1. I could use some Viable high level gear that has no status perks altogether

  2. Great piece. Do you know if this has been published anywhere?

  3. I think the colored version has but I unfortunately cannot recall from which comic though. If I do recollect the source, I'll let you know.

  4. in the MCU? Yeah, that was one of my many issues with the Black Panther script

  5. Luke Cage Season 3 with the all the original developers of the show that was on Netflix

  6. Yea luke cage was so unfinished…. Besides daredevil and iron fist the rest were kind of like just done

  7. FACT. Honestly, Daredevil and Iron Fist had good enough conclusions but Luke Cage had a story to tell and was cut short, if Feige and friends won’t let the original team continue where they left off I’d rather Luke Cage just not be mentioned. I really don’t want a reboot. If the original development team is available and willing they should get the chance to finish what they started.

  8. There should be no recast. Gener- I’m sorry, secretary Ross 🙄 had his time.

  9. Feige and friends are trolls if they recast for a character that hardly even has a role in these movies anymore, where the actor being recast provided one of the best performances in a comic book movie EVER,

  10. I’ve been enjoying the series as a whole so far but does anyone else get the feeling that the final two episodes will seem rushed, with all the plot they’ve got left to fit in? Like, even in a 9-episode show it’ll still feel as rushed as the MCU’s usual 6-episode shows? Then again, I also got the same feeling with WandaVision

  11. Characters dying and being resurrected isn't some comic book rite of passage.

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