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  1. I don't even think level scaling is required. The game maps out an appropriate approach to the region using the quest descriptions and I think that's perfectly fine. Level scaling would have prevented me from going into a new area and having my starter piledrived by a Staravia and it's that kind of experience that can be enjoyable in an open game.

  2. I don't really think level scaling is required in Pokemon. For me I feel like wild Pokemon levels need to adjusted where you get lower levels immediately surrounding towns/paths and the further you get into the wilderness, the higher the levels get.

  3. This was a great post, I had a similar experience with metoprolol. I'm glad the mod let this one slide, this group has helped me tremendously, thanks for your story.

  4. Is there typically an issue with people talking about their experiences with certain medications? I get there's no asking for medical advice, but I feel like just mentioning an experience is fine.

  5. Wow, the newer scrap they offer looks really nice. I'm glad they got rid of the hammered metal appearance for these.

  6. Oh no…I’ve been saving up all year for the Falcon and this is so, so tempting. I’d still be $150 short, but this is a crazy good deal, right?

  7. I ended up going for when it was $679 back in June, so it seems this deal is fairly regular. Keep in mind, you have to add taxes into the cost as well, which was around $50 for me.

  8. For an officialy listened replica this is honestly fantastic. I used to mainly collect from third party sources. But paying for the hilt plus installs is just way too expensive. Force fx elite lightsabers are the way I go now. They get the job done for me. Can't wait for Lukes ROTJ lightsaber!

  9. That’s dope. Yeah it would make me so nervous putting some of the bigger ones up there haha.

  10. The U-wing has since been replaced by a smaller ship. Walked into my office one day and saw it in pieces on my desk.

  11. Oh noooo that’s my fear. I have so many Lego sets I haven’t built yet due to lack of space. I still have the whole second half of the hogwarts sets to build but I need a bigger room so I can have table in the middle

  12. And that was the crux of my problems. Limited space, but too many hobbies/collectibles (Funko, Lego, Model Kits, 3D printing, etc).

  13. Exact same issue here. Personally I'm waiting for the remaining pieces to release. If Mysterio is the only one that doesn't fit, I might see about modifying the base to make it fit. If others don't fit, then I'll probably just sell it. No use having a set that doesn't fit together.

  14. Guys this post is probably fake this is the dude that posted the 6 month collection pic for karma

  15. It should be a sub policy to remove or at least have the community down vote these types of posts unless a receipt is posted in the picture to verify the claim.

  16. We can't tell you any more than you can from the photo of this wire. It's possible it could be used, or its also possible that wire is part of a circuit that is already overloaded or meant to be a dedicated circuit.

  17. Would you say at a minimum I need to remove some of the foam to see about accessing the end of the wire. From there I can see if it's live/what circuit of the house it's attached to.

  18. I would try tracing the wire before you do anything else. Removing foam will likely show the wire going through the sill plate, which doesn't tell you anything.

  19. So this end of the wire is in my utility room in the basement. The breaker box, however is in the finished part of the basement. The wire goes up into the ceiling of the finished portion of basement and it looks like it's in the direction of the breaker box, but I'm not certain if it's connected or not.

  20. I think it woulda made more sense to have his first model a yellow lantern amd second model a green lantern (as most knew him as a yellow lantern and he was their founder). Him as a white lantern was hardly a blimp on the radar, so making that model at all left me puzzled. As cheap as his white lantern version is, I'd buy it and custom it into a yellow lantern for the time being. Who knows when they make one... Kyle as a white almost makes more sense then him as a green. He was pretty much the founding father of the white lantern corps.

  21. The only downside of the White Lantern Sinestro pop that makes it hard to do a Yellow Lantern custom: he's wearing a mask that he doesn't have when he's Yellow.

  22. Ahh you're right... I hadn't seen it in awhile and spaced the complete design. There's some cool custom yellow versions out there but it looks they all use the OG model and that's on the expensive piece for something that will surely come in time. Is it wrong of me to be even more annoyed there's a yellow lantern batman (and I think wonder woman) and not sinestro? lol like wtf.

  23. It's a valid annoyance. I used to be super annoyed when every DC announcement was another Batman variant. It pretty SD when there's 200+ Batman Pops and some big DC characters just have 1 or even none.

  24. Dang, you beat me to it. Was going to post my updated DC collection after a new shelf arrives tomorrow.

  25. I kinda wish that the raft was just a single layer of bamboo vs the 2 layers it currently is. A single layer would make it more raft-like I feel.

  26. I think it appears that way from above water but I could be wrong

  27. Yeah, top layer is above water and the bottom layer sits below. I like how it looks when you see the top layer on water, I just wish the bottom layer didn't exist so you could get the same effect when it's sitting on land.

  28. Do you mean out of the plastic case? You're not really supposed to be removed. They're actually attached to the case.

  29. So why are the boxes themselves so large? Are you supposed to put the comic book itself inside if you have it?

  30. Previously some individuals would display Pops with a corresponding comic book cover. Funko decided to capitalize on that and make "Comic Covers" which is artwork of a comic and a Pop that corresponds to the cover, all contained in a nice acrylic case.

  31. Is there any general information you can give about where you want the FiGPiN brand to go over the next 5 years? Either from a company goals standpoint or your personal goals for the company.

  32. Oh whoa! So that’s 365 in the second picture and 395 in the third?? 😮 or Vice versa?? 🤔🤔

  33. The one where it's not really glowing, the UV light was advertised as 395nm. The one that glows is advertised as 390-395nm...

  34. Hmmmm that’s really interesting. If the one that doesn’t glow much (the 2nd photo) was mislabeled and it is a 365 instead, or if my 365 is just not powerful enough to pick up selenium the same way, maybe I’m missing selenium pieces in my searches. I was planning on getting a 395 handheld regardless but this is definitely another reason to!! Thanks for the photos & insight!

  35. I know some people say take a break and that may help, but I'd recommend curating your collection. Get it down to 1 or 2 specific themes and create some nice displays around that theme. You can also create some restrictions such as 1 pop per character. Things like that really give a collection focus and at least for me reduces any stress/frustrations for collecting.

  36. That looks like an aladdin oil lamp. You can find an electric converted burner on ebay if you wanna put a blacklight in it. Otherwise it looks like it just needs a new mantle, and you should be able to burn it

  37. Yeah, I was thrilled to see it and even more so that the price was reasonable.

  38. Wow, that is nuts, 250°C must be cursed or something. Seeing it shifted and then go back to "normal" is not something I'd seen before (unless it didn't really shift but somehow put down a cold layer which did not adhere or something like that). Is the printer stock or do you have anything attached to the carriage, or maybe some fan ducts that are sagging?

  39. I wish I had a camera going when that temp tower printed since it's the most confusing thing I've seen come off the printer.

  40. Cool, so you have confirmed it is a shift in the Y (that was why I suggested rotating it 90° since the axis the shift was occurring in would have changed). Although you did not see the shift when running PLA, generally shifts are due to mechanical issues (wheels, belts, gears and steppers). I'm sure that is not news to you, but thought I'd mention it since it would still be worth going over those things.

  41. I'm not entirely sure if it's restricted to the y-axis. I have to print it diagonally, and to me it doesn't look like it's just a y-axis shift, but more x-y. I just originally meant that the shift changed with orientation, so it was relative to the part, not the printer.

  42. Just so you are aware, things like this are recently produced and aren't "vintage".

  43. So is this a homemade piece? I’ve seen others that are nearly identical.

  44. The thing about uranium glass and depression glass as a whole is that the items were made via molds. That's why on any piece you see, there's typically a seam going around the piece. That's where the two halves of a mold joined together. By having molds, pieces could be made quickly and identically.

  45. Oh that blue piece is wonderful! I don't have any blue in my collection yet.

  46. I believe the blue is manganese glass. That's why the green glow isn't super bright compared to the others. The blue is a great color though.

  47. It helps that I have a couple of rules when it comes to collecting pops. For example, I only get one pop per character and I only collect main or interesting characters.

  48. That's a big thing for me as well. When I originally started collecting I had no rules so I was picking up everything I was slightly familiar with. Now I have rules and it's a lot better now.

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