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When you come across a feel-good thing.

Gives 100 Reddit Coins and a week of r/lounge access and ad-free browsing.

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  1. is anyone else a bit disappointed in the game performance with stuttering?

  2. 3080 12GB I7 12700K 32GB DDR4 3200Hz 3440 x 1440 resolution - 144hz stable on all max setting here

  3. In game with the FPS counter enabled, what's your average ping? Origin application setting, you can enable FPS counter in the last tab, under overlays.

  4. Screenshots and contact ACCC. Probably nothing will happen, but price jacking is illegal.

  5. Yep, this might fly in other countries, but it's 100% illegal in Australia. Only if they actually put them on special within an unreasonable period though.

  6. And can blackmail the queen as he can say she ordered me to do it, which is what he was insinuating to her, that he'll want something from her in return in the future for doing "her" dirty work. When the reality is, it's 'his dirty work'. Not sure anything else needed to be explained, it was all made very clear in the episode. He's a manipulative power hungry cunt, who would kill his own family if it means he can gain more power. So much so, he doesn't even give a fuck about family name (his father & brother) or legacy (having 'Strong' kids of his own) like Tywin did for example in GOT. Kind of fucked in a GOT sort of way, that a cripple kills the "Strong" family.

  7. Here's a higher resolution version I made of that one with AI Upscaling:

  8. Title should have been: "Xqc astonished by how well this YouTube streamer gives head".

  9. I was suspecting he's Sauron all the way until this episode. There's no way after episode 5 do we still think he's Sauron, right? (and please, if he's Sauron in the leaks, no one confirm that here, I don't want to know anything from the leak).

  10. Didn't Sauron have a 500 year repentant period before deciding to begin forging the rings? Gil Galad tells Galadriel she may awaken the evil she seeks to defeat. Maybe he was just trying to go back to crafting before she pulls him back to war.

  11. Interesting, I'm open to all possibilities. I'm trying to avoid the leaks too.

  12. Fuck I paid 2700 for my 3080ti on release night and now, not only is it in stock but 1499.

  13. RTX 3090 was for $1499 yesterday on OzBargain, large stock as well, took a while to sell out.

  14. $4K with or without a monitor? If without, what resolution and what monitor are you currently running?

  15. I have both and here's what I think:

  16. There are many art pieces I have seen of this moment, a quick search and I found this one you might like:

  17. Yes 100% return it. This will only get worse with time too and it's already at an unacceptable level. Definitely return it.

  18. Came here to see if anyone else is feeling this way.

  19. It seems a lot of people have lost touch with reality, especially these companies. The RTX 4090 in Australia costs $3000 MSRP and the RTX 4080 16GB Model costs $2250 MSRP. I don't know how else to say this, but that is insanely ridiculous. They will 100% sell out, do not get me wrong, but long gone are the days where ordinary working people and those living on a tight budget can afford a new decent PC gaming setup when technologies are first released. A decade ago, this was a reality, two decades ago, the same.

  20. It was never a reality where people on a tight budget could afford top of the line PC hardware. That is exactly what the 4090 and 4080 are, top of the line. We can all agree they are absurdly expensive, but don't make up bullshit. People on budgets have ALWAYS went for the 60 and 70 tier of cards.

  21. You are talking out of your ass. I was a university student, living on welfare a decade and a half ago, and up until around 2015, it would have taken anyone in that same scenario a few months to save up an extra $2K to $2.5K to buy pretty much a top-of-the-line GPU combined with decent hardware. Good luck doing that these days with the cost of living there is no such thing as "saving" anymore for the teenagers & young adults growing up now. And those who are single, study and work 5 days a week won't even be able to buy a decent PC to enjoy the fucking weekend (if this is their main hobby) because of these ridiculous prices. Instead, they have to pray whatever used GPU they're buying is going to work with no warranty, or hope they can catch an RTX 3070 for example at the end of its cycle on a discount (before it runs out in 5 minutes wherever it drops on special).

  22. In its price category, no. Given you can get the HD6XX much cheaper than the HD600. HD58X is an even better value.

  23. Do not get the gaming chairs. Officeworks has some of the best office chairs in Australia. Look at the warranty difference between the first chair (office) and the second (gaming).

  24. I take a LOT of screenshots every day. Using the buttons isn't a great way to do it, as they'll wear out over time and you'll end up with with button issues.

  25. Thank you! I really appreciate it, and if you or anything other of you you amazing Redditors know a way to get it to them I would be forever grateful! I am new to Reddit and do not have a Twitter handle. (Lame I know lol)

  26. Cool. I retweet it. Would be great if he had a website , blog, or social media handle so if they did want to reply, they would haven't to go through hoops, just a direct connect. But i's good, so maybe ...

  27. He does have reddit. And I believe some of the actors, and maybe even Vince, have done AMA's on reddit in the past. So they can get in contact that way too.

  28. Just in America, and just on HBO I believe. This doesn't even count the insane number of international audiences + the ones that sail the high sees.

  29. It really isn't, I use nVidia Optical Flow with my RTX 2070 for motion interpolation in videos, and the artifacts are still present and horrible in many scenarios. I know for a fact it improved in the 3000 series, but wasn't enough of a jump for me to upgrade. The technology is amazing and basically does motion interpolation with 1% CPU usage, which is a massive upgrade over traditional methods that were heavily CPU based.

  30. I can see it, this crazy month ending with Twitch being banned in China. Buddha on LSF 😂 and the meme of it all starting because Buddha watched Iron Man. Haha

  31. Men are weak. It is because of men the gamba survives. I was there. I was there 3000 years ago ... when Train took the Gamba. I was there the day the strength of men failed. I led Train into the heart of Mount Crypto, where the Gamba was forged, the one place It could be destroyed! It should have ended that day, but Gamba was allowed to endure.

  32. Just follow a few regular live commenters and you will figure out what's going on. Or just watch destiny as he had both on screen

  33. I just want to know, how the fuck did I go to sleep for a few hours and wake up to an even bigger shit show! What is this month lol

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