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  1. There’s nothing secret about the media and reporters being liberal

  2. No shit, anyone who wants to argue that point is dumb or a liar.

  3. I thought that FOX news network is pretty big

  4. Compared to every other major network plus the major newspapers?

  5. I trust my stock brokerage's TOS because they are regulated.

  6. Firstly - no FTX wasn't subject to the same regulations as far as I know. They operate under different rules. Particularly their BAHAMAS BASED operation.

  7. To doubt that Grayscales Bitcoin Trust has the correct amount of Bitcoin when they are AGGRESSIVELY pursuing converting to an ETF is idiocy of mythic proportions.

  8. I'm not crazy about not being able to send it to a wallet once its purchased.

  9. The idea that Fidelity is going to steal your crypto is as dumb as the idea they'll steal your Bank of America stock in the Fidelity Mutual Fund company you own. Not accusing you of that, just making a point.

  10. The simpler solution is to keep client assets segregated in trust where people like SBF can't steal them.

  11. This was essentially what FTX spelled out in their TOS. It still didn’t happen.

  12. .. but it happens every day in the traditional investment world.

  13. I understand the concept of DCA. It works an asset is poised to keep going up long term. I can see how that would work for S&P500. I'm basically asking how do you know crypto as an asset would keep going up for DCA to work?

  14. Hey? If crypto isn't a success and goes to 0 you are DCAing into an asset that fails. My point is, if you are DCAing into crypto and it ultimately fails as an assets class you have no money left.

  15. I may not have been clear with my question. My apologies for that. Allow me to rephrase the question a little bit.

  16. I have no evidence that crypto will keep going.

  17. Wait and watch as people trying to spin this as “Beto is anti-crypto.”

  18. They for sure are — the Irish dude changing his name to appeal to voters in Texas is the lamest thing I’ve ever seen

  19. It's so funny that nobody calls him out for that.

  20. Yes, the actual Latino who doesn't use a Latino name. That's him.

  21. Small depositers might not even get anything in the end. I doubt there's any plans to make the customers whole again.

  22. Anyone with assets on deposit at FTX should consider their money lost.

  23. Learn what the different bankruptcy chapters mean.

  24. To be fair, Kevin always disclosed, “I am a paid spokesman for FTX,” whenever he talked about them so his promotion of ftx isn’t really scandalous at all.

  25. It's a bit more complex than that, he was an investor in the company.

  26. This is why he remains successful... because people much less smart than him don't realize he's actually smart. He is arrogant. He is obnoxious. He isn't dumb. Look at the deal that put him on the map. It was one of the worst deals in history and he was on the right side of it.

  27. The creditors can agree to wind it down if that is the best plan (which is what will happen).

  28. Unlike most 20 somethings in this sub, I know what I'm talking about.

  29. ... a topic that I care nothing of nor am I commenting on.

  30. We never would've thought that about some of the ones that went down the tubes tho

  31. Actually plenty of people realized Celsius was a piece of shit.

  32. I am sincerely looking forward to hearing the horror stories in self custody in a few years.

  33. FTX bankruptcy was about the issues in traditional finance. It had nothing to do with issues in crypto.

  34. SBF was a fraud and likely a criminal. He took client money. Not traditional finance.

  35. An exchange that works like any classic centralized traditional exchange is literally the definition of traditional finance.

  36. If you have money invested in Kevin's company you should exit asap?

  37. https://cointelegraph.com/news/independent-research-verifies-gbtc-s-633k-bitcoin-so-why-won-t-grayscale

  38. ... to surprise of nobody with an ability to think.

  39. Well yeah, it's all about appearances and convincing traditional finance guys things will be alright

  40. Entice them to deposit crypto into your CEX. Scam them off their deposited crypto and file for bankruptcy.

  41. This here is really the main piece of risk management any crypto investor needs.

  42. Not that I think there is a hope for FTX, but you might want to understand the various chapters of bankruptcy and what they mean.

  43. Why would you get back into exchanges at any point now?

  44. The same reason I have a bank account and a brokerage account. Self custody has it's own risks.

  45. It's a nightmare for those who chose to do business with FTX.

  46. They're still under chapter 11 so it makes sense.

  47. Almost like yield farming is being exposed as the risk laden shit show that it is.

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