1. Put some copper scales on my tenacious that were ever so slightly warped. When I first assembled it was just like yours. Tried all the usual tricks with zero improvement.

  2. Correct. Just go slow and remove it from the vice to check progress often as you go.

  3. I’m also assuming you’re talking about the gap, which doesn’t bother me. I’m more concerned with how the knife is when opened.

  4. Some may find it silly, but I hate the gap between the handle and tang on a folder. I am more concerned about things when open, but this one irks me. I had a CS one time that stayed in a hunting pack. It would constantly get hung up on other things stashed in there when I needed it, invariably in the dark.

  5. There is definitely a place for lighter knives of lighter construction. The K55K kitty knife and the higo are two good, inexpensive examples.

  6. Yeah, good points. And don't get me wrong, I'm not knocking those that just want to carry a 7oz., tall/thick bladed cutter/bludgeoning tool (see sheepdog XL for instance)'s just if I'm using a knife like that--being purely objective--what is that big slab of knife bringing to the table practically over much lighter options in 99% of people's use? I guess I have the luxury of living in a state where one can think about it objectively like this.

  7. A typical EDC for me is something like a Tenacious or a Grip. You know it's there, and it's no Higo, but it's not crazy big either.

  8. I'm not much on Benchmade. The tenacious is a fantastic user. I bought a LW blue s35vn version that covers a lot of ground for one knife. If spyderco could just do away with the no sharpening grind it would be almost perfect.

  9. I bought one of these, but really disliked the slickness and flexibility of the scales. The lack of tension in the cheapo pocket clip didn’t impress me either. I returned the knife. Glad you like yours, tho!

  10. That's valid. I do think though, people eyeing this class of knife (ultra-light super thin blade light-ish duty edc) ,shouldn't be dissuaded from it for the reasons you returned yours. I did pull the clip off and bend a little more tension into it, but it doesn't need much at 2.1 oz.

  11. Hate to say it but, a midline hollow grind on a what looks to be thicker stock will not be a smooth slicer. If he's taking suggestions move to a high flat grind. Class it up with a horizontal grind on the upper.

  12. Neither. OTFs are silly. IE Pocket jewelry. Benchmades are just meh except for the adamas or osborne.

  13. Not to push you away from the round (regardless of rifle platform), but I just don't get the point of it. I mean, what is the PRC getting you at a much higher cost to shoot and jump in recoil that Creedmoor is not adequate for?

  14. Trying. Outdoor ranges round these parts without an army of jambronis at them on the weekend are a unicorn. Holding out for some time on a weekday.

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