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  1. No. If you need to rely on outside apps for real time pvp help you will never get good at it. Most pokemon only have a couple of optimal moves, for damage and coverage. For every common pokemon you'll need to internally memorise them, which comes through repetition, and costly mistakes to drive the point home.

  2. Well better keep going then. Your post makes it seem like you are done. Any raid will do, and use poke genie or other apps to host or join. You should want a guzzlord and celesteela for great league and this will be by far the easiest method.

  3. Keep all your great league level research rewards, you likely won't get another, and most have possibilities. Guzzlord is the big one as its actually good right now, and celesteela is flying cup meta.

  4. Still Kartana and by quite a lot, it is crazy good in pve, dominating the meta vs water and ground and only being beaten vs rock by meteor mash shadow metagross.

  5. Both have more utility though. Xurkitree is the best fairy attacker and second best grass, non shadow non mega. Kartana is a decent flying attacker and decent bug attacker (good for those hoopa raids). Even against ground, xurkitree is almost as good as roserade. Kartana is it's own meta, the way mewtwo is, but xurkitree has more utility and is very very good at its alternate roles.

  6. Mega alakazam is very useful right now. It's the top psychic attacker, the top fairy mega, the top fighting mega, and a good ghost mega for raids. Unfortunately three of its moves are legacy, and it needs them all for some of those roles. Without psychic it's significantly worse dps than espeon, with it it jumps ahead.

  7. Spark and discharge as top electric. Thunder shock and power whip as second best grass (v anything not ground). Thunder shock and dazzling gleam as best fairy (except v dragons where it's about 5th best).

  8. I wouldn't count on it. It's had its shiny and mega released, has has very good moves, and struggles in pvp despite fast charging snarl and cheap moves. There's a few moves that could offer something in pvp, not much if any improvement in pve, and plenty of unknowns. Body slam, psychic fangs, flame charge, overheat, and shadow ball. It could also learn charm or incinerate, but it doesn't have the bulk to make them work.

  9. Oh I had no idea they applied to legacy moves as well, thank you so much! Though now I'm wondering why anyone would elite TM an umbreon for a temp league XD

  10. Maybe they caught a really good iv one, and they could have been using it for a couple of months. Even if not it can be used forever afterwards in open league. This isn't a situation like genesect or tyranitar for ultra league Halloween cup, that have no use in open league.

  11. Mega salamence isn't in the game, so that simply didn't happen. Pokemon aren't mega state when defending gyms either. The 0cp thing is usually lag, showing you the drop in cp graphic after it's already applied the drop. It can be affected by the feeding of berries to restore health, though this needs to occur almost simultaneously to the application of the drop in cp.

  12. No. Just tag the possible pvp ones with a Scan tag, tag everything else, then delete any untagged !# pokemon.

  13. If you're only thinking of low level raids, then there isn't a noticable enough difference to care. There are few dragons that would appear in those raids and have dragon as their biggest weakness. The likes of dragonite, salamence, exeggutor, garchomp, altaria, and flygon, which are all double weak to ice, or hydreigon double weak to fairy. There isn't a proliferation of dragon moves available to most of them, so a lot of the time its other typed moves. Only a few differences matter. Eg, when garchomp or flygon use ground moves, charizard x suffers more.

  14. In the distant future, which is usually more than a few months.

  15. How can you even evolve it? I have 1 and like 30 candys for it bc I got 25 for a research and I get 25 more If i evolve it, but then I'm still missing 75 or do you get more after evolving it?

  16. You get another 25 in the next stage, then the 50 from this after another stage with none.

  17. That is 75 and we need 100. It is so lame of Niantic to not mention that we need to save 25 candies and not use all the extra candies we got for powering up the cosmoem.

  18. so they might as well have just given us the candy.

  19. Good thing it isn't the entire event then. It's part 8 of 10 stages, and a switch from the waiting screen.

  20. If you get good at it, your catch rate from legendary raids/wormholes will be 99%. The catch rate takes a massive jump if you at least start with great curveballs, and even better with excellent curveballs. You need to build a stockpile of golden razz through lower raids or over many legendary/wormholes to average a gain, then you'd have one for each of your 14 balls, though they aren't necessary.

  21. Question, what about swampert, with ground move for nihilego?

  22. Hydro cannon does a lot of heavy lifting as it has a poor attack stat overall. It's significantly behind golem in dps, but just behind it in ranking, about as good as alolan diglett or metagross (using earthquake).

  23. Would nihilego be duoable with a team of 6 lvl 30+ exadrills and best friends? Wanted to Duo it with a partner and we are not sure if we should invest more into out excadrills

  24. Yes, everything up there can duo it with best friend at level 30. Anything below golurk needs good relobby times. A good ground team is useful, so its worth the investment to level 40. Diversity helps for other bosses (eg heatran), so a couple of garchomp or rhyperior that can resist moves excadrill can't.

  25. Dumb question from a newbie: how do you get 100 cosmog candies? I got a cosmog from a quest I think, but only have 6 candies and haven't seen one since

  26. As long as you don't do something silly, like power it up, the time locked stage that unlocks on the 23rd will bring your total candy count up to 100+, enough to evolve cosmoem. You'll need to get a move on, as its stages 4, 5, 6, and 8 that give the candy from A Cosmic Companion.

  27. No. But if they want to evolve it during the event they're going to have to get a move on, as they're quite far behind.

  28. So in short: in terms of PVP we want Solgaleo for the Master league? Not really good for any other leagues?

  29. Given the moves, solgaleos best pvp use is with fire, and it's about as good as houndoom. Lunala is solidly behind mewtwo and hoopa unbound as a psychic type, but above everything else, like legacy alakazam, espeon, etc. It can be a better anti psychic than mewtwo, depending on typing, though that's not really much use these days outside megas and shadow mewtwo.

  30. Yes. It's already given 75, with 25 deducted for evolving to cosmeom. The next holding stage gives 50, for a total of 100 regardless of candy from catching or evolving. It'll take 100 to evolve it.

  31. Advertising the raid event on Sunday, with all the released ultra beasts returning.

  32. They're 1 star raids, they're usually not great. If you'd bothered to check the official list, it includes rockruff, which genie can't show as current and upcoming at the same time. Of course it isn't very useful either. Only one can't be shiny, and it's very useful in pvp, though not ideal stats from raids.

  33. You forgot xurkitree as a grass type. Better than zarude, only kartana is better, as long as it isn't ground. It even manages a comeback on the double weak to grass grounds, like swampert and rhyperior, with around roserade levels of damage. It's very versatile.

  34. Yeah, yeah, it's useless as a flying attacker. Level 30 staraptor > level 40 kartana.

  35. I never untie mine, I just slip them on. They do have laces, and they aren't loose. I just like the idea of laces, not the effort.

  36. Steelix isn't much good anyway, only for the buffs, though it is almost as good as mega gyarados here and much better than aggron. If you wanted ground moves you'd be better with aerodactyl or kangaskhan, or even beedrill. What about an alakazam, latios, latias, or blastoise, all with better dps than gyarados.

  37. A 10% buff isn't really significant enough for the difference in damage, especially as gyarados is already atrocious dps compared to the better counters. At level 30 excadrill, garchomp, rhyperior, landorus, and golurk can duo nihilego. Mega gyarados doesn't reach the same dps at any level. Excadrill would need to be level 15 to have worse dps than your level 44 mega aggron (level 20 for better dps than level 44 mega gyarados). This just isn't the fight to bring it for.

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