1. Love the white one. Plannig on making an arctic theme for my next one as well

  2. This is a little off topic, but what do you guys think is the best gun vise to use?

  3. You should check out Swiss Arms. They make great optics if you're looking to buy once cry once

  4. Ritter and stark closed the doors in 2018, buyer beware. You probably won't find replacement parts unless they're second hand as well.

  5. The rifle keeps dropping in price and is now at 2k, with the unfired barrel it’s very tempting, esspecialy considering it’s 24 inches long and mine is 18.5 so I’m not getting the most out of my cartridge.

  6. Thank you for this. I've noticed a lot of talk about them in Norwegian forums and theyve been talked badly about and this might be the reason why.

  7. In your shooting skills is anything like the theme of your gun you can get a ckyepod and still miss. Good luck :)

  8. Unless they changed it, it was officialy called stormtrooper white on the MDT website so I was hoping it wouldn’t fly over everybodies head.

  9. Was in a hurry it seems haha, was a stormtrooper refrence, actually looking at a similar theme for my next custom. Love the white on it !

  10. The magazine is supposed to do that. Let's you know when you are out of ammo. You can push down the follower to close the bolt.

  11. I see, I thought it worked like that but watching videos I've seen people just slam the bolt shut to show how smooth it is and it didn't seem to impact them. The bullet "crashes" in the wall of the magazine and is just stuck there, have to give it a hard push to get it in. It's a norwegian .30-06 SPRG conversion so the COAL is a little longer.

  12. Yeah I have one out every week at least... but lately been playing with the 300blk trying to get a killer super/ sub load out of it... and topped the ai with a new nightforce... so played with that last week.. and then my dmr 6.5 stiller .had out for a moa steel match this last weekend...... and still trying to get the ar10 to work as good as I want it too

  13. You topped it with a new nightforce? that's out of character for you.

  14. What kind of rifle is it? Make / model?

  15. I commented an entire parts list on this post, it’s a ruger precision :)

  16. Thanks! I really have to start reading through the comments before I ask dumb questions

  17. I've only tried 1 suppressor and 1 muzzle brake, but from that little experience I can say that muzzle brakes definetly reduce felt recoil. But suppressor also reduses noise and flash. So for me mentally it felt like the suppressor had less recoil. Even tho the gun didn't move with the brake on.

  18. Credit cards? Cash? Vipps? Here in Norway we only use dried fish, livestock, honey and sexual favours.

  19. Wow, that's a really impressive shipping time considering you are in the US and they were on vacation. Took a little longer for mine and I live in the country right next to it haha

  20. Big oof. I really think the cross is a great concept, but with it being more expensive than just getting a Bergara and an MDT chassis, there really is no point in getting one

  21. The cross isn't a replacement for a HMR in a chassis, its a hunting gun. It's 2400+ here as well, not worth

  22. Makes me mad to see pond wasted like this. Could be a good pond for ducks. Hunting can make you better at shooting while under pressure. Camouflage. Etc.

  23. wooaaah, a lot of replies here thanks for all the help! will probably just end up borrowing or leasing a chronograph during load testing. Was hoping there was some easy magic way but as always there isn't. Thank for the help :-D

  24. That’s a sweet shooter, what caliber?

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