1. The touching cheeks thing sparked my curiosity because I've had that happen a few times too, but not with beings that you're talking about. I've never talked about it because it never made sense to me. You described it as a greeting which is really interesting

  2. Had to read this a few times but if I'm understanding this correctly, I'd say kill the suspicions before they kill you with anxiety haha. Not saying you should just trust everything you see but I'd suggest keeping a neutral, unbiased point of view. Even if something looks like a demon, don't just think it's some evil entity. Could just look different.

  3. "Communicating with entities has always been easier if I just induce a separation and AP, but it's like there's entities I can't see which can communicate through other means such as channeling." - I personally don't do any type of channeling. Not looking for those entities to be aware of me. However, I do travel as much as needed and I will say there are some things out there that need a proper killing.

  4. I've been to a white void before. Idk whether to call it a room. I was projecting, ended up in a fancy house I'd never seen before, then I decided I want to go some place where I could spiritually advance. Ended up in an all white place and literally nothing. Regardless of the nothingness, I actually still got a little afraid for some reason which ended the projection somewhat fast.

  5. Right right! Yeah, it's not a room at all, just like nothing but white. We called it a room but there were no walls, just endless nothingness. We, (my wife and I), had no idea what else it was or what to call it...your description is so much better, "White Void!".

  6. That's really interesting, but no, I haven't actually attempted to go back to it. You've definitely made me want to try though. I suppose I need stronger intentions because everytime I project, I just do the first thing that comes to my mind and test out whether it works or I'm distracted by someone trying to communicate

  7. For me a dream vs AP are very different.

  8. The level of control in a dream is infinite lol always think of people seeing that level of control diminish to nothing when they separate for the first time and can neither see nor move because they don’t know how to. Blows my mind that people can mix the two and say they’re the same thing. Although, I’ve definitely entered states of consciousness that bordered both the dreamscape and astral, which is where I think much of that confusion comes from. It’s like having the consciousness in two different places at once. Kind of disorienting

  9. I wish more people encountered this and remembered it. It’s so fascinating when consciousness switches gears to a different body regardless of being separated from the physical. My theory is that people are seeing with their astral bodies when they see spirits, but they confuse it for their physical eyes due to both of the bodies still being superimposed, hence the reason people can have a “shared hallucination” or only one person in the room can see it while everyone else’s physical eyes fail to see anything. People rely on their physical eyes so heavily, they don’t even question they’re seeing without them.

  10. I like to think it's empathic if you feel them without even looking at them. In most cases, you'll see their vibes projected in a completely physcial way, regardless of whether they actually look angry or upset. It's clearer than day but the question is whether or not you can perceive it without looking at them...as well as the weight it holds when you test it blindly and follow up with some sort of visual confirmation. Only reason I say this is because empathic abilities appear to be among the most elusive among psychic abilities in terms of legitimacy, which also gives rise to its popularity.

  11. i usually have to look at them to know but sometimes i don’t

  12. Yeah, I'm sure many would disagree with me but our minds pick up the smallest little things when looking at people, especially if we have a strong connection with them. Being within the same vicinity is interesting though being that you're within their vibratory field. Almost as if we can pick up on subtle energies that would otherwise go unnoticed. I've always been a bit more skeptical with empaths over other types of psychic abilities, but maybe my skepticism is somewhat ungrounded.

  13. In one of my experiences with AP, a woman told me she'd been involved in 2 out of my 7 lives. To this day, I still think, "only 7?"

  14. Reminded me of this time I was told I was being married off to a woman who seemed very pleasant to be around. She wouldn't tell me her name though. That's one of the biggest things I dislike about my experiences is that no one will ever tell me their name.

  15. According to ancient traditions, spirits won't give you their names, because if you know their name, you have power over them. It is thought that knowing the true name of a spirit, you can make them do whatever you want. That is why they don't want to tell you their name, and why you shouldn't give your name so easily either.

  16. I've also heard that if you know their name you can torment them because locating them becomes all the more easy when you have what Monroe calls an "Ident"

  17. When I stopped eating meat, I was depressed to the point of suicidal ideation only a matter of days after not tracking nutrients. Did it for 7 months then one day someone, by mistake, gave me a real burger instead of an impossible burger and it was all over lol went back to meat. Sucks because I would've actually kept it going, but I felt such a high from that burger.

  18. I've done it a max of 4 days in a row. I think it takes a toll on me consciously at times. I need breaks in between for a good breather before I try to face more of the unknown

  19. Honestly the kundalini stuff really does feel scary at first, that feeling you get going up your spine is wild. Exposure and logic will help relieve the fear overtime though

  20. How did you start to feel the kundalini if you don't mind sharing? I meditate and get strong pineal sensations during & also while falling asleep/AP, or just random times during the day. But I've never experienced what you and others have talked about

  21. It's funny how everyone perceives energy different, but with me, I could only describe it as footsteps, as if someone is standing on top of me feet and walking over me up to my head. There's a literal pressure that starts by the feet as if someone just stepped on my bed and applied their weight. Then another step is taken closer to where my root would be and the pressure releases off of the foot preceding it but as if there's a sweeping or turning motion as the pressure is released, almost like something was pushed in, twisted, and unlocked. It'll actually stop at the solar plexus unless I allow it to go further. By focusing on it, it goes faster, as if I can control the rate it feel like someone is stepping on me. If I allow it to go up my chest and finally to my head, I'm instantaneously out of body without even having tried to separate through roll over or sit up

  22. So it was like a loud pop? You're bordering the astral when you get sounds like that. Try and create the intention to separate your consciousness from your physical body next time. The pop might actually throw you out of yourself. There's also the medical term called "exploding head sydrome" which a lot of people don't realize can lead to out of bodies

  23. That's interesting, it reminded me of when I was a kid, I would sometimes be on the edge of falling asleep and then suddenly be shaken awake by what sounded like a canon firing. The sound was so loud it made my whole body jump. Was I was on the verge of astral traveling?

  24. From my experience, I'd say you were. You don't have to hear a loud pop, but it's one of the symptoms you can experience prior to an OBE. Say you're in sleep paralysis and hear a loud high pitched tone. If you focus on that sound it'll get louder and louder until you hear that explosion then be thrown out of body. For me, it has to be done in a state of sleep paralysis in order to work, but yeah. Funny how there's a medical term for it though, huh? There's various other things that can happen prior to OBE as well though. Most common would be the motor like vibrations that feel like you're grabbing an electric fence. They start off somewhat violent to people who have never perceived them before, but a motor is the best way to describe it. It'll feel like you're being shaked uncontrollably which is what you're talking about. You have to remain calm and not freak out otherwise your physcial body wakes up before you can induce the separation

  25. Take it like you're jumping off a cliff into water. It's gonna be scary haha gotta just make the jump. Afterwards you might even reflect on it positively due to having both faced the fear and experienced something new

  26. That's pretty cool. Honestly the entity could just be anyone passing by around the time you're starting to vibrate. Might encounter several of them helping you. A lot of people don't think to ask these beings for help, especially the ones that look like shadows, but they'll help regardless of what they look like.

  27. Personally, I would've grabbed it's hand if it offered it out. Thats really interesting though. I've met a similar one several times and heard others do the same but not quite under the same circumstances as yourself

  28. If I see it again I might this was my first experience being anywhere besides my immediate environment so I was being a little more cautious. It didn't seem hostile in any way so idt it would have been a bad thing to do.

  29. I imagine if you would've grabbed it's hand, you might have seen more of what it truly looks like. A lot of times figures seems like these dark shadows, almost as if they're concealing themselves, until I make some sort of contact through touch with them. Most of the time, a full separation, alone, will reveal who they are in more detail. Only had a few instances where a being remained dark following a separation. Some people think it's their way of hiding themselves until they feel comfortable. There's countless beliefs/theories though

  30. Extremely unlikely they'll retain the memory unless you both intend to meet each other, as well as remember the experience.

  31. Only thing that's gonna make you feel insane is telling people about it haha the subreddit is a good place to talk to people.

  32. You probably just think you stopped breathing. During the separation process the physcial body does its "involuntary" thing while our consciousness does as we please. A lot of times I hear people say they're suffocating because it seems like they stopped breathing. It's just not the case. Because of this, I like to think that focusing on the breath is kind of a hindrance in terms of AP. You focus on your breath until you notice you aren't breathing because you aren't phsycially bound anymore. Plenty of other ways to go about the separation process where you don't even think about the breath.

  33. You're asking the 0.1% of the community who were prodigies lol doing anything in merely weeks is a big ask

  34. I saw a serpent like thing with thousands of eyes and thousands of blade like wings. No fire though, so I can't say it matched the firey serpent described as a seraphim exactly

  35. You can be suicidally depressed and still AP. That's not stopping you. You'll just attract lower vibrational entities who are are also depressed and likely remain in places that depressed beings populate

  36. You either start there during the initial phase of the game before you fall from the cliff or die by that monster or you take a portal there. Can't remember which. It's followed by Melina walking up to you with torrent

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