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  1. Nej jeg kan ærligt ikke huske hvad det hele gik ud på. Men tak for at klargøre det for os. Det er bare en skam at I alle, ikke ser noget galt i det. Det siger meget om jer.

  2. En skam at vi ikke ser noget galt i at skifte CPR nummer? Hvad er problemet med det?

  3. Ooooh a cyberpunk show! He's so cool and she is so assertive! Imma keep my eye on this. Two when possible

  4. It's interresting to learn the origins of phrases and words, but that doesn't make the modern usage a "misnomer". "Worry (or originally "care") killed the cat" has a completely different meaning than "curiosity killed the cat", and as such they are two different phrases. One merely came before the other, and at most was the inspiration for cat-killing proverbs, though that does not make every cat-killing proverb the same.

  5. Her boobs here are actually just a very nice medium size,

  6. I actually don't doubt that the sheet is fake, since I've failed to ever find any sheet like it.

  7. Most people use kink and fetish interchangeably online, but they actually describe different things. A fetish is something the person needs to get off while a kink is just something they like. There are a lot of articles around that go into the difference in more depth.

  8. You are heavily overestimating the consistency of how certain disputed words are defined.

  9. "It's a private platform, sweetie. Break the guidelines and face the consequences. You're free to speak your mind, but you have to face the consequences of your speech. If you don't like it, leave."

  10. Well this post isn't about what Twitter should do to the tweet, but rather stating that the university should be policing their employees social medias and punish them accordingly?

  11. Depends on if you consider land acquired by the royals through conquest to be legitimately theirs

  12. I don't hate him but I do find him boring as sin. Like his whole dungeon was "I bet you thought that you'd be getting character development right now... hahaha sike!"

  13. I honestly think finding a character incredibly boring is a very valid reason to say you hate the character.

  14. This makes no sense unless you're stalking my profile

  15. They didn't like your opinion (which happens), but then they decided to make some random joke/insult based on this disagreement (as for most insults, it isn't supposed to make sense).

  16. Complete abortion ban? No. Through a federal process? No.

  17. Words have meaning and pointing out someone is grossly misleading with their usage isn't a gotcha, it's correcting the narrative being built.

  18. Med den samme logik, er resten af Skandinavien ikke langt fra.

  19. You don't want to articulate your position because you know it's a shitty one, so you're trying to dodge. Which is whatever, you're free to do that, just be honest about it.

  20. Position? You don't "choose" to find something funny lmao.

  21. Partners in Time could work eposodically - each episode they could travel to a different location in the past.

  22. Dream Team also seems most suitable for an episodic format - each episode has the bros try to help one particular (wacky) character, including going into their dreams.

  23. Wrong and right can be seen as a matter of whether you're harming anyone or not.

  24. I miss it from time to time. I wanna go back

  25. I would ask what's stopping you, but is it that you don't live in Denmark anymore?

  26. It's not my fault that I can only do max 6 options

  27. Since you already have "after the next general election", you honestly didn't need to differentiate between "near" and "distant" future. Something quantifiable like "more than a decade in the future" would work fine.

  28. Risk is a reasonable metric to decide the legality of some actions. To add to your car example, drunk driving is illegal specifically because of the potential loss of life of a person. Sometimes the risk associated with an action is enough to justify its illegality.

  29. The point of the poll is that it forces you to guess.

  30. Maybe if ur greatest fear is death then you die and get revived again?

  31. It doesn't specify if it's gonna simulate the fear, or have you face the actual fear.

  32. I actually thought it was the original for the full duration of reading it, right until I noticed the sub.

  33. They're different since they've only been in one game (or two for Fawful, but he was only a side-villain in SS) so they had less time to develop their character.

  34. I wouldn't really say Bowser gets any additional development for all the games he appears in.

  35. “I’m sure most people won’t watch this biased unscientific pro-gun YouTube video I found…”

  36. Hey, I'm also pro-control, and you seem to have seen some data. Throwing this question out there, in hopes that you or someone else who sees it can answer.

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