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  1. Time to sell it haha

  2. Ironically you can only sell these with a heavy loss

  3. I don’t know much about it but I think Rai follows the ETH price but 10X less volatile or something.

  4. Almost. RAI is backed by Ethereum, but isn’t pegged to any asset

  5. Jesus christ these dudes seriously are just me but managing billions of dollars.

  6. tldr; ‘He was slugging around huge chunks of bitcoin’

  7. Still in awe that the Ethereum Merge has an actual date and its in less than a month

  8. Was the year ever mentioned in the date? 👀

  9. Ah great another bridge waiting to be drained by hackers/their creators

  10. “Only” banned on the front end. You can still interact with the smart contracts via mirror sites or directly if you’re tech savvy. But yeah its less than ideal and bad news overall

  11. Lmao don’t challenge the lunatics. Gas is expensive. I doubt satan can afford heating for the entirety of hell.

  12. Satan doesn’t worry about rising energy prices. He just puts on ETH maxi and one BTC maxi in the same room. The sheer amount of anger that results from that is enough to heat over a thousand hells

  13. You can transfer btc out of revolut to where you want. But only btc and just for UK customers as far as i know.

  14. Do they actually have crypto reserves besides Bitcoin?

  15. Wasn’t Revolut one of the shittiest exchanges ever?

  16. Not at all. Imagine having your crypto be insured and capital you can borrow against.

  17. You can already do that in DeFi without the need for banks

  18. Linkedin is even worse than Facebook. The way algorithm designs have led users to come up with cringe worthy content, which has nothing to do with professional development.

  19. Ive seen people post conspiracy theories on LinkedIn 😑

  20. Stephen Diehl sounds like the guy who put all his money on Dogelonbabyinu coin, lost all of his money, and is now a permanent poster on

  21. Crypto lotteries? No thanks, I’m more comfortable losing money the regular way.

  22. Wow wie had dat gedacht. Ik sla echt helemaal stijl achterover.

  23. There are always better options. You can provide concentrated liquidity on Uniswap V3 resulting in very high APYs, granted you keep adjusting your liquidity bounds frequently.

  24. They basically will put anyone on a naughty list that interacted with an Ethereum app that made your eth stash anonymous. I.e. launding money, but on the Ethereum blockchain. This application is called Tornado cash, and any walled associated with it is flagged.

  25. Banning software is a great approach if you want to expel smart people from your country

  26. META is basically done. The metaverse is their last chance but they will probably fail there too.

  27. Meta owns a lot more than you think it does. Its far from being done

  28. Hoeveel procent van het wappiebrein is smegma?

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