1. Hey I bought the DJI Osmo 3 a few years ago and it is a nice device. easy and stable. but i would buy the dji osmo 4 if i did it now ;)

  2. I've seen it mentioned somewhere in this sub maybe a week back. Fingers crossed it becomes available to all soon.

  3. Looks like the Expert raw update came with my oneui 5 update. Hopefully it comes for yours soon

  4. All of these wallpapers are FREE on my website with sizes for desktop, tablet, and phones (

  5. nice work!🙌 also post them on reddit of every month.

  6. Thank you! I stopped for a couple months as the stress some people give me here on Reddit was getting too much. People can be mean when you give them free things sadly

  7. that's right I also have a few but realize that there are also people who like it.

  8. I started playing back around mid S12, and have logged over 335 hours since then. I feel like I've really improved since Lv 100, So I hope 300 feels the same way 200 does... but even better!

  9. Bru I've been playing since season 2 and I'm still LV 250

  10. thanks :). i’m new to the app and have some late night insomnia. fun finding some hidden stuff

  11. buy a star tracker then you can open your lens longer and get more light in it.

  12. Am I the only one who doesn't like the wheels?

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