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  1. Russia still has many forces they can deploy. I'm afraid that matter of time will probably be several years.

  2. Russia does not have the personnel and material to keep up with the pace of Ukraine’s advance. If they wanted to be ahead of the game they would have needed to start conscription last April.

  3. The troops Russia sent in, were reservists. They actually have more that they can throw at it, they just have not yet. And I agree with you in a way, that they do not have the ability to fight well, that they will repeat the same mistakes once they get log jammed in roads once again, however, they will still have more fighting ability to execute than civilians may expect, but the military intelligence knows this. They are sending conscripts after having sent reservists, because they cannot yet send their better trained military in until a formal declaration of war is made. The active duty will roll in upon Kremlin propaganda, as to when, I am not sure.

  4. If Putin was so frustrated with Trump, he really shouldn’t have helped put him in power. The dude played himself.

  5. Possibly. In the past they've gotten away with threats. Be a lot easier to sue if they actually follow through and fire someone.

  6. This will definitely happen.

  7. We laugh at the absurdity, but this kind of propaganda does sink in if you constantly feed it to your domestic audience. I remember watching a video with interviews of Russia citizens on the streets after the western sanctions and a number of responses blamed it on russophobia and western jealously of Russia. There's a lot of people there who genuinely don't recognize they're the baddies.

  8. Maybe. They could be lying to the camera to not get in trouble.

  9. As an American that is a terrible alternative. Just make the votes to do critical things in the EU a majority rule, or super majority rule, decision instead of unanimous.

  10. I don’t know, y’all need to figure that out and get Hungary to the table.

  11. Well iirc there has been rumours that if Ukraine now “invades” these “Russian territories” they will use everything in their power, up to and including nukes

  12. Ukraine’s Armed Forces are already in those territories. They are basically moving borders over the soldiers.

  13. The annexation by refferendum is a carbon copy of Crimea, right down to Putin preparing his Friday speech.

  14. Okay yeah but then you said “nothing happened” and assumed that, like then, the only response in this situation will be more sanctions.

  15. The US has been giving weapons and training to Ukraine since years. They have only intensified since the beginning of the year. An air defence exists outside major cities in Ukraine already. The Ukrainians and Russian proxies have been fighting in the region since years. We will likely see the Ukrainians and Russians fight for years to come (think what Russia did in Syria) now directly instead of through proxies.

  16. That doesn’t make what you said correct, especially when you consider the scale, magnitude, and capability of the material that the west is giving to Ukraine and the man power that is committed to this effort. You are moving the goalposts.

  17. Start prosecuting unknown contacts inside territorial waters with deadly force.

  18. The pipelines run through international waters and were damaged at those points.

  19. DeSantis was talking a lot of shit, last week, for a governor of a state that is only 4 ft above sea level.

  20. There is no war in Ba Sing Se

  21. The problem with that, is that a nuclear strike against Ukraine will have disastrous implications for neighbouring nations. So, it's not far fetched that if that happens, Western nations might respond in kind.

  22. Western nations would not respond to a nuclear detonation in Ukraine with launching their own nukes.

  23. The Obama cabinet reasoned that it would be disastrous NOT to retaliate with nuclear weapons if Russia detonated a tactical nuke in Europe. A possible response included nuclear strikes in Belarus.

  24. That was concerning a nuclear attack on a NATO member in Europe, which is a given.

  25. Being a furry is a hobby. It has been around in its modern form since the 90s.

  26. I get it. But who's to say they don't let him rot even longer? Or permanently? Or decide they just can't help him after he trusted them.

  27. Do you really think Obama would do that?

  28. Yes they are, when it upsets the established status quo. Are obama and biden some kind of saints? They bombed the shot out of the middle east illegally.

  29. That is a disingenuous and ambiguous red herring, combined with an absurd absolute fallacy.

  30. It’s also optional. This would be a very wholesome program for those who want to take a gap year and do something to help people.

  31. Assuming full rationality. Humans are not fully rational beings and we must be wary of that fact.

  32. Their response in private to what the U.S. told them is key here.

  33. I didn’t misunderstand anything. The person I’m responding to said “the USA has pro a my toms Russia exactly what they would do” and guess what the 2nd paragraph in the article says… the USA has told Russia exactly what they would do…

  34. Yeah I see what I did now and amended my comment accordingly. My bad there.

  35. https://www.reddit.com/r/worldnews/comments/xnpu9t/biden_adviser_us_will_respond_decisively_if/ipuxyal/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf&context=3

  36. Oh yeah, they’re paying you a lot.

  37. There is an active and ongoing effort to give them exactly that and Americans overwhelmingly support it, but the GOP is the largest obstacle because they are assholes. They had to be shamed into providing healthcare for the burnpits bill.

  38. Bro did you not read the link? This is the U.S. state department. They describe exactly how they verify all of this and what ICBM/SLBM assets Russia has on that very page.

  39. No worries, my apologies for the forceful comment.

  40. No. He just doesn't have to review the classified documents he didn't want to see in the first place.

  41. Basically, the stuff trump is worried about is off to the races with the DoJ, and now he is stuck paying for a very expensive lawyer to go through his bathroom magazines.

  42. CNN in particular was spouting this position in many of their articles. It was fucking bullshit.

  43. Russia doesn’t have enough AWACS aircraft to support its fighter pilots.

  44. Absolutely. We need to use the full force of the Federal government to keep those migrants out of our blue cities.

  45. A conservative governor from a different state kidnapped migrants from a Democratic area in Texas and flew them to Democratic state in the Northeast, and bitched about Republicans/conservatives baring the brunt of the immigration issue.

  46. Isn't this for an FBI matter? Human trafficking, crossed borders, fraud, misuse of federal funds...?

  47. It would be both federal and state.

  48. That’s kinda random, haha. Australia is definitely not a popular vacation destination for Russians. It’s so remote, and expensive af.

  49. Ukraine probably picked up on a group of oligarchs trying to leverage their ability to travel there.

  50. That’s not proof of what you claimed (they were lied to). That’s just proof that they were offered and accepted a flight.

  51. What you’re asking threw me off cause a whole plane of people who are all saying they were told X is proof within itself.

  52. Forgive me for not believing attorneys representing them. But let’s say they are telling the truth. Who are these immigration officials? Are they representatives of the federal government? If so, how is that the fault of the state government that is providing them a flight ?

  53. Those federal officials would be in hot water for falsifying those documents. The state officials of Florida (DeSantis and any co conspirators directly running this effort) would be in hot water for not communicating to the migrants exactly where they were going and for transporting them across state lines to somewhere they didn’t explicitly agree to.

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