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  1. Kifaru cast is the best option in my opinion

  2. I use a horse stall mat as a backstop behind the target.

  3. Worth every penny. I really like the strobing version from Dudley.

  4. Your worst shot in any group will be the shot you make at an animal. 20 for now unless you got ice on your veins then 30.

  5. I'd avoid CA. At this price point, I'd highly consider a Bergara Highlander. That's what I shoot and it's great to 600+ yards. You could go with their mountain model for light weight hunting or approach for a slightly heavier combo gun

  6. A lower-ish mileage 4x4 F150 would be my choice. Works well in the snow, great for hardware store runs, or throwing stuff in the bed for a camping trip. Pretty reliable overall and maintenance wouldnt be overly expensive.

  7. Precedent was actually set not too long ago to fight these “corner crossing” laws. Great interview with the gentlemen who won the case on @themeateater podcast

  8. I wouldn't call taking on 100k in legal fees precedence. You can take the chance if you want but it ain't worth it. Plenty of units have good access

  9. The point of the recent legal precedent is that it puts the risk on the landowner instead. Why would they waste their 100k in legal fees suing someone for trespass, if they know they will probably lose?

  10. They got bailed out by a gofund me. You can corner cross all you want but it's still illegal. "Crossing or entering private lands without landowner’s permission may result in a violation of Wyoming’s game and fish or criminal trespass statutes". Right from the website

  11. Donuts Company. End. Of. Thread

  12. Try some Meguiars Ultimate compound. It might be able to get you the rest of the way.

  13. Unfortunately, I am happy to see the law change even if it negatively affects hunting in VA. Dog hunters have really screwed over hunting as a tradition and other hunters over the last decade plus. They backed anti hunting legislation and actively blocked public land Sunday hunting, they actively place dogs on parcels of land they don't have permission on and use it to push game to them, and they are generally disruptive and disrespectful in their actions.

  14. Sevr if you're going to be shooting elk & bears. Best penetration from a mechanical out there.

  15. Accuracy through volume. She needs to do 10-15 a day. I would suggest setting alerts for the position she wants on linked in. The odds are far better if you're one of the first applicants.

  16. Accuracy through volume. She needs to do 10-15 a day. I would suggest setting alerts for the position she wants on linked in. The odds are far better if you're one of the first applicants.

  17. 300 win mag. You live out west. You can stretch the 300 as you get more skilled and will never be under-gunned. Buy something with a muzzle break to tame it.

  18. When does it go into effect? After signing or will they put a start date?

  19. Nice. Do you still need written owner permission to hunt private on Sundays?

  20. I've had both experiences. Think of these as opportunities to connect on LinkedIn and build a bigger network. These moments do help you stand out if you reapply to other positions or cross paths again.

  21. You should look at this as a positive. You get some additional experience and responsibility, your company trusts you to do a good job, and this wins some points with your boss.

  22. Practice in the mirror or have a friend interview you. Practice makes perfect and it gets a lot easier over time. I try to build natural pauses into my interview cadence. It helps me stay organized, calm, and makes the process more predictable and as a result less stressful.

  23. Way to go! Sometimes the best thing we can do is improve on the habits we have had in the past. You're building an awesome foundation for punctuality and the positives that come with it

  24. I've worked for a few bosses like this and it's tough. If you are feeling under-appreciated and overworked, it might not be a bad time to test the market. You could find a company that rewards that type of extra effort.

  25. 7mm-08 is a great low recoil caliber to learn on.

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