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  1. Transitioning so I can lounge in my underwear all year long without freezing

  2. Preserve yourself in a block if ice to live forever!

  3. This question has been in my head for as long as I've been questioning my gender and it's been making me doubt everything I've done both before starting questioning and everything since that.

  4. It's about what you prefer, you don't need to despise being your AGAB to be trans. If you would rather not be your assigned gender then you are probably trans.

  5. you know, I've heard stuff like that before, but that phrasing feels a lot better for some reason. thank you

  6. Granted, but the noses don't get longer they larger. The earth now consists of mostly nose people who don't have a visible face.

  7. Granted, all your currency converts to a different one worth 0.00000001% of your previous one that nobody will accept

  8. I'm so sorry to hear that, hopefully you can replace them.

  9. Granted, identity theft is now the number one committed crime in the world

  10. Omg you have the same name as the one I chose! 💙💖🤍💖💙 Name buddies :D

  11. Don't listen to your friend Juno, your name is beautiful♥️

  12. It always depends on what you are comfortable with.

  13. Stella, you're too cute and valid to be lying in my comments section 😤

  14. Try just lying in bed without going to sleep and focusing on something that can calm you down.

  15. Why legally aquire hormones when you could be a mad scientist/witch making her own

  16. Your brain was the one who made that message, so yes your brain is lying.

  17. Yikes... that sounds hard. Is the pay good at least?

  18. It's okay to not know what to do, it can be overwhelming to feel so much pain at once. I wouldn't know what your going through, at least not completely, but I'll support you anyway, we all will♥️

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