1. If you're still wondering, the song is 'Far Away' by Knacker

  2. That's like 5000 calories lol but I would destroy it if I was wasted

  3. 6 days from now your cravings will not be anywhere near as intense as they are right now for you, trust me. I would make a Playlist of motivational songs, if you can listen to music on an app like spotify in your car. Or, buy a bunch of cds if you have an older car, of bands/artists that you love.

  4. Yeah someone did it to me once a few years ago and I've saved it ever since. It shows up every now and then here, I finally got to use it lol

  5. Maybe if you got the "special" cocktails I could see it. Maybe that's what you were talking about in the first place haha. But like those "dollar" margaritas they had a while back had a comically low amount of bottom shelf tequila in them youd need like 6 just to even feel buzzed

  6. Hey man 6 bucks for 6 margaritas sounds like the start of a great night lol

  7. There is a channel that uploaded a bunch of his deleted videos, it's on there with a ton of other classics. He even deleted his staying in Compton for 24 hours video

  8. I haven’t watched his video in a while. Is he not like this anymore?

  9. I use quit tracker. I like it cause when you shake your phone a motivational quote pops up lol

  10. I prefer edibles now, you get way higher but it takes a while to kick in.

  11. "Danny Mullen is just a pussy and his new podcast sledgelords sucks ass"

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