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  1. On coinbase it still shows as 1 billion but they don't keep exact numbers. Regardless this has tanked so much and the dev team is inactive I'm not sure they are still even working on ASM 2.0.

  2. Appreciate the enthusiasm and I'm a long term holder but I don't think any of what you said is true at all. There's no scientists nor anyone with any ties to the space industry involved. Where are you getting this from?

  3. its all over the internet brah and its part of everything. robo inu. read the white paper. nasa is good for our shill. ppl star hereing about nasa doantions then theyll wnat to load there bags big time. read the whitepaper again! ms vy ran satiama so she also has track record for this sort of thing.

  4. It's not the same dev team from the whitepaper. The original team is gone.

  5. stop encouraging, brah. devs will be along to delete post soon i hope.

  6. No. Why would they delete a post asking how to sell? It's his/her money they can do whatever they want with it

  7. all these sellers are wreckin us or havnt you noticed. massive sells over the last few weeks and its gettin worse. you even been payin attention. devs need to step up the game and get rid of all fud posts and imposse a big sell tax. paperhands are gonna take us all down otherwise. all markets are down and no matter how stong our products and wallets our, they wont survive paperhand fudders! lock it down asap. ms vy need to make the hard decicions.

  8. There's already a 10% sales tax which is huge. If you truly believe it will take off in the future it shouldn't matter if people exit now. Restricting any sales is a real quick way to make everyone leave.

  9. Yeah but that guy put his own money into multiple marketing campaigns on fiverr. He did a lot more than most of us did for rbif so I understand his frustration. As for a 300k buy I'll believe it when I see it. You certainly don't announce it on the internet to a bunch of people looking for exit liquidity either. I'd rather see 3000 people buy $100 worth. I been in crypto a while like most of you and have won some and lost some. I will say that every single one I lost was because of a lack of marketing and updates to potential buyers. Isolating yourself in a telegram bubble and abandoning reddit is a bad look.

  10. Sign me up chief. I've been meaning to give my employees a 90% pay cut and this way they can't blame me.

  11. To be clear I'm not singling out rbif...I'm just saying paying your employees in crypto right now would be ridiculous. They need food and rent money. I've added a few trill here and there on these extended dip vacations as well

  12. Definitely a lot of good points in the article and that sentiment is true. The only thing not playing out as they outline is that way more new crypto are being launched every day than ever before. About 200 new coins/tokens every month and 3000 new tokens since rbif first launched. That's why old trends (by old I mean less than a year ago) are so hard to pick back up after a bear market. People write it off as insignificant but not 1 new token has launched with an "inu" name in that time. I personally believe it's a huge hurdle to success and has cost thousands of potential holders. In my many shill efforts not 1 person has questioned the wallet, the roadmap, or the vision. They simply can't get past an Inu token name to look into the real details. At this point where you can rewrite your own history in this economic "downtime " I'm not sure what purpose clinging to an old trend will serve.

  13. Nothing we can do except hold and hope for the best. Don't put all your hope into a wallet, products aren't necessarily a utility until they solve a problem that's been necessary to solve. Right now in this economy and with generally no universal acceptance of crypto as currency there's no demand for a wallet in the first place. It won't magically pump the price. You can tell family/friends/social media though. I do sincerely wish this wasn't an "inu" token though. I think all hope in the dog-meme token arena left in late 2021. A recession has barely started and can last a long time and the last thing you want is to try and pick up the pieces years later based off an obsolete trend. Still holding and hoping for the best though.

  14. Where does one purchase this ember so that I may degenerately gamble my money?

  15. It costs a lottttt of money to get yourself listed on coinbase. Some of these exchanges charge upwards of a million $ or more to list yourself. There's no money to do anything except list on other bitmart like exchanges which prompt .50 buys and .51 sells

  16. Cross border payments is just what every crypto does.. that’s like one of the main ‘selling points/use cases’ for all crypto currently. There's literally whole tokens and blockchains specifically for cross border payments. Why is this wallet so exciting, what can it do better than say XLM or XRP could do. There's thousands of tokens all trying to fill the same niche and for some reason the products always come after the tokens 🤔

  17. Excellent points but I think the only thing that moves the needle in crypto is hype or a nod from a famously wealthy person. Market is getting more saturated every day, over 200 new tokens/coins were launched in the last 14 days. I wish we knew more about the wallet to know if it's worth a 2nd thought or it will just get swallowed in a sea of other identical products.

  18. No I have not. It's been 3 months only. I haven't started PT yet but I can already tell the anatomy of my shoulder is totally different. It's real tight at all times. Maybe scar tissue idk.

  19. What does this mean lol watched the video and have no clue what the dude was talking about lol I am a retard most days

  20. Agreed bro. All we need is a million people to buy a million $ worth and we are rich! Why is this so hard??? (I understand your sarcasm)

  21. haha, well as much as I’d like to believe in myself - this is more about us as a whole. We keep expecting big burns… but really we should all be buying and holding long term.

  22. Projects that start as a joke or a memetoken that try to develop utility later on because it actually made unexpected gains will always crash in the long run because they were never designed with a true purpose in mind so they are working backwards to try to find something to develop that noone needs or asked for. Bone and leash serve no purpose because they don't even have a useful ecosystem to be used in. There are top tier web3 and metaverse companies who started with a goal or purpose that will dominate that space and so will their crypto. Crypto that is developed with a purpose will ultimately succeed. Every trend dies. That's life. Shib was and is a trendy thing mostly invested in by young kids with no patience and whales who bleed the retail investors for 3-5% gains. Eventually everyone will get sick of the pump and dump or actually come to their senses that a token that jumped 82 million % from atl to ath isn't going to gain much more value even in a bull market. Eventually an escalator has to lead somewhere it doesn't go up forever.

  23. The Algos being used are pretty cutting edge. This is an active research area. Did my undergrad project in this area!

  24. Maybe you'd be able to help me out understanding something then. How are the phases/amplitudes weighted if there are users located at 2 opposite ends of the antennas overall possible horizontal pattern? From answers I got elsewhere people say in 64t64r antenna all elements are used to generate the 2 beam layers but wouldn't the phase/amplitude requirements of these 2 users be completely different? The one all the way to the right needs constructive interference to the right and destructive to the left while the other user needs the exact opposite interference patterns so how can they both share the same rf channel/time slot like MU-MIMO/beamforming allows?

  25. If you're talking about mobile/cellular communications each users phone regularly transmits data to the tower with its "channel state information ". The tower radio's and processors use this signal received to determine the path a signal needs to take to reach the user

  26. Lmao You're gonna be 1 of many who lose everything by not taking profits when they could have. Do you know how hard it is for a coin to even 10x even in a bull market? Do you know how much harder it is for a coin that already did 1,000,000x in 10 months to do another 10x? It's like squeezing the rind of a lemon trying to get more juice to come out when it already got juiced.

  27. I think I see, so when people sell, the price goes down, and then other people (could even be some of the same people who sold) are then compelled to buy the dip because they see a better deal. This is why sharp increases in price usually have a quick fall in price shortly falling that and vice versa until the price consolidates, right?

  28. When a short squeeze happens a bunch of buys drives up the price. Obviously shorts only make money if the price goes down. Remember when you short in this space you don't own the crypto first, you have to buy it when you close out your position. So if we all squeeze them and the price goes up they get nervous they'll lose their shirts because they bet it would go down and now it's going up and they owe the difference. So they close out their position and have to purchase the lunc at the higher price which in turn creates more buying pressure driving the price up further

  29. That burn won't do anything for lunac either. 99.99% of both are bought and sold on tier 1 centralized exchanges who cannot implement any taxes on transactions. The burn is only for on-chain transactions so in shibs case it would only be on shib bought and sold on uniswap, shibaswap etc. Anything on crypto.com or coinbase or wherever won't be taxed which is pretty much where all the transactions occur.

  30. I was feeling froggy that cold day in December and used all my underwear money. Now my heads all scabbed from rubbing on the inside of my pants zipper and it burns to pee.

  31. I can't believe you used your undie hundies! True commitment to go crypto commando. Hopefully by this time next year you can afford many heavy duty, tough mudder nut huggers with your profits

  32. Ok…but ETH has gone up again to over $2k and RBIF does just keep on going down. Talking about putting energy into a new logo and a website is pretty discouraging. That shouldn’t be the priority. You just fired the devs because the wallet wasn’t up to your standard. What standard are those? Why do you need to start from scratch? Sorry, but hiring a graphic designer to make a pretty logo and reorganize the website is not what make me believe in this company. I didn’t invested thousands of dollars for that. Just because you keep the lights on for appearances doesn’t mean this could not be a slow rug pull which it definitely feels like it is.

  33. I understand your concerns but ETH was nearly $5k when the token launched in November. A small recovery to $1500 from $850 low is not enough to turn the market sentiment into a cash positive space. If any low cap tokens were making significant gains I'd agree but that's simply not the narrative right now. If the market were in a positive momentum and this token was doing poorly I would agree with your comments but the macro situation is far from over. Noone could have predicted the confluence of events that led to this current low crypto volume. You do have some valid concerns but that's the nature of investing in a new altcoin. It's a gamble.

  34. It will drastically reduce gas fees which HOPEFULLY encourages more people to use uniswap and stop waiting for exchange listings

  35. Ok prepared for downvotes....I was in a mild manic episode back in January. I was 100% certain for some reason RBIF would be the next big thing. I liked the mascot. Thought the idea was clever and I watched some Q&As from the developers.

  36. I wouldn't say you were manic. We were in a huge bull run back at the end of 2021 and dog themed tokens with large supplies seemed to be the next big thing. At the time it was a wise decision. I'm in the same boat having stars in my eyes back then and now probably wouldn't have invested anything even though I'm prepared to lose it all. I do hope this can be profitable but my expectations of dropping a few zeroes is really tapering off. And what can ya do about it anyway? Lol it's basically like you bought the hype of a low gas guzzling car and then 3 months later the world went all electric. Or buying that new iPhone and the realizing they came out with an even newer one 3 months later. Crypto trends rise and fall very fast. That's why I stated earlier there needs to bs a reconciliation between the shib copycat structure and the professional utility driven direction of the token. The foundation was built on a dead trend but the direction is good. Money won't flow into an identity crisis.

  37. How are so many of you retiring if we lose 2 zeroes? It's a lot of money but not enough to retire

  38. Good question. Unless they plan on living like a hermit you need at least 10 million after taxes to retire if you're between 20 and 40 now. I don't think anyone has invested 50k or more in this to date so I'd say maybe they're living very frugal

  39. Personally I don't think the wallet will have much if any effect. With such a small holder count and small social media followers count noone will even know it exists. Utility is more of a long bet with any crypto..there's no real broad market use cases yet for it so prices don't react to news anymore

  40. Why would a whale dump when we’re as low as we have been in many, many months? I get a whale selling when there’s a pop in the price, but your explanation doesn’t make sense to me unless they were investing their rent money. Buy high, sell low can’t be a whale’s strategy. Maybe once in a while, but you’re taking about consistent whale dumps.

  41. They dump when there's a slight increase to try and make their initial investment back and try to preserve some left over. Or it may be a sign the whales don't think this was worth their investment and are trying not to lose money and get their money bacm

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