1. What’s the commotion about? It’s all screaming and running, no conclusive evidence of anything really…

  2. Half way they the video you hear the spirit run. Use headphones

  3. So if anyone can help me figure out where it came from or who draw it honestly that would be much appreciated. I know it seems far fetched but I really need to know more. I need to talk to them.

  4. Could be a specific demon that feeds and grows on fear. They have glowing eyes and I can’t remember what it’s called.

  5. If you do not have paranormal experience then do not mess around.

  6. No idea but creepy. Check for a book on different demons.

  7. I see a shadow but cannot make out the figure. Def creepy.

  8. Pareidolia in the paranormal world seems like a coverup term for what we are not supposed to see.

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