1. European here, all of the job postings I've seen so far have higher salaries than where I live.

  2. Because the economy since the 90s is in stagnation?

  3. Why has the japanese economy in stagnation since the 90s?

  4. Tags are extensions of play calls. "Run this play, but also do this," kind of thing.

  5. Thanks. What is the MOD in MEG/MOD?

  6. Instead of installing an entire new play it’s the same play but 1-3 players change their responsibility

  7. What's the definition of a power run?

  8. youtube nfl channel got some free games

  9. It's a twist stunt that #79 pulls out of, or they are assigned QB spy. They are not assigned to the RB, because you can see where his eyes are looking: At the QB, not the RB. He follows the QB's eyes, which then take him to the RB.

  10. Was he supposed to chase the RB like that? Or was he suppose to continue pass rushing? Or stay underneath, read QB and try to deflect the pass?

  11. It’s a horrible sub. Don’t even bother. They don’t want any educational content on football either. Nothing but toxic twitter keyboard warriors.

  12. Is throwing a ball more mechanics based than hitting homeruns? Because it seems like homeruns hitters are all big but some fast throwers can be smallish.

  13. are you rating these "not muscular" people on their looks, or the weights they lift? strong doesnt always mean muscular, and muscular doesnt always mean strong.

  14. Looks. But there is a correlation between strength and muscle size.

  15. some guys say their preschool

  16. You can leave the controller properties box opened to the capacity tab when editing to see how much memory gets used by various programming styles.

  17. damn. i shouldve just done that. thanks

  18. whoa. is this a real photo?

  19. The average NFL career only lasts 3 seasons, most players won’t even make it that long. First round picks are going to get a longer leash than other picks even if it seems like they’re a bust right away. Teams want to give them a shot to improve because you don’t want to accept that the pick was a waste.

  20. I wonder what the median is.

  21. I go to Gold's in a few Kansai cities and the thing that always stands out the most is everyone has fucking atrocious form on even the simplest movements, no matter where. It's absolutely shocking.

  22. Agreed. They should only mention the number of pass rushers when it's not four.

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