1. I would legitimately love to see this episode. The B-plot, the cheesy twist, the random plot point meant only to gaslight morty, this is all of my favorite parts of Rick and morty. AS please hire this redditor! Or at least their subconscious!

  2. Sounds like DLC or sequel... Ohh..

  3. Nah Rory went to prison that's the real photo.

  4. The bitch known as Rory told Lucifer she's not his real daughter and Lucifer had to lie for the first time in his long ass life and say, "Game not only happened twice." Even though the show before season six made game night look like an regular thing.

  5. Luckily, or unluckily, depending on how you look at it, God wasn’t pissed at the Native Americans or the Chinese.

  6. Technically in the show they blamed the great floods on the goddess so God did no wrong here...

  7. She's responsible for some of the floods, but Lucifer did credit God with Noah's flood.

  8. Given that Rory acts like she's age ten while she's in her fifties... It's better that we didn't see Trixie or Charlie. Joe and Ildly would butcher their characters as well.

  9. I want a thing! Hope you've had a lovely day!

  10. Rick showing his true colors. XD. Hell it could have been avoided by having Mr. Meeseeks rinse the dishes every night. Lol.

  11. I was thinking the same thing then they killed off that Jerry. :( Shame was looking forward to a love hate relationship between the two... It would have been amazing.

  12. Either a very stupid move from Beth who is supposed to very smart or a dumb move from the writers....

  13. I guess watch the writers commentary? If they talk about how this was Beth's stupid move then we know it's Beth's idea if they talk about how they thought it was a great idea then we know it's the writers stupid move. If they never address it then we never know.

  14. Yeah I pretty much figured at the clone reveal at some point Beth would hook up with herself.....

  15. "Rory is a child-free woman who doesn't want kids to abandon." -Joe and Ildly probably.

  16. More victim blaming because they're afraid of putting God in the wrong.

  17. That is beyond offensive. Amid a sea of victim-blaming by the showrunners this is a particularly egregious example.

  18. The writers use, "self-actualization," as an excuse to blame the victim. "Oh, daddy threw you in hell to suffer? No you put yourself in hell for guilty over a rebellion in which nobody died and you wanted free will and that also damns human souls somehow."

  19. Option one bootstrap paradox and there is zero way the future can be changed. But with the way Rory blabs on about not wanting to change the future it becomes very clear she never wanted anything to change at all.

  20. Nope. I didn't. He becomes invulnerable again in season 5.

  21. I was so hoping for Lucifer to go just once to go, "Love you? Why would I love you? You don't exist yet and upon meeting me you tried to kill me. I have no reason to love you." But noo he's just groveling for her love the whole season.

  22. Me too. If anything he should have put her in her place.

  23. Some would still love him but not because of him but because Deckerstar would separate for their precious baby's sake, and there are people who are vehemently against the idea of old Chloe and young Lucifer. Apparently Chloe can only be with Lucifer when she looks young and beautiful. And they don't see anything wrong with that.

  24. Which is sad.. I was really looking forward to old lady shenanigans with her and her forever young hubby. It seems people think two people can only be together if they're both good looking or if Lucifer aged with her. So sad.

  25. Yikes I forgot about that. As if having a partner with a different job is deal breaker to them.

  26. It lasted for weeks! Weeks before they were separated for the rest of Chloe’s life while Lucifer was in hell for hundreds of thousands of years.

  27. Can you just imagine Rory flying down to hell to only find out her parents broke up and mom went right back to heaven to be with her dead family members?

  28. Seasons 1-2 with season 3 onwards they slowly but surely become less like characters and more like puppets for the show runners dropping IQ points along the way...

  29. No she’s his daughter. He loves her and trusts her. It’s a show about faith and fate after all.

  30. Unborn fetuses should never have a voice or say on how their raised...

  31. She’s not an unborn foetus. She’s not sending telepathic messages from the womb 🤣

  32. Yes she is an unborn fetus in their timeline the angry bitch they see before them is just one possible way their child could turn out. The piece of shit known as Rory stopped being a victim of anything when she coerced her father away.

  33. Well I was shipping Cronenberg Jerry with Space Beth … until that ending.

  34. Me too. That could've been epic if he left with Morty and Space Beth meet that Jerry.. T_T Of course they just had to not do that.

  35. On one of the later episodes when Lucifer still thought he was going to be God, he had a white board with a To-Do list. The first thing on it was "Visit Father Frank."

  36. That too list was an tease. :( I really wish the two could have met together again on screen.

  37. Yeah, you're right too. Fortunately, there are still people who love Trixie and make sure to include her and give her justice, as she deserves.

  38. Thankfully there is people making fics and art with Trixie making things right by her character. Joe and Ildly act like they regret making Trixie's character saddening.

  39. Because if good old dad put her in his path then her choice to have any type of feelings for him isn't her choice.

  40. I think my brain did do that. Funny thing was I fell asleep watching Monk that night. XD

  41. Lol.. well I watch a lot of shows from multiple eras and genres. I keep giving up on soap operas though too hard to keep track of.. Though I admit I know Dallas pretty well.

  42. I want Lucifer to meet the suicidal teddy bear for some reason.....

  43. That would be amazing! Gosh, I’d pay to see the look on his face. And he’d probably never be able to look at Trixie’s teddy bears the same way again.

  44. Go telling dad to never give them any type of sentience ever again.

  45. I like to imagine that, as a therapist, Linda refused to have anything to do with deliberately traumatising Rory, and that's why she's not all that involved in her life.

  46. Just imagine if Linda was in prison in the future because teenage Rory framed her something/thought it would be fun... Then again Rory is a known lier and Linda probably isn't in prison. Also yes I agree with your stance here any good doctor would refuse.

  47. They might have as well named season 6, "The Rory show," and it'd be accurate.

  48. As someone who has had petty failings rubbed in my face as an child it is terrible. I am genuinely glad others find it funny though.

  49. While I agree. I also just said I am genuinely glad others do find it funny. I love this show and I won't let one or two jokes I dislike stop me from rewatching. Also I do like it when others get enjoyment out of things I can't.

  50. I would have liked to see J.R and Boomhauer interact more. Honestly it would have been interesting if Boomhauer kept a distance from John because what he was doing with Nancy/to Dale. Or if there was ever a time where Nancy came on to Boomhauer and he shut her down. It might have interesting. Or alternatively would they have been friends?

  51. Joseph has an half-sister his exact age. So yes John was with other women aside Nancy. Lol. So whose to say he didn't get a couple of Sugar mamas while also dating Nancy?

  52. He felt guilty for wanting to kill Cain just as much Cain wanted to kill Able. But the real answer to this was just plot convenience as you see Lucifer can't bring him back to life if he was in heaven now can he?

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