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  1. So you haven’t seen $10 before the split? Were you around in May? How about August $25. Any logic? Lol. Nope. Ever heard of cost averaging, dips, FUD, bots, shills?

  2. AMC owns Finnkino in Finland! So yes, I go only to my favorite cinema in Europe too!

  3. Can you please share the model of Thule?

  4. Haha, sorry, my bad… Of course it is 230HP not 260. But it feels like 260 hp ;-)

  5. I just want to keep my pretty colors of boolean values.

  6. I believe it’s only on the gas models

  7. There are hybrids and even PHEVs N Line models in Europe:

  8. White N Line looks very good! Please share some photo from the rear end of the car too.

  9. Those are from Hyundai, but I don’t like them. They are noisy (whistling).

  10. Kiinnostas muuten tietää, miten OP:lla kustannukset NYSE:stä osakkeita ostaessa? Nordnetin 18$(tms) tuntuu aika suolaselta ku kaupat on vain satasilla. Sen tiedän, että suomalaiset/pohjoismaiset pörssit on halpoja OP:lla pikkuostoksia tehdessä.

  11. Second, as for lane assist, you can set the lane keep assist always on at start. However, you have to separately activate LFA (lane following assist) every time you want to use it.

  12. On the US model, you can change the lane warning volume setting so it doesn't lower the music volume. Is that setting not available for you?

  13. This. In the sound settings you can change the priority of warnings over the music volume.

  14. The cruise control is the worst part of the car. I should be allowed to disable it!

  15. Excuse me, what do you mean? Cruise is always off before you set it on. And yes, you can also set the LKA (Lane Keeping Assist) off just long pressing once the button on the steering wheel. Also LFA (Lane Following Assist) is off by default.

  16. The smart distance crap. I hate it. It's too far distance between cars even at lowest length.

  17. Too far? You are joking, are you? I would like to be able to increase the distance from the highest setting. Traffic would run better and I would get from A to B faster if everyone keep a bigger safety distance.

  18. You don't need to because you can ask any question you want about your car right here on Reddit.

  19. Getting a top spec hybrid/PHEV is better than getting n line top spec ;)

  20. Welcome to Finland (and other EU countries?). There are top spec hybrid(s) N Line too.

  21. Is HDA (Highway Drive Assist) on? “The feature is a combination of Lane Following Assist and Navigation Based Smart Cruise Control, utilizing sensors and map data to ensure safe operation to ensure safe operation as well as to automatically adjust speed for incoming bends on the highway or for speed limit recognition.”

  22. Yeah, that's why I use the HDA (lane assist...). The speed limit recognition only works if you set the cruise at the speed limit. In the video I have it set at 69 and it is slowing down while going downhill. The times where it starts to malfunction are so random that I can't pinpoint if it's from going down/up a hill, around a turn, ...

  23. ”as well as to automatically adjust speed for incoming bends on the highway”… that is why it is slowing down in the video.

  24. It is normal. When the pipes are not heated, water condenses on the inner surfaces of the pipe and the exhaust gas blows the water out.

  25. Thank you for the reply. Does this also happen even in warmer climates? Before this happened, we had been driving continuously for a good 30 or 40 minutes. The ambient exterior temps were hovering around 70 degrees.

  26. In Europe you can order the two tone color from factory (not wrap, but true painting). Mine is blue and black on roof. It's an optional of course.

  27. Still only N Line has black side rear panel. Other trims have chromed panel on side.

  28. Ya that's image I have too and can't make out a thing on it

  29. I think you can connect another 12V battery to the 12V battery in the back too.

  30. Do you have roof racks on the roof of your car? The noise completely disappeared in my own car when I removed the roof racks.

  31. Today I drove from Varkaus to Laukaa 128km and avg was 5.2l/100km

  32. So how does it do on snow/ice? It hasn't snowed where I live....yet. I get so anxious and sick to my stomach about winter driving. Safest I've felt was in my old 2012 Durango. I'm hoping my Tucson makes me feel the same.

  33. It goes very well even though it is not 4wd. Tires are Continental IceContact 3. I wanted Nokian Hakkapeliitta 10 ones but now I think Continentals are good enough too.

  34. Frozen windows mean that you have a lot of water in the car. I had a Honda Jazz which rear window was poorly sealed and water came in. All windows foggy and frozen in winter. Problem was solved by re-gluing the rear window.

  35. Its not really possible to get all the snow off, but my previous car wouldnt ice inside nearly as bad despite there being piles of snow on the floor. I assume the defroster runs the ac for its dehumidifying but I have been manually toggling it lately.

  36. I checked my own car (Hybrid N Line). There is a little ice on the rubber mats, meaning the snow from the shoes has melted and frozen again, but the windows are bright. It is now around -10 ° C.

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