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  1. It's available by using metamask. Connect your ledger to metamask and you'll be able to stake your ankr, that's what I'm doing.

  2. $270k in unrealized losses, just buying more and sitting tight for the next cycle to commence/peak.

  3. Woow thats a lot but do you look back and regret you bought in? Or is your faith that strong?

  4. I realized a lot of profit in 2021, and the unrealized losses are just a part of the game.

  5. Yep I sunk 100k at $180 into SOL, all I can do now is stake and sit tight for the next cycle with my fingers crossed and buttcheeks clenched.

  6. When it hits a 1$ you will have a million dollars. But do you think it’s feasible?

  7. This coin has growing demand, a max supply, and a staking mechanism about to be released - $1 and beyond (a $10+ billion market cap) is very feasible.

  8. My thoughts: all markets will trend down until the Fed turns dovish again. I think this year will be a negative year, Fed will uturn Q1 2023 and we will be pleasantly surprised with the overall returns in 2023 as a whole.

  9. Why the fuck is there a limit at all 🤦‍♂️

  10. Because it's a business and it's pretty clear from all the data across credit products that anything above 2% needs a cap on rewards or there needs to be an annual fee to make it sustainable.

  11. I'm down 60k between: Shib, UFO gaming, Somnium Space Cubes, and OMI

  12. I am staked to Ray2, I also bought a large sum of the token + Ray Diamond to boost the XRAY rewards - total investment of 15,000 ADA.

  13. Wait so we can stake XRAY without impermanent loss?

  14. Yes. Impermanent Loss is a risk that comes with providing liquidity to a trade pair pool, and this is not what XRAY staking is - it's more like native ADA staking.

  15. Do you pay large gas fees? Moving it from your portfolio to the ankr platform

  16. Depends on the network you are using, but I would suggest using an exchange like Gemini to purchase Ethereum and you can withdraw for free (up to 10 withdrawals a month I believe).

  17. price appreciation is no different than dividend growth

  18. that's true, but I think you could use the question as a litmus test to determine how far along someone is in their investing journey.

  19. Again, it should not matter how your investment appreciates in value. Keep in mind that the price of the stock is more or less the present value of future expected cash flows with an applied discount rate. Management can either reinvest the company's earnings or distribute them as dividends. Take a company like Amazon for example. Management has done very well in reinvesting earnings which has led the company to have a $1 trillion market cap. Though, sometimes management does screw up and waste earnings on failed projects and thus a dividend would have made more sense. In that sense, a more "seasoned" investor would look at how effective management is at managing earnings.

  20. Good points, there's always more to it than price or current dividend - people are just always looking for ways to simplify things for people who don't invest or care to learn more (which is often a recipe for disaster).

  21. Where can I find out more about becoming a node provider?

  22. In the US, staking rewards are a taxable event. No different than getting dividends from a stock.

  23. For what it's worth, the IRS has not clarified WHEN staking rewards are to be taxed (at time of receipt or time of trade to another form of value).

  24. I've had a few people say "wow this is a nice card" or "what the heck is Gemini?"

  25. We should feel fortunate to be early to this asset class, I guess!

  26. Entering my wallet doesn’t work the add wallet button is continually loading.

  27. Try clearing the cache in your browser (found in browser settings somewhere), or try a different browser.

  28. I bought 1 million ankr at 6 cents and am holding until at least $1

  29. First off, something being "legal" or "illegal" does not mean it is moral and a core part of free and open Internet.

  30. Good points. It's interesting to think of how the tech. can be used to truly liberate information and empower people. It can also solidify the creation of undesirable (subjective, I know) and potentially harmful content. If you kick in enough doors content, communication and ideas can never be stopped. I think there's good elements to this and bad ones too in terms of what you subscribe to. Maybe individual filtering allowing end-users to block undesirable content and tailor their own experience is the way to go.

  31. Individual responsibility is required to be a free individual.

  32. Merge meeting is 4/29 I believe, we should have more info after that.

  33. That’s why this coin is dying cause people are finally seeing the truth

  34. Yeah I'm sure it has nothing to do with a looming global recession.

  35. Fold card gives you 1% cashback on every purchase?

  36. Currently yes, the spin the wheel rewards cycle to different things - currently you can take a guaranteed 1% or spin for a chance at anywhere from 0.25% up to 1 whole bitcoin.

  37. I'm staking whit them, bit I don't get what's the real use of the token and their objectives can you help me sir?

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