1. Quick clot isn’t a great option, if ems is needed they need to get all the little bits out, I use a special hemostatic gauze I got from 911 supply in Calgary, it’s light and has sciency stuff to make blood stop in it

  2. Agreed, and a guy’s gotta learn somehow. He doesn’t specifically say he’s going hunting as soon as he gets his internet answer. We can only give guidance on technique and hope dude does the right thing with the info. In this case, the right thing is experiment to see how it works and then practice what was learned to gain confidence in the field.

  3. I’ve been hunting for 22 years now. Not my first time. I recently started to want to shoot long range and practice and would like to hunt in the mountains next year and it is always windy there so would like a way to learn for wind age.

  4. if you want to use hold over for wind and elevation without using either knobs then you will want a recticle like termor 3 etc where there are hash mark for wind and elevation. This is what most of the guys that are shooting gongs at my club uses very quick once you get used it the busy recticle.

  5. Looks like that would work well for the range but to busy for a hunting application

  6. Doesn’t appear to be any code 881 or similar in the manual. Does it go through all the different startup codes when you switch it on?

  7. That’s what I am finding… and no just shows those numbers instantly

  8. Kinda like the other range hoods… mount the hood, do your connections, then put up the chimney. Curious where the exhaust will be going.

  9. I’m asking what the best way to match the angle of the roof to the vent line cover?

  10. Basically build a support box.So the box will mount to your ceiling joists. And the bottom you can level and mount the hood to that. Trim out the outside of the box however you want.

  11. Any pictures of this? I was thinking of just trying to match the roof angle and cut the hood vent cover

  12. Yes, I do. A fella that I mentored started his reloading venture with a press mounted to a bar stool. An office desk would be a vast improvement. I simply drilled a hole towards the back of the desk top and mounted the press on a 2x6. I can arc the press slightly and don't put holes in the work area of the desk. Granted, it doesn't make the press very secure when withdrawing the ram with stubborn cases, but I can hold it down when necessary.

  13. Definitely looking into this one now

  14. Thanks for the help so far everyone! I am looking at ordering the Lyman ultimate reloading system. Seems like really good value and it’s on sale. Just wondering what else I should all Order with it?

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