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  1. Ask them back what kind of Christian they are. Also ask if they go to church every week lol

  2. Why u always gotta assume they Christian bruh?

  3. Because they assumed OP was Hindu/Muslim. Thought this was obvious lol

  4. it depends what chain you wanna develop contracts on. for cosmwasm chains such as juno or secret, your only option is rust.

  5. I never even heard of ECH until this happened and I try to stay pretty up to date on everything Cosmos.

  6. It’s copy paste of evmos, they forgot to change the Rektdrop part, also kept the inflation same as Evmos eventho they changed the tokenomics

  7. EVMOs has very high inflation and will depreciate heavily

  8. Plus the nomad bridge hack has depleted so much liquidity from Evmos LP’s.

  9. Juno is the worse, they add no value and tons of drama and mishandled situation with the whale. I will never hold a single token because of that.

  10. There are about 30+ upcoming projects on Juno. It has showed the most momentum in building during this bear market.

  11. I believe that whether the amount he had to spend was $18 or $50 would not have altered his point.

  12. 0.5 Neta was 18$. You just called Neta uselsss garbage and now you are arguing about it’s high monetary value at one point ? That’s really funny.

  13. Your were just complaining about receiving only 2000 GLTO. The point is people in this sub likes to get the maximum amount when it comes to airdrops. Holding 1 Neta will get you some airdrops now and in the future. It is important to be mentioned in this sub. Some other projects like Pupmos are also considering to reward Neta holders. Gotta remember that this is an airdrops sub.

  14. Awkward? I’ll be glad that it’s a fellow desi. In my experience, they go all out on making you comfortable.

  15. Jesse Powell is a badass. Couldn't have picked a better exchange for JUNO's first CEX than Kraken.

  16. MEXC, BKEX already has Juno. Also no one picked Kraken , it’s the other way around.

  17. i am not ABCD like most of you guys on here but I am an immigrant here in USA, Being honest this is how every brown guy is being portrayed by every white girl this is Facts, they usually laugh behind our backs by calling us all kind of names and made fun of our accent . Talking from my experience they are just after one thing and that is what you can provide them with usually (materials and money) after they get that they still laugh at us and it included their family members too; its sad world we live in. i learnt the hard way. whenever i see those tiktok white girl with brown guy i ALWAYS comment and say "i hope the love is real we know how white girls talk behind our backs"

  18. You are generalising too much. Not everyone was raised by assholes.

  19. Am I literally the only person still holding SUNDAE and not knowing wtf to do?

  20. Surprised Oasis got picked by Meta for their partnership

  21. What ? The news has been around for almost a year now. Am surprised there is a pump.

  22. Let me tell you something, it was not the Gelotto team , it was just another scammer. You should never respond to private messages, it’s always scammers.

  23. Twitter account looks legit but don't know about the project.

  24. The Frey ( Needlecast, Juno contributor ) and Callum ( DaoDao) are behind it. It’s legit.

  25. So much for the next eth.😆😆

  26. Looks like 15 mins ? Looking at the time of the contract execution and dimi’s tweet. I could be wrong.

  27. Total supply 50B. Might not even cross 8$. Remember Cardano has 45B total supply and got into top 10 and has never crossed 5$.

  28. Cardano also has zero utility, zero adoption and is only valued by speculative traders. That is more of a floor than a ceiling.

  29. That was an example. What I mean to say is even if Hbar gets into top 10 ( which is a big if ) the price is not gonna cross $10 unless we are living in hyperinflation catastrophy where a bottle of coke costs 100$

  30. Remove wolf. He sold most of his Junos and thinks he’s some kind of saint.

  31. According to the addresses that were circulated on Twitter, Wolf had 800k Juno in April and now he has 820k. He has been compounding regularly. It’s his salary , I wouldn’t mind if he sold all of it. At least he will have less influence, and cause an increase in decentralisation of voting power. But he cannot sell all of it because of the 12 year vesting, that’s another thing.

  32. Monkeypox a black swan? LOL. Unless the whole world will turn gay there is nothing to fear.

  33. juno1j0a9ymgngasfn3l5me8qpd53l5zlm9wurfdk7r65s5mg6tkxal3qpgf5se

  34. I think they said that it will be listed on JS within 2 weeks. The game is also supposed to launch soon. Also happy cake day!

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