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  1. Nice tree, but the grouting on that wall is something else...

  2. My favorite part is the little sprig growing out of the bottom right corner wall cleavage.

  3. I’m thinking of getting reptile antiseptic just to have on hand, are there any brands/particular types that are better in your opinion?

  4. Get some unpasteurized manuka honey, it's annoyingly expensive but lasts forever and has both antibacterial and pro-healing properties.

  5. I use a dremel to file back Biscotti’s nails. I tried clipping them but it was so hard to see them, so I started using a dremel (even though she has slate in her enclosure) when they look a bit long and it works like a dream and she’s so good about it. My sister holds her and I hold each tiny finger to do it. Super quick and easy.

  6. Genius move with the beautyberry, winter color is so hard to find.

  7. I understand!! My home has hundreds of American beauty bushes growing between 1.2 to 2m tall and winter is always gorgeous because all the plants defoliate and we just have walls of purple berries. I once garnished a poached egg with the berries; not very flavorful but so pretty! I hope we’ll see it again when it’s repotted!

  8. Japanese beautyberry (Callicarpa japonica) has smaller leaves and internodes than the American variety (Callicarpa americana).

  9. Doug fir is my family's xmas tree variety of choice, haha. It might be too warm for them to grow in my yard, but I think a coast would be worth a try! Thanks.

  10. sorry i was thinking of dwarf alberta spruce when i made this comment. they are great for bonsai, but need a lot of fungicide

  11. I'm not sure what kind of dwarf spruce I've encountered, but now that it's xmas tree season I'll check out the potted trees. Do they tend to spread their fungal issues to other trees, or is it something individual trees can struggle with?

  12. OMG the way she tried to sneak attack from the side😂😂😂

  13. I will put it somewhere ans eventually she will use it. She hates when something is my Idea.

  14. One day you'll walk in and she'll look up from the couch like "oh hey nerd, come to admire my lounging?"

  15. Beautiful wood and looks like a really clean lathe job! Those dimensions could be used for a small semi-cascade, does it have a drain hole and/or wire holes on the bottom? Bonsai can't be cultivated in a slip-pot situation, the roots would rot.

  16. My boy is so bougie, he prefers to hold it and use his spa (human footbath). The few times he's pooped in the tank it was right at the front, like he was waiting but got impatient.

  17. It depends who you ask. Some say yes, others say no. Both produce prize winning trees which are healthy.

  18. Some people say yes and some people say no, and I'm inclined to agree with them.

  19. Same story lol. If I didn’t care about missing out on the vending area I think the second day is probably best. Less crowded, get a better chance to talk to the artists more extensively.

  20. If you showed Boon’s tree with Sheron you might have broke Reddit lol. I’ve never seen something so untraditional at a show that was endearing to my super traditional heart.

  21. I thought it was so fun, and so empowering to see there's room for silliness and fun among these seriously spectacular trees. You've got these massive and skillfully managed trees by people like Randy Knight and Ryan Neil, and then an equally influential artist like Boon presents a tree at the same caliber but with a fantasy twist in the accent. I didn't take a picture of the accent but I'm pretty sure it's

  22. I have the wonderful luck of living near Bills house/nursery ... Amazing man with amazing trees

  23. Oh that is lucky, it must feel like going to church when you step into that garden!

  24. Here's a close up of the timeline card that's laying on the table

  25. Suspected impactation, then brumation but the vet confirmed he was running rampant with an infection. Vet intervention was unable to turn it around.

  26. Anecdotally I've found the best medicine for a lizard-shaped hole my heart is to immediately find another puzzle piece to make me whole again. Not to say I don't honor and respect their memories and go through a grieving process, especially because their little souls are so individual and their lives are never ever long enough. It's just in my experience grief is what love turns into when it doesn't have a home, so finding a new home to direct my love eases the pain.

  27. Oh 100%, I was just speaking for me but I definitely understand everyone grieves differently and how it's an enormous comfort 🙏

  28. For sure, and it's important to grieve in your own way and listen to your heart if and when its ready. I hope you find comfort in knowing you did everything you could for your boy and gave him the best possible life with the time that he had.

  29. That's really cool, do they like the running wheel?

  30. Is this Motifa of TikTok fame? Girlfriend of sweet boy Linus (RIP)?

  31. She's just a sweepy gorl who would like you to keep it down please.

  32. These little bonsai bring me so much joy, especially when they have such fun leaves!

  33. When it starts to look like a real size tree , but that mean I don’t own any bonsai :(

  34. My best looking trees are the ones I've done the least work on. My collection is coming along but there's a definite difference between what I've made and what I've bought. Hoping to eventually close that gap.

  35. When you get to the point where you can see flaws in the trees sold as bonsai, you move toward being able to be critical of your own trees and eventually will produce better.

  36. Reminds me of a random piece of advice I heard at a demo, the presenter's teacher was a nursery owner and made sure to always leave at least one flaw on each tree so that a buyer can easily envision cutting that part off and making the tree their "own."

  37. Scrolled too fast, thought boulder was a boner lol

  38. An old bonsai practitioner from California once told me “Ryan Neil has nose up in air”

  39. I'm curious about the full context of that comment, and what that practitioner thought he should do differently. Like is that saying he has a big ego or thinks his trees are better than they are, or that he has his head in the clouds, or what?

  40. Where can I see more of the 13th one? Is it considered a bonsai? I love how it looks, I'm also wondering if it's easier to pit in place/maintain than a bonsai?

  41. That is actually one of the parallel arts that is displayed with bonsai, in English it's called an accent plant, companion plant, or complementary planting, and in Japanese it would be considered a kusamono ("grass-thing") or shitakusa ("under-grass").

  42. Beautiful tree, I love the way these smell when you pinch the foliage.

  43. Guessing you have one too? I’m still new to redwoods; would you mind explaining what pinching is and does for them? I’ve heard someone mention it but couldn’t understand what they meant .

  44. Sure! Pinching is actually something you don't need to worry about until you're in the final development stages to define "tertiary" growth, so after you've established the primary design components of trunk line and main branches coming off the trunk and the secondary branches which create the canopy structure. Tertiary growth is where you want to build "ramification" or the rapidly increasing number of branchlets and needles that fill in the canopy and final silhouette. Pinching is mechanically different in redwoods as opposed to decandling pines or pinching maples, but basically you take a feathery leaflet while its still tender and pull half of it off. Fingernails are helpful for this, you could use shears but it's pretty satisfying to do it by hand.

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