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  1. I don't see why, usually large houses with a lot of land are on the outskirts of town where few people want to live.

  2. If the outskirts of town are undesirable to live, why do 3 bed detached houses there go for £250k+?

  3. Based on this thread so far, people who failed their GCSEs have done better than those who've been to university.

  4. If it's you waterering your lawn or washing your car Vs people having water to drink and wash in it's not exactly ethical to use the hosepipe.

  5. You actually think people are going to die from dehydration in the U.K.?

  6. Yes. Free handouts are generally meant to those in need. If I’m giving away a baby stroller for free, I expect it to go towards an impoverished family, not some guy who’s reselling it as part of his side hustle

  7. Aren't you of conscription age? Why are you leaving your country now?

  8. Every landlord (and company) that makes more than triple minimum wage from ownjng properties should have their assets seized and redistributed. There is no need for someone to have so many properties when they are in short demand and people can't afford to live anymore

  9. What does that even mean? Triple minimum wage is £30 give or take?

  10. Please get a cat from a rescue instead. People definitely get cats from rescues and these rescues are usually overflowing with animals. Please adopt, don’t shop.

  11. £35k is above the average salary! You will be comfortable…

  12. Just because most will end up with pennies through private pensions per month, does that mean if you are doing slightly better it means your doing good?

  13. It means they’re actually contributing so yeah they’re doing better than nothing.

  14. God forbid people have things that they like. For all we know he could be living in northern Scotland where it rains 90% of the time.

  15. So whilst other countries (especially those in Africa over the next few decades) continue building coal power plants, we as British citizens need to try and balance their emissions?!

  16. If our wages were unilaterally reduced to minimum wage every single driver would quit.

  17. What do you think about the people who rely on trains to get to work who will be affected by your actions?

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