1. Peachtree City, AL or Newnan, GA. Plus you are near ATL airport

  2. Run away! That smell is horrible on international flights.

  3. Piggyback is what you’re looking for, but I don’t know anyone that does 80/20. More like 80/10/10.

  4. Hi all! I just bought a new house. Trying to find a cabinet door to replace the one in the picture. Has anyone seen anyone selling this design??

  5. I can actually relate to this one! I work in IT/Tech and flew once with a carry on stuffed with 10 iPads, an internet router, and 48 port network switch. I got a lot of funny looks at TSA, and they asked to swap a few of them for explosive residue. Other than that, no issues!

  6. I work in corporate investments. My arrival city does not know I am coming until I show up.

  7. I doubt they even check every single device nor check any electronics at all.

  8. I have never had delta check my electronics before. Lik

  9. I am traveling with delta. How many tablets (iPads) will TSA let me through with. I have about 12 I need to bring

  10. Why do you want to buy something you cannot afford?

  11. I can afford the payments on it. Just don’t wanna sell my other investments right now to free the cash up.

  12. Those people are already struggling financially, please don’t raise their rents

  13. No plans on it! I like stability and longevity renters. Just never bought a trailer park before. Lol

  14. Adobe CS for professional stuff (with a mixer and pro microphone) but encouraging use of Loom, Zoom, or anything at hand for more casual peer to peer sharing.

  15. That is what I read in a news article, call your dealer to confirm the details though.

  16. This answers my question perfectly!! Thank you so much. I guess in our case we need to file reports per location and then the HQ report which summarizes all of our employees. We thankfully do not have any other legal entities under our structure.

  17. We lump all of our under 50 locations under one report. Then each location over 50 as their own. Recommend using a third party.

  18. I have been impressed by these people. We have tripled in size in 6 years. They handle our AAP, EEO, and OFCCP reporting.

  19. https://thehill.com/homenews/administration/599678-biden-warns-of-food-shortage-from-russias-invasion-into-ukraine?amp

  20. Guess we gotta wait and see. Might get worse of the government passes the new proposed stimulus checks. Risking more price hikes as the government prints more paper. Elections are coming soon. Political parties will try and do something to reduce costs to win votes.

  21. Call a work place attorney. You could be eligible for a case since you were at a work place party if they did not cover lost wages and medical expenses.

  22. I can't really see the details, but I would wager it has something to do with your data object the Json/array.

  23. Here is the append to array variable information.

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