for from IKEA. Tried it out in store, and was very pleased with the adjustments and height.

  2. Just got them! Ordered together with the Banana switches

  3. Ahh cool! How do they compare with one another??

  4. Mint was a little too heavy for me, so I went with Bananas instead! Really liking them so far, coming from Gateron Cap Milky Brown. Just wanted to try a cheaper tactile switch before going for Glorious Pandas in the future

  5. I bought it for my V1, one thing i want to mention is that the cable is extremely stiff and hard.

  6. I agree, it’s not the best feeling cable. And mine wasn’t coiled properly. Support told me to use a heat gun to fix it… would advise getting the premium cable if your can

  7. I would suggest monitor Screenbar light to replace the desk lamp! And a monitor/laptop arm if

  8. I just recently got a Keychron, if not I would have jumped on this

  9. Just wondering if anyone else has this issue with their Keychron Coiled Cable. It seems like it was coiled incorrectly, so the usb c connector doesn’t face flat to connect with the keyboard.

  10. I like the setup! I ditched my 32" 4K for a 34" Ultrawide 1440p. The resolution is much more comfortable to work with within MacOS.

  11. I did the same, 34” ultrawide is the way to go for productivity. I’ve tried a lot of different setups (even LG Dual-Up), and this feels the best for me.

  12. Lol! I’m glad I still have my old gaming laptop for this purpose

  13. I would recommend the Quntis Screenbar on Amazon. The basic model should be around your price range. I have the base model, but I just ordered the new Pro+ model with the knob control. Double the cost of the basic one, but it’s basically a budget Benq Screenbar

  14. Weird, my friend says theirs is working. I can’t even log in anymore

  15. Yeah guess it works for some people if you’re already logged in. I shouldn’t have deleted it and redownload haha

  16. Haha that’s pretty funny. Had the same experience before, but at least they are pretty easy to deal with. Their replacement policy is very good, so take full advantage of it. I’ve only bought Dell monitors because I know I can get a replacement easily if it arrives with any defects.

  17. The ads are fine! Yes the red notification dot drives me crazy

  18. I’m hindsight, I would probably have got the m1 if I could find such a deal here. Not that I don’t love my m2. Just don’t need the new features, and I usually have it in clamshell mode anyway lol

  19. I am at 110, but I got lucky from the seashell shop and pulls. Sitting on 11/20 !

  20. Whichever completes a collection set for the buff! Unless you really just want your fav Disney character, just go for that

  21. I have the 12 Pro Max, waiting till the 15 Plus, so 3 years at least

  22. Look at the collection buffs, figure out which one you want most 👍

  23. I have enough to fill my whole kingdom lol

  24. I feel like they put way too many stamps 32 just felt like they were trying to milk it. I don't understand why 30 wasn't enough I was so close 😓

  25. Amount of stamps was fine, but at the end it’s all down to luck. Finished the event a few weeks ago on my alt, and just barely finished it on my main account today.. after buying those new daily Disney Bundle.

  26. Bought the Dell 27 4K UHD USB-C Monitor - S2722QC. Works well with my MacBook Air M2 connecting (and charging) through usb-c.

  27. Same one I’m using with my M2 Air. Works fine with usb c. Though I had to update the firmware using my windows pc, and Dell display manager won’t work with Mac

  28. For normal, I used the Ambusher Alter Effect with +Crit/ Crit Damage, and stack whatever damage bonuses along the way. Easy to nuke with Sorbet Shark + Vampire, 1 defence down debuffer, 1 tank

  29. I have the same monitor. It’s good if you can get it on sale. I use it for productivity and streaming 4K content. can’t seem to get Netflix 4K to work on it with my M2 though, so I use google tv instead.

  30. The stock caps look so good but I had to switch to one of their PBT sets because I couldn’t live with the smudging on the soft touch coating :(

  31. For real. The stock keycaps look nice and all, but they are poor quality. All the photos on Instagram always show the stock keycaps, but I couldn’t stand the smudges after a day. I switched to the retro pbt keycaps

  32. That’s insane. You can get to master easily at 200k on Dark Cacao haha

  33. I finished it a few days ago on alt account. 3 more to go on my main account… almost have enough duplicate pieces to trade-in for another, so hoping I’m lucky and get the last two..

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