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  1. Newsom will finish what Biden started. If he gets in. He is a self entitled, insufferable, super progressive leftist that wants to close gas stations, push everybody towards electric vehicles. And much more. Be afraid, be very afraid. Don’t let him get anywhere near anything important

  2. What can you expect from a cognitively impaired, elitist, leftist, pedo with no morals

  3. No no no, worst president EVER in history. And his fails just keep on coming. Spectacular fails. Most recent being OK to drill in Venezuela for Chevron, but no drilling in United States.Super stupid.

  4. Iran hasn’t stayed off the rails, much. They just keep getting worse and worse. Ayatollahs should be banned.

  5. Like John Kerry taking private jets to lecture us on climate science.

  6. All the damn Dems in office are liars and emit thousands of tons of carbon. They should be forced to go to their house, take everything out of the house that uses oil or petroleum to be manufactured. They will be left with nothing, except for and leather. And that’ll get them beaten up by people in Seattle.

  7. Sure, if you have a cold or flu, a mask could prevent you blowing snot on someone. Germs are germs and they can get passed by sharing a cigarette. But a mask won't prevent airborne things the size of COVID

  8. Personally, I know 25 people who got the original shot, and three boosters. They all got covid. President and Fauci should be forced to make reparations to everybody. Including people who are/were fired for not having a shot. Fauci, payback given immediately.

  9. I saw a young family going for walk earlier this evening....adults and children were all masked up...STILL!!

  10. Stupid parents stupid stupid stupid. I bet they’re Happy about CRT too. People this stupid shouldn’t be allowed to have kids.

  11. Since she lies, like a rug, anybody else thinks she should be yank out of that office? I have been around Asians, all my life I think they’re fantastic. They work hard, they’re smart, they have close families, they’re everything that most people should aspire to.

  12. Does she not know that Trump got more Latino votes than any Republican ever? Being anti illegal aliens isn’t the same as being anti any group. Because she can’t hold more than one thought in her head dose not mean the rest of us can’t

  13. We have plenty of laws. We need the people in charge of prosecuting those crimes to do their jobs and the court system to do its job. The FBI is the enforcement arm of the Biden crime family and the DOJ is no better. Any new conservative President needs to fire everyone in the DOJ and the FBI until there are no supervisors left in either organization

  14. The president, doing something responsible? Bwa ha ha ha ha. I’ll bet he doesn’t even pick out his own tie and socks. He is being controlled just like a puppet. But he’s stupid and he talks. Makes him really dangerous.

  15. This goes so deep into world politics, it’s impossible to uncover. We have some hints though.

  16. Great idea!!!!!! Ok, liberals, you asked for it, they’ll be at your door. Pelosi who has a magnificent house with too many rooms, waters, who told the illegals to go home, they don’t have a home. Dianne Feinstein, the 88 year old from California that is incompetent, but keeps on going. Biden, he has at least one house. Send them there. Schumer, Omar, AOC, and the rest of the squad, they will be happy to take the people in they’ve been talking about. You asked for it, you got it.

  17. Has anybody ever had the passing thought that maybe this has some big money behind all the shootings? Like a plan. To get rid of guns. You have a shooting every day, what do you think will happen? Also it desensitizes the people to violence. And takes the option away to protect yourself.

  18. Check how recyclable they are. They have to dismantle them, and many of the components have poison in their composition.

  19. I’m going to throw up. That disgusting excuse for a man, and the way he treated his daughter. The way he looked at her when she was 10 or 11 and in a bathing suit? Just like a pedophile. He didn’t win an election, “they” stole it for him. All he had to do was disappear until the vote.

  20. I have been banned for so many comments. No appeal ever went thru, and I just make new accounts so I can talk crap. P.S. I refuse to delete any comment I make on Twitter.

  21. I haven't paid as much attention to the other one, but Pelosi acts like a little child every time I see her in any sort of media. She's one of the worst examples of what to look for in a lawmaker.

  22. She is the best at lying, showing off everything she has to people who are starving and dying. How the hell does she get reelected? She’s 82.

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