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  1. I figured OP meant morally wrong, not legally wrong.

  2. However, at least in basically all human examples, legality is based on morality. So it’s safe to say that there would be moral grounding for whatever stance we’d take on human-alien relations.

  3. What is legal is affected by what is moral, the opposite is not true. Morality is not defined by what is legal

  4. I agree. But that means you can at least have a guess at morality by looking at legality.

  5. What’s the thing that kills me? That will have a huge impact on my answer

  6. Intercourse, probably, since you’ve never had it, according to your mother. (ツ)_/¯

  7. “No, their beliefs don’t matter, as long as they’re the same as mine.”

  8. Europe was actually hit less hard than Asia - during the black plague years, Europe's population went down 25% but its share of the world total population actually went up.

  9. I’d posit that anyone’s retelling of history would be centric to them and their ancestors. For example, I’m pretty sure Aztec history would be quite Meso-Americacentric.

  10. I always buy them boxes of assorted chocolates. It's a no brainer. All of them eat chocolate so its a gift that won't become a white elephant

  11. White elephant? You mean like ‘the elephant in the room’? Or is a White Elephant that concept of a gift that everyone keeps regifting because no one wants it?

  12. I think your call for admission applies to any ideologically radical group. Everyone’s pissed, if they’re not the ones making the rules. And when it’s them deciding who can speak and who can’t, then they’re fine with it.

  13. At this point you’re just eating a dry condimenty bun for free. Sure, it’s free calories, buts what’s the reason for it at that point? Just so you can eat flavored bread for free?

  14. If I fail I only pay $5? Sure why not, it would still be cheaper than any offer they have today. I’d probably decline the vegetables to give myself the best chance to win, in which case the logical choice would be the meatball marinara.

  15. The question is, “You just created your character and this is the opening prologue. You are now in the town square. What do you do?”

  16. I should’ve added /s. I have no idea what op’s intent is, and the post is completely barren of context.

  17. Voting is the adult equivalent of asking Santa what you want for Christmas. If you really think about it, both parties want someone to blame so they can't be accountable. Parties are in on it to provide you an illusion of choice when they both want to spend your money on bombing children or giving them gender changes

  18. “You can either vote for pro-potion proventus or anti-potion Irileth. Whiterun is free!”

  19. Definitely a viable hypothesis if they can survive the vacuum of space don't u think?

  20. I disagree; viruses and cockroaches can also survive the vacuum of space. As can tardigrades. I think it’s mildly fallacious to believe that because a species can survive something, that their ancestors did survive that thing at some point.

  21. The Book of Genesis and it ‘fruit of the Tree of the knowledge of good and evil’ with an angel and flaming sword to defend it always made me think along these lines.

  22. There’s definitely a correlation between human consciousness and psilocybin. We share 80% of our DNA with psilocybe cubensis.

  23. Work with the CIA towards destabilization because he probably has people in his own party trying to assassinate him.

  24. I wonder how well this would actually work. I imagine that you’d still be under heavy North Korean surveillance, so communication once inside the country would be arduous.

  25. On top of this, assuming that you’re a westerner, all those Korean officials would see you as filth, and the instant they no longer have to impress Kim, you’re dead.

  26. And then some of them at the bottom have absorbed all the oils and loose cheese flakes from the upper ones, so you get puffed oily goodness.

  27. yeah, politics dont work that way. you think you matter? none of the politicians who actually want to change things gets silenced or killed, the rest want to just hold their power. there are layers of facade within facade. and if you havent noticed it yet, yeah, YOU ARE DUMB.

  28. Politics is just away of making common folk feel like they have a voice.

  29. Clarification needed: am I still ‘mentally myself’ as I am now, just born to different parents all of a sudden?

  30. I think I’d rather be an average turkey. My life might not have been as great as the chad turkey’s was, but I’d rather be alive for longer. Knowing that everyone is slowly being taken isn’t enough of a deterrent to living longer.

  31. This. There would be something innately dehumanizing about selling my body to do sexual acts that make me uncomfortable, progressives be damned.

  32. I don’t think I love anyone. It’s been like this ever since I’ve been a child and was able to articulate to myself how I feel.

  33. Removed from your body and kept by him, even after death. As in you would no longer have a soul in life nor death. Whatever that may entail

  34. The problem with this is that you have to have a certain idea of the concept of a ‘soul’ for this to mean anything.

  35. Well thats the point of the question. This man cannot disprove nor prove what a soul is. He just uses the term and promises to pay you. Based on your beliefs, what would your answer be?

  36. Oh, I agree. I don’t want you to define it. I’m just articulating why I find this hypothetical to be a tough one for me, because I also struggle to nail down what I believe about that.

  37. Speaking as someone who battled suicidal ideation and depression since age 7.

  38. This implies that the only defining characteristic of the word ‘Dad’ is, “parent who identifies themselves as a man,” which is weirdly reductionist.

  39. It’s rare to find any negative comments about them either. Such an incredibly universally loved profession. Teachers and nurses aren’t even close.

  40. I think it’s because there’s something both concrete and immediate about what firefighters do.

  41. You literally brought this on yourself! You told us it happened ‘again’, and yet you expect us not to ask?! By making that comment you opened a door to the very discussion you claim to not desire.

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