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  1. My top concern is the amount of time it took to restart the chain. Market conditions change in minutes or hours and we waited for days.

  2. Fund recovery was what took so long. Ensuring all users are whole again. A lot of data to comb thru and a lot of coordination and analysis done by validators.

  3. For all I know this is just a propaganda campaign aimed at siphoning funds. A team of just a few people could easily influence multiple media outlets to convince people they are legitimate. Too many people easily go along with these things because they don't have time to do the research and/or don't understand economics, thinking the funding doesn't cost them anything like it is somehow free.

  4. I assure you, the Osmosis team has done the vetting needed before asking Reverie if they would do this. They are very much capable and fit for this.

  5. oh yeah, im voting NO since id rather the ability to be presented a full briefing as to why a project deserves financing (with links) and then the 7 entities listed, can assist in their growth upon the communities approval

  6. I think the simple response to that is, get more involved with the process. Make your voice known, give good arguments and help build the logic that the protocol is driven by. While you may prefer to be apart of the process more, don't rely on others to bring the process to you. Osmosis resources are fantastic and getting better by the day, so dive deep and get more involved.

  7. After looking through the thread I'm left with these impressions:

  8. We have been exploring a grants program since October of last year, maybe longer. When the Commonwealth team heard what we were trying to accomplish they introduced us to Reverie. We did a deep dive and exploratory with them over the course of a couple months before deciding to ask them if they wanted to lead this program. They've got a unique skill set with handling a web3 program of this magnitude. Web3 grants is still fairly fresh and finding anyone with experience to handle it is tasking. Thankfully they accepted and here we are.

  9. Hey there, CertiK has done an audit for Osmosis but hasn't released its report. Since it is taking pretty long to release the reported audit is because since it is a Layer 1 DEX without smart contract protocols, it is harder to detect vulnerability.

  10. There's truth to this, security and modular nature are better on L1 because it calls modules to perform functions. Modules require consensus. Changing logic for consensus (adding or subtract modules) takes a major upgrade that has to pass through the governance module (God module). Smart contracts are very nimble in the sense they don't require major upgrades to the change in logic (everytime). It really depends on how much it takes to break the contract logic. You can alter logic for the OG outcome if the OG outcome is not detailed enough. Osmosis is mostly Cosmos SDK with a few added modules that really stand out, liquidity and SFS specifically. Cosmos SDK is the parent to Osmosis and most every other IBC enabled chain, even Binance and Crypro.org. Tendermint code is the blood in the veins for A LOT and has been audited plenty.

  11. I don't think the price will dump. OSMO has several pretty serious ways to continue to make high returns after the fact, (LPing, superfluid staking etc..) so I think that the vesting schedule might make the price increase as demand goes up and supply goes down. But we will have to see

  12. We have so much more in the pipeline, leverage and ION DAO are going to be the first things we see from CosmWasm integration. With Grants incoming we will see a lot more use's pop up.

  13. Do you think we will see order book functionality come to trading part of Osmosis?

  14. I know FET is aware of our grants program that Reverie is working on and preparing to apply so they can build out an order book like function they built for UNI.

  15. I suggest caution when using authz to grant others permissions to access your wallet.

  16. Just to clarify, Authz can actually access your wallet? My understanding was a hot wallet with seeds exposed is necessary to pay for gas. But validators, or users, have a separate wallet set up for that purpose. The only thing you’re authorizing your validator to do, is clam your rewards, and send them to your public address.

  17. Yes, after some internal checks we have confirmed it sends the right messages but it CAN be altered to steal funds. That's the problem. There is a possiblty malicious intent could arise, attack vector if you will.

  18. The fine folks at Commonwealth introduced us to Reverie after hearing we wanted a grants program. That was in 2021 and we asked Reverie if they would lead this, considering the qualifications they have. Web3 grants programs is still a bit of a fresh concept and they're one of the few equipped with the experience to accomplish it.

  19. Publicly going to withdraw support and take this back to the drawing board. Ive voted NO as the proposer and encourage everyone else to vote no or abstain. Thank you to everyone who has given constructive feedback. Hopefully moving forward we can find a way to get these groups adequate assistance in a meaningful way that can get approval from the community.

  20. You say disagreeing with how this is presented is ridiculing. What I hear from you is "trust us bro". In crypto that's what gets people fucked.

  21. Fully understood upon submission theres a real chance that this would recieve pushback and would be more then happy to take it back to the drawing board with constructive input. Breaching confidentiality agreements cant be done. Hard to see anything about "robbery" DAOs are trusted, we want them to have acess to adequate guidance.

  22. I’m in the same boat hahaha. At a work convention in Vegas trying to stay focused & active with this lol. So I’m realizing I’m rushing and leaving out some important points.

  23. Visit the TG/Reddit/Discord and you can see for yourself how qualified these people are. They all have admin titles. Its not a hypothetical anymore.

  24. Well done! You have my support! Keep up the amazing work. It wasnt that long ago that Worker Bee was raising concerns about the initial prop, he took the time to dive deeper and Im so glad he did. Happy to see him advance and hope to see another Worker Bee emerge.

  25. Whoa bud, those are pretty serious claims and being someone who works hands on with the community and the foundation I can tell you its completely fabricated. There are a dedicated group of individuals putting all they have into elevating Osmosis and everyone whos invested and are often overworked and under appreciated. Nobody is funneling money OUT of Osmosis. Most holdings are vested and anything done via governance has transparency. I get you are angry at "the man" and even empathize with that, its partly why I myself became so dedicated to this project. Learn more about how the mechanics of governance works and how things get done in the space and share in the opprotunities given to everyone. Conspiracy will not get us anywhere.

  26. Couple things because you seem wildly misinformed, understandably. 0 absolutely 0 of the members of Osmosis Support Lab and the Ministry of Marketing came together to form some mastermind plan to execute a "slush fund" or rob the community pool or however its being worded lately. Myself and another member of the foundation proposed this to some VERY DEDICATED and COMPETENT community members. They humbly accepted and have taken a lot of grief for that. Its not glamorous, its constant meetings and a struggle to consensus a lot of times but they are fulfilling their dedicated scope of work. They dont have "power" of much more than the funding voted to expedite the agenda theyve outlined multiple times in various forums. You can keep up with the various contributors here [ The Osmosis community is in need of a single resource to look to for community updates. We aim to provide that resource.

  27. Not a malicious prop at all. I think there's a trend of hyperbolic rhetoric in the community we could do without. The founder of Dig has relayed their intentions with DIG very clearly, before inception. Surely the props language could use some adjustment but not grounds for a malicious deceleration like this.

  28. I've asked Reverie to join us for Updates From the Lab next week and share thoughts on moving forward and field some questions from the community so if there are any questions, feel free to drop them to me and i'll bring them up on Wed.

  29. Hi! You're getting a question, probably too late, that I tried to post on commonwealth but I can't log in. Would be cool to see this a mentioned on the update from the lab:

  30. Hey, So we are planning a Reddit AMA for next week. Will announce some details soon. Tried to squeeze in some questions for you but i think you'll have an opprotunity to ask more.

  31. More than likely, this is one of the potential uses for Cosmwasm being integrated.

  32. 100% This is on the radar and roadmap, especially with Cosmwasm

  33. Would there ever be tokens for the DAO’s we have in osmosis cause the curve DAO has tokens I believe?

  34. I think when Cosmwasm makes it to osmosis we will see a lot more in DAO development

  35. True, I suppose I should say anyone has the opportunity to contribute to the code base. Obviously the devs dont want malicious contributions and need to vet incoming changes made.

  36. which would be pointless as they do battle in the US only, I believe.

  37. That's not true, they have working groups across Europe

  38. conversation is over. have you actually looked at the website? $700k... for real?

  39. Why is it over? Because you declare it so? I'm glad you put some legwork into looking at their site but I encourage you to let them show their case and provide you with their information on funding and what they have to offer before pulling out pitchforks.

  40. In actuality, that was a sample and not the current budget. It's retaliative to a set USD amount and translated into Osmo. For example, since the value of Osmo changed since the writing of the proposal what was 600 ended up being closer to 535 at payout.

  41. Yeah but they still have the control. So control is centralized with the teammembers of the dao, hence it is not a dao or decentralized autonomous organisation

  42. The idea is progressively get there. You cant flip a switch and have decentralized environments. You have to decentralize them. Now instead of dev team having to try and tackle this part of Osmosis, the community will. If you want to contribute and be apart of it you should be. This is the first step in fully decentralizing the protocol.

  43. What kind of control does the community have over these marketing dao's? I think none

  44. If you have an idea, pitch it to them. Its a way for the community to interact without having to ask the community pool everytime for small projects.

  45. Coinbase effect got nothing on the Osmosis effect

  46. Shameless plug, stake you BCNA with Analytic Dynamix!

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