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  1. Russet are a main crop potato, as opposed to a new season potato, basically the major difference is starch levels, bew season are more firm, main crop or old potatoes are more starchy.

  2. Turn upside down whilst still warm, outside of the tin. Leave until cold, its easier to peel the pater off the brownie than brownie off the paper.

  3. Oh, be still my beating heart! I had forgotten that tarte tatin uses regular appples, and not cookers.

  4. Apple jelly, a wonderful apple flavour, that will hold through winter and spring, the Martha Stewart recipe is decent, just ignore the variety reccomdations.

  5. Also, allow the steak to rest before checking, a steak does continue to cook slightly whilst resting.

  6. Make sure all your steaks are cut to same thickness while you learn, a good 3/4 inch striploin is quite forgiving, 1 min either side on v hot pan, then turn down to medium and another 4 mins should do. As others have said, you can learn it by touch, there is a certain amount of give to each style, for medium rare, the center of the steak should feel like the space between your thumb and forefinger.

  7. No, John was a fan of Dadf#ad, and a friend of Nicks, they knew each other quite well.

  8. Oh, as someone who has cooked for a living, and is the cook at home, simply made, home cooking with decent ingredients, made for me by someone who cares.... Dang, beats anything. Simple starter, a small amount of a good pasta, black pepper, basil and olive oil. Main, a casserole, restaurants never do those.But but a good crusty bread as the side. Dessert? Leave a bit of time before dessert, even the fact that you can pause between courses is a big difference. Then tbh, if your partner drinks, go a well made Irish coffee.

  9. i count the days until my youngest child is an adult, added a couple of months so that will not associate it with my decision, then will leave my wife,, I started the count at 5922 days, 3635 left. I would never leave my kids without me. Legal system would mean that despite my being the at home parent, Mom would get custody, even though I have looked after my autistic son for the last 6 yrs.

  10. That seems extreamly draining, I can see the goodness in what you're doing for your kid but do you even live happy within the same house as her? You can't settle things outside of family court? :( I feel that you feel trapped

  11. We make our choices, my partner never experienced a 'normal' relationship, so is unable to be in one, I was lucky in my life with a great upbringing and above all want that for my kids. Small sacrifice from me is the biggest gift I can give them.

  12. 3/4 cook the noodles, then plunge into ice water, when cold, drain, lightly oil and put on a big tray for half an hr or so. Bring a kettle (dunno where tou are from, but everyone I know has an electric kettle) Boil kettle, pour over noodles, wait 2 mins, drain,serve.

  13. Don't stir it, make sure there is enough oil/fat when you start cooking, if an omelette with veg ingredients, cookk the, set aside then start the egg omelette, after a min or so add the veg back in, if there js only a small amount of egg on the base of the pan, there isn't enough structural integrity to maintain a flip.

  14. A proper spanish omelette would use about 3 tablespoons of finely chopped parsley.

  15. It is really simple to do, basically gently fry the garlic in real butter, add chopped sage, keep geat low enough not to burn the sage, when sage is crispy but not overdone throw the gnocchi in, toss a couple of times. Serve with a smug look.

  16. I would go sage butter noisette, either with our without a bit of crushed walnut. Basically it is butter browned with a touch if garlic, the sage and optional walnut.

  17. What grows together, goes together. Use whatever wine comes from the region of the dish you're making. Not as easy in America, but fairly straightforward with European cuisine.

  18. Exactly, dishes are regional, when you can, match the dish with the local produce.

  19. Most men have sisters, mothers, maybe daughters, women have to let all their men know that this is as big as it gets. My wife owns her body and life, as does every woman I have ever met. I wholeheartedly support any choice any individual makes personally for them.

  20. A definition-"Consent or agreement in spite of fact; indulgence." Oh indeed, when I am feeling indulgent in spite of fact I will give notice, didn't geel ut today. I quit. Yours etc...

  21. Dammit, the fish is cooked and not too dry, compliment that lady on the meal. No one gets things perfect first time.

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