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  1. Luka back in his 40% from 3 form.

  2. I'm happy for the success that is, but it feels bad to me that the bad practices that resulted in 2077's release state are now reaping rewards in some way.

  3. They reaped the rewards on pre orders alone. Also CDPR just had their best third quarter in company history this year.

  4. Sometimes, I wonder how confident companies should be with pre-orders (pre-orders specifically, not pre-purchases). What would happen if a whole bunch of people pre-ordered a game, but never come actually buy the game when it arrives.

  5. They did no such things. There was no mass firings and they in fact opened a bunch of new studios.

  6. Man i played every Far Cry except 1 and never made it more then a few hours they just get boring so quick. Well except Far Cry 3 i made it to the second island there so i guess that makes it the best one.

  7. beating weak concacaf sides should not get you a better seed than beating legit African sides

  8. We were pot 4. Not like we could be seeded any worse.

  9. I dont know where the USA was but it was too high,

  10. Current Stewie and Brian are way better then their original versions.

  11. Wesker slowly got more and more ridiculous every single game until his whacky oneliners and DMC-like zooming were literally the only reason RE5 is consisted decent.

  12. RE5 is the best you nerd and its not just because of Wesker its because it has the best gameplay. Even looks wise it holds up really well.

  13. There are some people out there who actually like Kratos. Even if the writing was amazing i could still never get over that dogshit character design.

  14. According to your metric then Witcher should be either a multiplayer FPS or a creature-collecting JRPG

  15. Witcher 3 is either the best selling or top 2 for western RPGs. So sticking to that formula makes perfect sense.

  16. The player models are absolutely the thing that set it back. They looked dated even before it came out. Landscapes though, they nailed it.

  17. They looked better then Oblivion which was the biggest RPG at the time.

  18. Canadians really went "lets instigate football beef with a Balkan country whats the worst that could happen?".

  19. A house cat will absolutely fuck you up. Worse then most dogs.

  20. Good luck hitting a cat that can see you coming.

  21. Only americans would think corn on Pizza is weird.

  22. That's because a Pizza ain't American unless it's a Pepperoni Pizza, poured over with Sloppy Joe's, on a bed of Chicken Tenders and French Fries.

  23. To this day i dont know what pepperoni really is.

  24. Malenia was really shit. So was Sister Friede in that horrible DS3 DLC.

  25. Maybe if you didnt have to do each phase each time.

  26. I don't disagree, but it isn't bad. It is kinda like sliced bread. It has a uniform pleasantness that never really becomes too tiring or offensive, so it works as a game that can fill a lot of time and you can return to if nothing new is out. It reminds me of the commercialization of Garfield the cat comics.

  27. I played it again 4 days ago. It got boring 5h in.

  28. Luckily this is only in Germany a country thats pretty irrelevant in football these days.

  29. Oh, Berlin. What is Berlin? Berlin, as a city, brings nothing but shame to Germany on the international stage. When comparing Berlin with other European capitals such as London, Paris, Madrid and Amsterdam, any decent human’s face must blush in humiliation. Even small countries like Austria, Belgium or Switzerland have Vienna, Brussels and Zurich: presentable cities, complete with high standards of living. Germany gets punished with Berlin, capital of losers. In all the republic, Berlin is home to the largest number of arseholes by far. Deutsche Bahn, Bundestag, Air Berlin and Axel Springer are but a few examples of all the incompetent scum being kept here. Glorious times have long since passed, the city is face down in the dirt. Berliners are lazy sods to their very core. Traits that would, in any civilised culture, pass for nothing but laziness, rudeness, incompetence, dissocial personality disorder or idiocy, are taken by the Berliner and declared a way of life. That is why the Berliner harbours intense feelings of hatred for anyone who’s better than him in any way. Especially the all-around superior Southern Germany are a thorn in his side. He envies their success, and Munich makes the top on his list of hatred. That city is – and has! – everything that Berlin wants to be and have. Berliners take no interest in the fact that it is Munich that finances their dissolute lifestyle, in fact, they secretly believe that they have earned it. So instead of freeing themselves from their envious and resentful lethargy, instead of rolling up their sleeves and improve their city, they revel in their antisocial freeloading and praise their so-called global city. Culturally, Berliners are set up rather weakly, great works lie far back in history. Moreover, mispronouncing “g” as “j” is considered a great cultural feat. Advanced students have mastered ending each and every sentence with a “wa?”. The city’s culinary performance is second-rate. Here, a sausage made from glued-together, meaty odds and ends adorned with ketchup and curry powder is sold as a culinary masterpiece. Hardly any reasonable person would consider a bratwurst with ketchup a recipe, let alone the holy grail of culinary arts. Yet, in their magnanimity, the rest of the republic lets the Berliner keep his delusion, not wanting to amplify his inferiority complex. Economically, Berlin is an utter disaster, even the late GDR stood on more solid ground. The local economy is based around alternative blogs, something-something-media and, if universities are to be believed, gender studies. Disregarding his own bankruptcy, the Berliner treats himself to prestigious projects like the city palace and the airport – which, considering its inoperative nature, is likely an art installation. Moreover, the city houses all popular parties’ headquarters, who refrain from using “traitors” in their official names (Probably for marketing reasons). For the longest time, this “town’s” “mayor”, the jolly Wowibear, butchered anything he found left in a presentable state. Long story short: Berlin is Germany’s tiled coffee table. It is to Germany what Greece is to the European Union, and if it had open sewerage, it would be Germanys Romania. Berlin is a blemish, the abscess on the arse of the nation. Berlin is the uninvited party guest, who didn’t even bring any booze and wouldn’t even understand he’s not welcome if he had is teeth beaten out and got thrown down the stairs. Berlin is the Detroit of Germany and should be sold to Poland for 200 Złoty.

  30. Belgium is awful and Canada has some of the worst finishing i ever saw.

  31. Wow that's really bad. They don't even try to hide!?

  32. They literally just beat the shit out of them. Its what the EU is paying them for after all.

  33. Hardly the worst but pretty funny i played Skyrim a few days ago and in the Dawnguard DLC the big fancy Vampire Lords form main attack gets nerfed by like 80% if you bring Serana the main story companion for that DLC. Like the biggest selling point of the DLC gets massively nerfed if you use the character the whole story is based around. And its was never officially fixed with all the new versions.

  34. German players cover their mouths because of how shit they are.

  35. Going by their track record if From Soft wanted to make the multiplayer bad on purpose it would just be good on accident.

  36. I cant tell Matt Damon and Mark Wahlberg apart. Add short hair Leo into the mix and The Departed is straight up unwatchable for me.

  37. Dragon Ball. Cant say i am happy having to suffer through 84 years of Toyotaros manga before anything good gets made though.

  38. While Broly and Super Hero were great I do find it interesting that they've opted to make the manga continue on its own independent on the anime given its the adaptation this time around.

  39. Its also interesting because as far as i know the manga isnt selling too well. I mean its not doing bad but with an IP like Dragon Ball if you arent in the top 5 you are doing something seriously wrong.

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