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  1. Can this day get any better? I wake up to crypto pumping, do kwons btc being frozen by the govt, and this asshole resigning!

  2. Looks like crypto is dumping at the moment

  3. No it probably wont, it has already reduced issuance by 95% since merge

  4. I feel like there is more to this story. Waiting a few days and then going to the police is not the normal course of action.

  5. Dont forget that police in third world countries may be corrupted

  6. Do Kwon just keeps making crypto worse for the rest of us

  7. Not anymore though! Powell just spoke about regulating defi thanks to do kwon

  8. What exactly did Luna Foundation Guard guard? That shit melted in front of peoples eyes

  9. Bored apes are a symbol for nazism and racism. Damn thats actually messed up

  10. Don't believe every piece of bullshit some random on the internet tosses out, especially if they are claiming racism. Do your own research and come to your own conclusion.

  11. We have been in a recession for the past few months, the government just kept changing the definition of a recession and is treating us like we are little kids who know nothing. Embarrassing

  12. If they have a good track record, then I might copy trade and buy some of the same projects as them

  13. That's what my friend is doing now. He's following a whale that ape in some small cap projects. But I didn't follow that strategy cause it looks a bit risky even they have a good ROI in the past.

  14. Bulls liquidated, then bears liquidated. Time to go up finally?

  15. He claims he is not hiding, then why not just turn yourself in? Or send your location to them?

  16. He’s been posting on Twitter from an iPhone. So I wouldn’t have thought it would be a great stretch to find a rough location of where he is.

  17. I am ao used to seeing crypto red everytime i open my apps in the morning. Today was an odd day lmao

  18. Just search these questions in the sub, im sure most of them have been answered/discussed multiple times before.

  19. One coin is a nice throwback!! Not sure too many people on here will knw about it lmao

  20. Only 3 comments and already a silver award? Seems fishy…

  21. If there’s nothing fishy then I’m sorry. It’s just not common for new article with only 3 comments to already get an award. Btw that user doesn’t exist, you must’ve typed it wrong.

  22. Edited the number now, try again. Yeah i understand why you think so, but idk why either

  23. Hmm not sure $1m in advertising will save firms from the crypto winter. But still good on the presearch team anyways

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