1. I feel like it loses most of its character. Starts to look more like a corporate logo than a flag if you simplify it too much.

  2. I also worried about that while making this flag. I'll try to get both of simplicity and original characteristics at next time.

  3. You always goes above and beyond with your flags. A good construction sheet can really enhance a design. This looks amazing, aside from the shade of the bear; I think it would look better darker.

  4. Thank you for always liking my work! I'll try to the shade more darker or to use two colors to draw the bear.

  5. In 1999, Japanese government changed the design of their national flag Nissouki (or Hinomaru) as below, estabishing 'The Law Regarding the National Flag and National Anthem'.

  6. I made this flag by replacing the color scheme and a line of texts of original Brazilian flag with them of the flag of Espírito Santo, one of the states of Brazil. And additionally, I left only one star which represents the state from the national flag and enlarged it.

  7. The flag of Myanmar has a big white star and it's defined by a pentagon with a height equal to 2/3 of a width of the flag.

  8. Sometimes I review the flags I already made, and fix the details of what seemed to be defective to me.

  9. Inspired by Kente weaving, a traditional craft of Ewe people, the largest ethnic group of Western Togoland, I tried to make the flag more vibrant and unique.

  10. The sunburst flag is an Irish flag associated with early Irish nationalism and based on the Irish mythology. And Irish Republic flag is used at The Easter Rising in April 1916, which has the aim of establishing an independent Irish Republic against British rule. I made this combined flag being inspired by their correlation like that.

  11. Thanks for enjoying my work! Actually, I also made a construction sheet for the flag but couldn't posted it due to a file crash. Now I just restored and posted it so hope you like it, too.

  12. I was expecting something interesting but... Yep. These are quite underwhelming.

  13. The flag of Togo is quite interesting due to not only its simple and nice design with vibrant color scheme but also its aspect ratio which is an exact value of the golden ratio. Making this image, I added an information that would be needed to construct it.

  14. To me, most of maps can't be geometrically standardized so they don't seem to be good choice.

  15. To reduce numbers on the construction sheet, at first, I changed diameters of two circles consisting a sun symbol from 38 and 18 to 40 and 20, letting them to be concentric circles at the center of mass of a white triangle.

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