1. You will always be second place in everything in life, but you can never be first.

  2. Wouldn't I be first at being second in everything in life? I think you need to rework this ability >:/

  3. There's bound to be someone unfortunate enough to die being second at everything they did. You never know 🤔

  4. Civil war in the US (I believe) would be localized to urban areas or geographical areas where there are apposing political beliefs. There won’t be battle lines drawn, or large armies meeting to fight. It will look much like the riots of 2020 and 2021 but on much larger scales including urban firefights.

  5. I prefer NOT to prep for a specific scenario. From my perspective, there are only two options: 1 stay in a prepared location: 2 bug-out to a prepared location. Being mobile all of the time is not an option for me. As I see it, all scenarios require the same basic preparations.

  6. Yeah I sense that folks that can pick out the signals before a civil war occurs would be able to bug out to a different country before SHTF and that's probably one of the best things to do.

  7. What scares me more is actually never getting to learn the discoveries that have yet to be discovered like humanity traveling beyond Earth or making contact with other life forms. All I can do is guess what will happen, but not being around to witness that makes me depressed. The scary part of death is not knowing what could be...

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