1. Hey, did this go any further? I recently passed with another company. First attempt - everything was so straight forward from first lesson to test. Haven’t formally lodged a complaint regarding my experience with this instructor to the DVA but would hate to think people are still getting shafted.

  2. What is your overall opinion of the watch? My husband was thinking about asking for one for his birthday.

  3. I'm a pixel watch owner and tbh I'd rather you wait until they release the 2nd gen watch as this one sucks on battery life for the price :(

  4. Exact same but since I ordered from Northern Ireland, it's getting shipped via Royal Mail and I found out they're going on strike tomorrow :( I'll probably get my phone on Friday/Sat :(

  5. Royal mail tracking updated and the phone is in the NI depot and on it's way to Belfast depot, but I have a feeling it won't arrive today :( Usually with these special deliveries you'd get a text in the morning that it's on its way but I didn't get it :(

  6. I was in the same position as you when I did my theory in July and I was able to do the test without the paper counterpart! Just explain your situation and you should still be able to continue.

  7. Theory test availability depending where you are is in or around 2 week wait. Say if you booked in 2 weeks (because that's the next available date), you can look back in a couple days to change the date if you want to do it sooner as there's always cancellations, Belfast in particular.

  8. I’m in the same position and I’m f***ing raging. I’m waiting on a replacement headset but this was given as a gift to me last year and I don’t have a receipt and don’t know where it was bought from so I can’t return it to the point of purchase. This is an absolute joke of a company.

  9. I had to close the ticket with them saying that it was going nowhere, but the next day they emailed saying they were going to find a resolution for me. So they've given me 2 other options of Pro mice to choose from and shipped them via FedEx!

  10. the episode in greece where brody keeps doing caitlyn impressions is legit a top 5 moment of the show for me - i definitely miss the totally different energy she brought to the show

  11. Yes! I need a compilation video of the Jenner boys doing their impressions 😩

  12. I adore Ned, but his cooking skills aren’t really the best ad for his cookbook! I can’t tell if the f-ups are purely for show, but once again I can’t stop thinking that he and Ariel got the cookbook deal because of the Try Guy fame, and not because they are brilliant cooks. How can I guy who’s written a cookbook not know what temperature he has to use to melt the cheese to avoid lumps or separation of the ingredients? He seriously lacks basic cooking knowledge!!! I don’t expect him to act like a professional cook, but I also don’t expect him to act like he’s attending cooking 101!

  13. I agree!! The schtick is getting too OTT for me just for the sake of "comedy" but really it comes out as horrendously cringey and get secondhand embarrassment from every one of them. The unnecessary screaming and shouting from them is uncomfortable to listen to and makes me turn off the video immediately. I really missed Eugene on the videos this year but him turning this schtick up on WAR to 1000000 isn't great entertainment imo :/

  14. Agreed. I started playing Kiwami 2 on ultra settings at 120fps, and it looks absolutely beautiful.

  15. Immediately knew where this was! I was actually there today too haha

  16. Is that what you have at home ? If so.. I have the same !!!

  17. I do!! It's a midsize one and I freak out the most about it out of my 11 plants haha. I also have a young burgundy one too

  18. They're all gorgeous and your rubber tree is about to unfurl 2 big leaves!!

  19. Omg same! No one shares my passion ☹️ Lets be Plant pals 🌿🤓

  20. Can I join in on this plant friend thing? I pretty much talk my husband’s ear off everyday about plants and he is surprisingly patient, but I feel over it lol

  21. Tbh my boyfriend feels your husband's pain. He even calls my rubber plant by her name now haha

  22. We need to create a lil group chat or something to get in touch!!

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